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  1. I've been on a cruise a few times on the 4th of July....I always wore red, white, and blue. I even brought and wore plastic star beads. Lots of people will be dressed for the 4th. In fact next year one of my cruises leaves on the 4th of July and I already bought a flag shirt to wear!!!!!
  2. We turned diamond during our last cruise but didn't even try to get diamond benefits. Just never thought about it. We were even traveling with diamond members who did all of the diamond stuff!!!! Maybe we should have asked.
  3. JEALOUS of all of you going on the Oasis!!!!! I have to wait till NEXT July 4th (2015)!!! It's a great ship, I've been on it before.:D
  4. We were on the Adventure in March and THERE WERE NO COOKIES!!!! None in the Cafe Promenade or the Wind Jammer. There were some SF choc chip in the Jammer but that was it. We were very upset!
  5. You're absolutely correct!!! I've left behind good salon shampoo(like $20 a bottle) because I didn't want it to leak in my luggage. The staff was very appreciative. Many don't have things like this in their countries. They were also amazed by the crystal light packets to put in water. They had never seen anything like that. I would take a few to dinner each night to give to the wait staff. I've never left clothing but if I did, it wouldn't be crap because I don't take my crap on a cruise. I agree that this has nothing to do with tipping. I always leave extra tips.
  6. Well I don't use the mouthwash out of the bottle, I bring paper cups and pour it in, doesn't everyone do that???? Using mouthwash out of the bottle is gross. And if they throw it out, so be it, I just don't want to re-pack it so it doesn't leak. But they do tell me they use the stuff, I always let them know I don't want to re-pack it. Now toothpaste is something I never leave, unless it it not used and in the box (I bring several little ones).
  7. Look for deals....I got my last JS for a lower price than a regular balcony. There was a senior citizen discount when we booked!!!!! Love the walk-in closet and all the cabinet space.
  8. I usually leave my shampoo, conditioner,body wash,mouthwash and other liquids so I don't have to repack them for the plane. Plus they are opened so I don't want them to leak. I let the attendant know so they can share them with the crew.
  9. My daughter and her family stayed in an ocean view family stateroom. I believe there would be room for 2 pack n plays. Royal provided one so you don't have to bring your own. The bunk beds are small and the lower one is low. They are in like a little cubicle. They seemed smaller than the regular bunk beds. This was on the Adventure.
  10. This is so sad. I think you should try talking to your daughter again. Maybe offer to pay for the legal fees, after all, that will be cheaper than losing $2500. The cruise would be a great opportunity for your grandson.
  11. My story is similar to yours so I will tell you what happened to us and you can decide if we got the better deal and it might help you if you call Royal Caribbean back. We were on the Mar. 23 sailing of the Adventure. We missed 2 ports due to a propeller problem. We were stuck in Puerto Rico for 3 days. We did mange to get to 3 islands. Royal gave us a full refund of that cruise and 50% off of a future cruise. We had also used our points (75,000) for a free companion cruise. We got an e-mail saying that we can reuse the points on a future cruise within a year. I just called them today to apply the points to my next cruise of which we are getting the full amount applied. Hope you can figure this out and hope it helps.
  12. OMG!!!! I couldn't even stand it when we had to wear them for the muster drill!
  13. Seeing two men (who were Royals top cruisers) dressed crazily that I can't even explain it! They wore head pieces, carried purses that were stuffed animal dogs (pink), wore total red outfits with sparkles, very bizarre. Has anyone else ever seen them, after all, they have over 1,000 points. They were on the Adventure for 4 months. Maybe someone can explain them to me!!!!!!:eek::D
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