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  1. We are doing the opposite itinerary on Navigator next year (NYC to Dublin). Also interested in anything you want to write about this cruise especially Greenland and Iceland. Have a great cruise!
  2. Excellent!! Yes, definitely almost too good to be true! Looking forward to a great cruise! See you in the Suite Lounge! 😎
  3. We booked a Crown Loft on Harmony for Sep.22 sailing. We booked on April 1. Amazing rates! Maybe it was some sort of "April Fools" joke, but the rates were so good that all CL's were sold out in a day or so. So no, waiting until closer to the cruise is not really an answer. Book at a rate you like then if the rates go down you can change (up to final payment date). I watch the rates constantly. You just have to be ready to pull the trigger when the rates hit something you consider good.
  4. No you can't share packages which is what you'd technically be doing. However, one person can purchase the Soda Package without others in the cabin doing so, so your husband can buy his own and no problems. It's only the Deluxe Beverage Package that requires everyone in the cabin over 21 purchasing it.
  5. Keep in mind that if you get a non-refundable rate you are really only risking $100 per person "change fee." The balance of the deposit can be used on a future cruise within 1 year of the date you cancel. So if you're sure you'll be cruising Royal Caribbean, and fairly certain you'll do the cruise, the savings can be substantial. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/if-i-cancel-a-non-refundable-deposit-reservation-what-refunds-apply
  6. You''ve made a HUGE mistake! After a JS on an Oasis Class ship, you'll NEVER want to go back to a "mere" balcony again! Have a great cruise! You'll love the JS. 😎
  7. We were on Allure in March in a Grand Suite and we had the sailaway on the Helo Pad out of Labadee. It was for Suites and Pinnacles only.
  8. We deviated on our cruise last year. I like to do things myself, so I made the arrangements directly with Regent Air. To do this I had to get my TA to contact Regent and give her permission for me to work directly with them. Since I live in ATL I wanted a Delta flight from Sydney to Atlanta via LAX. I was up on the Delta reservations webpage with the flights in front of me that I wanted. I gave the Regent Air agent the desired flight numbers and she verified that they were available via their contract and there was no additional charge. As I was talking to her I saw seats disappear! She actually BOOKED the flights as I was talking to her. I then had an email with 48 hours to accept the flights. I would suggest you have your desired flights worked out and either you or your TA can work with Regent to see if you can get booked. So, very easy and the Regent agent I worked with was simply Spectacular!
  9. Actually "private" was a misnomer. What I meant was that Bluetooth was not dependent on wifi, but simply hooking up directly to the phone irrelevant to wifi.
  10. I have bluetooth hearing aids. Bluetooth is private and irrelevant to wifi. So they should work no problem on the ship. Same with the airbuds.
  11. You'll find more motion higher up and farther forward or aft. Likely won't be much of a problem, but it could be. I don't get motion sickness (career Pilot and former Coast Guard). But we did a Bridge Tour on Freedom of the Seas and I have to admit that the motion on the bridge did start to bother me a bit. So just be forewarned.
  12. Royal Caribbean does not have rollaway beds. We asked as we had 2 of our grandkids share a Crown Loft one time. We were still only 4 in a cabin, and were afraid they wouldn't sleep well sharing the small pullout. But we were told no to rollaways for safety reasons as they'd create a problem with evacuating a cabin. I think the real reason is they don't carry them because of lifeboat space. Just my guess. But we were told no rollaways.
  13. A consideration only, I wouldn't pay for the KEY just to get into the shows. You won't have any problem sitting together and as stated, the reserve seat section is not necessarily the best seat selection. If your parents want all the other KEY benefits, fine, but I wouldn't spend the money. The Suite Lounge on Mariner appears to be next to the Jazz Club and Viking Crown Lounge. Your parents can simply go there and buy a drink and you should be able to get a drink in the Suite Lounge and go sit with them. "will we have to split up (or I sacrifice the perks)?" Yes. Example, if you go to Labadee, there is a separate Suite only Beach. You either split up or don't use it. Same with the Suite only Sundeck, etc.
  14. Nice backpedal. The "system" doesn't create problems, it's actually quite clear. It's people who constantly try to beat the system that creates problems. You say you don't care how someone gets into the Diamond Lounge. Really? If you walk in and find it so crowded that you can't move, then find out that One Diamond took his 10 friends that he's cruising with in, I bet you'd care. I care because it's a perk that I enjoy and am entitled to. I want to be able to enjoy that perk in comfort. When I'm pushed out by people who aren't entitled to that perk I'm not happy. Why should I be? I never EVER assume that anyone in the lounge isn't Diamond. But I also expect the Concierge to enforce the rules as set by the "system." Oh yeah...on Post 4 you say "can you not 'register' him as living with you?" Not only does that violate the "system," but it likely violates the law! How does Customs resolve someone claiming a minor as a legal dependent when they aren't? How would that not red flag these people. With all the discussion and concern about human trafficking in the U.S. I wouldn't try to claim a minor a legal dependent just so he can get into the Diamond Lounge.
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