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  1. Unlike land service, cruise ships use satellites which are much more expensive. Plus service is slow already as it is. Could you imagine how aweful it would be of every cruise passenger AND employee tried to get online? It would crash in a heartbeat. We had a party at our house for my teenage daughter. We have the fastest fiber optic service. It crashed after 40+ kids accessed the wifi with the password
  2. We had one last year and thought it was a great location. We were one of the last ones and tho there were large rocks initially in front of us, it was actually great for snorkeling. We didn't do the buffet as they brought us food snack on which was plenty. But keep in mind that seagulls will come and take the left overs if you aren't careful We were far enough away from the Loud music but it was quite a walk back
  3. Can you go ar dinner and take a plate back to your room?
  4. Have read several times about Star Wars Day. Is it only Cruises on May the 4th? Or is it a dress up type day on many sailings?
  5. Sorry I need a little clarification. We'ver cruises a lot on other lines but doing the Disney trifecta this year with our first Disney cruise. So fountain sodas are free in the buffet, order a can in the dining room for free. Mickey bars for dessert are free? And what does room service charge? Most lines have a free selection and you give a gratuity . So I'm trying to figure Disney outTIA!
  6. Brought a highlighter and had to carry a paper fun times around to remind me of what I wanted to do that day and then forget things because I wasn't keeping track of time or I left the paper some where and they were out at the service desk. And sometimes eating a meal that I didn't want because I forgot to do down to look at the menu in the Main dining room and I would have preferred to eat in the steak house that night....... Not carrying walkie talkies around so my young daughter could tell us if she's wanted out of the kids program only to have dead batteries or a million people on the same channel as us..... Should I go on? Our phones are our cameras now. So we get to elimate one extra thing we have to carry around- the paper fun times If you don't like the app, don't use it. But if it makes some one else's cruise easier, it's not your place to judge
  7. Just got off the Dream and the three of us were having an awesome meal with an amazing wait team. Then a 16 top showed up and were so demanding. The poor waitstaff. They tried to keep us satisfied while trying to deal with the large table. If you have that large of a group, don't be so difficult!
  8. Yes. Im having problems downloading pics but I will get t figured out
  9. Yes, In a sealed envelope after 1:30 when they said the cabins would be ready
  10. Since one of your children is 4, I would Have the two twins pushed together for a long and have the 4 year old sleep with you. That will leave a good pathway for bathroom trips. And I agree on the suitcases. Fortunately, Boys usually don't pack as much as teen girls. And the 4 year old has small clothes. Pack some extra wire hangers so you can have a place to store clothes. Or, what we've done before is have the kids pack the daily outfits in a gallon ziPlock. Shirt, shorts and unders. You can stack them in the shelves. And the kids Just grab and go
  11. Just off the Dream and out YTD was deck three of the crimson. Deck four was for set dining times
  12. Just off the Dream. First night there was chili dogs, buffalo chicken sandwiches and grilled ham and cheese. Plus of course pizza. The following nights it was the deli plus of course pizza
  13. Day three- sea day The Hubs wanted to sit in on LEE'S morning show just to see the behind the scenes stuff. I got a breakfast burrito from Blue Iguana. Being from San Antonio where we eat breakfast tacos daily, these are just too big. I wish they would put them on the small taco tortillas. The big tortilla was cold and just didn't taste fresh. Also they need bacon as a meat option. I got some from the buffet so DD could get her bacon and egg taco fix. She agreed- to much tortilla But..... We did some more trivia and won a ship on a stick for general knowledge. It was David from the fun staff's birthday so we bought him a specialty coffee. He was so grateful and you realize how hard they work putting the guests first above themselves. Lunch was Guy's Pig and Anchor. I'm a bbq snob and thought the chicken was some of the best I've had. The brisket was really tender but needed sauce for a little extra flavor. The Mac and cheese was the bomb and the greens full of bacon and a little spice. Make sure to find it! It was also nice they had beer and sodas right there so you didn't have to hunt down a server or a bar Took a little nap as we had three ports in a row. Got ready for formal night and were in the dining room around 6:00. We had a different wait team and the did a great job. I always feel bad when they to dance because they seem so rushed but their service is always smooth. And we do love the dancing. DD got up to dance with them and it was another great meal. Because the weather was a little rough, Lee announced they were switching the Flick show with Love and Marriage. So we went to the comedy club again. And again, Doug Williams is the best comedian in the fleet! We also sat and listened to Amelia do another amazing acoustic set. A few drinks in the alchemy and in bed for am early morning in Montego Bay. But first I swung by the pizza place to have a few slices for DD when she came in from Club CO2. Took about 15 minutes from when the line was at the middle elevators so gage accordingly
  14. One of the biggest we've been on but it never seemed crowded. Only at embarkation around the food was it crazy but people's cabins weren't ready and they all wanted food. Not bad at all
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