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  1. Hello! Just finished my Edge review on my blog - dadtravels dot com. Check it out!
  2. Greetings! I just completed a full review of the Celebrity Edge - our first Celebrity sailing - and did some compare and contrast of our vast experience (27 cruises) on Disney ships. Find it at dadtravels.com
  3. Perhaps after I finish - but it is so much easier to just post to the blog (dadtravels dot com). I' hope you'll visit there. Just posted my next installment. One more to go. We actually just returned this weekend from a Disney Cruise (3 night Dream) and now have another blog coming to underline what we love about the Edge even more. Never thought I'd say this but we probably won't return to Disney for a seven nighter again - the shorter cruises maybe - but if the edge class ever starts cruising long weekends that may be it for us!
  4. I am the original poster on this topic and we are back and we LOVED the Edge. Everything about it. I am writing a detailed review of the ship and doing some comparisons vs. Disney. I just posted the first two installments on my new travel blog - dadtravels dot com. I hope it is helpful to some!
  5. Hello! I have created a new travel blog - DadTravels.com - and have begun a multi-part series on our recent sailing on the Celebrity Edge, which was our first time on Celebrity after more than 25 amazing Disney cruises and one Royal Caribbean. In particular, I am doing some comparisons between the Edge and the Disney ships experience. Once I finish this series, I plan to go back in time and create some blog posts about various ports of calls we have visited throughout the world, detailed tips and tactics from Disney cruises and more on various travel topics. I hope you will come and read and learn something new along the way.
  6. Yes I'm curious about the IV too but am pretty well convinced we will be in the "love it" category. We rarely spend large amounts of time sitting on the verandah when cruising but I love the concept of the big window (that opens) and the perception of extra space. It seems tailor made for our family.
  7. Our first Celebrity sailing is this Sunday (Eastern itinerary). We are excited and nervous. We have been on more than 25 Disney cruises and love the experience - not because of Disney but because of the service, cleanliness and ambience but we were definitely ready for a change. We've tried RC but didn't like it for a number of reasons but our travel agent is confident the Edge sailing is right up our alley. I will absolutely post a report after our sailing for others who are newbies like us. Looking forward to exploring something brand new to us and experiencing a new ship. Happy Holidays to all our fellow cruise critic members and cruising fans!
  8. Thank you so much for these reports! My daughter is also gluten free (and dairy free) due to celiac and allergies. We have had really good luck on Disney cruises and have read that Celebrity does a similarly good job (RC was bad) so we are excited. We are used to using the buffet as a reference for her and then the team brings a "clean" version from the back so happy to hear that is the procedure on the Edge as well. We cruise next week and I'll report back afterward for those interested.
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