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  1. I host something called "Music Bingo." Same concept, 75 songs in the til. I have my progressive jackpot payout at 59 or less. It might hit once every 6 months at all of my shows combined. I've been doing this 3 years, never once ever, has anyone hit in 48 or less. The closest anyone ever came was 50 songs. It's not fixed, it's just nearly impossible to do it.
  2. Great stuff. Would you mind terribly taking a picture of the activities at Splash Academy for 10-12 year olds? No biggie if you can't.
  3. Are we sure that the $100ish dollars is not the taxes and port fees.
  4. So we sail just after Christmas and we are making a push to do most holiday gifts for our kids as "functional" as opposed to a toy they will play with for 8 minutes than go back to their devices. So we were going to get each of our kids $50 OBC to use on the ship as one of their gifts. Can we apply the OBC we buy directly to their individual cards and when it is gone it is gone? Thanks
  5. Question - I've made my dining reservations already but I want to change one for sure. Can I make that arrangement with the pre-concierge email? Looking forward to my first Haven experience in January (yes, the kids will be there too).
  6. Try again. The rules can sometimes vary from rep to rep.
  7. You are probably out of luck on baseball. When I was on Breakaway a few years back they didn't show the Cubs winning the World Series.
  8. I took advantage of the new promo, so I get $100 per port instead of the airfare.
  9. I'm going on a cruise in January and I would love to have a substantial bank of OBC when I walk on. I want to walk on the ship with about $1500 in OBC. We have $500 already. $200 came with the room, and $300 will come from the excursion perks (we have already pre-paid them). We will probably play bingo and Deal or No Deal, and buy things in the shops and maybe do a spa thing, Cruise Next certificates, you name it. It's likely we will blow through all of it. On the off chance that we don't, would we get it back or is it a use it or lose it situation? I'd just prefer to have as little on a credit card as possible. Thanks
  10. We did that a few years ago. It's a great excursion.
  11. Call back and get the new price. You will probably have to make a deposit on a credit card. It will take about three days to get your cruise certificate back, then you can use it on NCL.com That was my experience back in May.
  12. Ugh...Thanks a lot Chesneygirl! Your beautiful video just cost me $2000.
  13. Hi all, So I've decided I'm going to splurge on the Haven for our upcoming cruise. There are four of us (2 adults and 2 kids age 11 and 9 ) and we are currently in a family mini suite, which we were fine with the last time. Would we be OK in the H7 or is it really worth the extra $2000 to go to the H4 2 Bedroom Villa?
  14. I believe Grand Stirrup Cay is the only place. We did that run a few years ago and we were supposed to do it at Grand Stirrup Cay, but that stop got skipped and I looked around Nassau for a bit, but didn't see anything.
  15. Hey all, So I have the shore excursion discount as one of my perks. When I go to book online it doesn't give me the discount. I understand I can call and get the shore excursion discount, but if I pay in full will they just give me the $50 in OBC when I get onboard automatically? Thanks
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