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  1. Was just at Nachi on Valentine's Day and it was just as good as it had been the previous 7-8 times we have been going there since 2002. Not crowded (and we got there late) and still peaceful and relaxing, with incredible food. (still have not made it to desert yet) A lot of seaweed on the beach, but knew there would be a bunch, as it was everywhere in the water as we arrived in Cozumel.
  2. New channels on Carnival are horrible. CBS News channel instead of Fox or CNN. (OK by me. I never watch the biased news channels) Kids channels are about the same. They got rid of TNT Latin and other entertainment channels and the networks and went with HGTV, Food Network, and two other channels like those. They also changed the 2 complimetary movie channels, from each channel playing one, pretty newly to DVD movie, every 3 hours all day, to a rotation of 4 movies on each channel, each day. But the movies are 2-10 years old. Last week, I got to see Guardians of the Galaxy (the first), the Proposal, etc.. I think the newest movie playing was Spider-man Homecoming. (a year and a half old?) The evening movies in the lounge were the Vow and the Proposal. (both super old) Watched the map channel almost anytime we were in the cabin.
  3. Just boarded the Paradise as Platinum last Monday.(Feb. 11). The order is Diamond, then Platinum, then Suites, THEN FTTF folks. The suite folks sat in the same area as Diamond and Platinum. So yes, you can cancel your FTTF.
  4. I've seen tenders used in St. Thomas, both times we were there.
  5. We sat at a two top every night in the anytime (elation) dining room last week on the Paradise. Maybe switch to anytime to be sure?
  6. We got two of the "blankets" last week on the Paradise. Super thin material. To thin to be a blanket or towel IMO. Would have loved to know I could have went to guest relations and swap out for something else.' Doubt we will ever use ours.
  7. Just got off the Paradise and wore khaki shorts and polo shirts every night except formal night, where I wore khaki slacks and a button down, short sleeve shirt to dinner. More than enough for what everyone else was wearing.
  8. Just got back from Grand Cayman (Feb 13) and for the 5th time, had an outstanding day with Capt. Chip and Sting Ray Sailing. Only 6 of us on board for the morning excursion. Capt. Chip even came over to find us, as our ship tendered into the cargo pier, not Royal Watley, or North or South terminals. (6 ships in port) I love how the guys don't manhandle the sting rays, unlike some of the other operators. (watched a couple of them come over and snatch up one of the sting rays by us) Just let them stay as long as the rays wish. If you would like a relaxing day, with a lot of interaction with many rays, I cannot recommend anybody else. Bill
  9. Just got back from our cruise and were in Grand Cayman last Wednesday. Did my 5th excursion with Capt. Chip and Stingray Sailing. Have had a GREAT time, each and every time. Love how they do not manhandle the sting rays like some of the other operators do. Just let the sting rays come for as long as they wish. Only a family of 4 and My Wife and I on board this trip, which was great. (as we watched over a hundred pile off the double decker boats from the cruise ship excursions) I tried Native Ways my first trip to Grand Cayman and had a horrible time with their unorganized workers. I cannot more highly recommend Sting Ray Sailing for a relaxing day and great interaction with a lot of sting rays. http://www.stingraysailing.com/ Feel free to click to see the catamaran and the experience. Bill
  10. Just got back from our cruise and indeed, everything was exactly as the port authority website had it listed. The four ships that had achorages and were anchored and the two ships that said, cruise ship at engine, indeed were running their engines. And everybody was at the exact terminals stated, including us at the cargo ship pier. So for anybody researching a future cruise, if it says "dock", it is indeed the cargo pier.
  11. Half Moon Cay Grand Cayman Roatan
  12. I checked CaymanPort.com's schedule.. The Carnival Paradise is 8am-3PM, Berth- anchorage 1, terminal - dock ?????? The Pullmantur Monarch is 8am-4pm, berth - anchorage 4, terminal - North The Oosterdam is 5am-4pm, berth - cruise ship at engine, terminal - South The Marella Discovery 2 is 9am-8pm, berth - anchorage 3, terminal - Royal Liberty of the Seas is 10am -6pm, berth - anchorage 2, terminal - Royal Norweigen Breakaway is 11-7, berth-cruise ship at engine, terminal - Royal; So it appears the last 3 ships in, are getting to tender to Royal Watler, One is tendering to the south terminal and one to the north terminal. Ours just says Dock? Where is the "dock"?
  13. Thanks for that. Carnival Paradise Carnival Cruise Line Arriving Date: Feb 13, 2019 - 8:00AM Leaving Date: Feb 13, 2019 - 3:00PM Passenger Capacity: 2,052 Arrived Passengers: 2,052 Gross Tonnage: 70,367 Berth: Anchorage 1 Terminal: Dock Just wonder which terminal is dock? LOL
  14. Been to Georgetown, many times before, but only with 2 or 3 ships in port and we were always tendered to the Royal Watler terminal. I've always seen the north and south terminals to the east, but never seen them used. On February 13th, there will be 6 cruise ships in town, with over 17,142 passengers. The Carnival Paradise (us) and the MS Oosterdam at 8 AM, Marella Discovery at 9 AM, Liberty of the Seas at 10 AM and the Norweigien Breakaway at 11 AM. (something called the Pullmantur Monarch with no time) We have to meet our independent excursion at the Royal Watler pier by 9:15 AM. (the South pier appeared to be a decent bit away from Watler and I'll be pushing DW in a wheelchair this trip) Was curious if anybody knew how the port authority assigned which pier each incoming ship is assigned to?(first come first served? save Watler for the later, bigger ships?) Appreciate any answers anybody can give, so I can more accurately plan for what we will be dealing with that day. Thanks Bill
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