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  1. Thanks for sharing! You look like you enjoyed your cruise. :cool:
  2. Gator0178

    Freedom Aft Cabin 1700 - pole room

    We brought balloons with us and decorated it like a palm tree.
  3. The mods deleted a bunch of posts going back to the whinner. You post was 775 now....
  4. Gator0178

    Car Rental Port Everglades

    I have used Avis several times. Great service, cars and employees.
  5. Gator0178

    In Tampa After Rhapsody

    You could hit the Columbia restaurant in Ybor city as well as walk around Channel side. There are shops and restaurants there as well. Very near the TPA airport is rocky point where there are more gulf view restaurants and Ben T Davis beach. All of it is either close to the port or to the airport.
  6. Gator0178

    Hawaiian Cruise

    [quote name='cb at sea']I've been to Hawaii...not on a cruise, tho. Too much to see and do...better on a land vacation, if you've never been! You get limited time in ports on a cruise. Hawaii needs about 10 days or more to actually EXPERIENCE it![/QUOTE] I agree completely. We went to Hawaii last year and spent 2 weeks island hopping. It takes a lot of planning, but is totally worth it! You can go where you want and do sooo much more than on a cruise. We love cruising and looked and several different cruise options. However none met our time and excursion requirements. Plus a cruise wan't much difference in price! In our case the air fare was 1/3 the price of the trip!
  7. Agreed. I will be shocked if it is done in a year as well.
  8. He shoots....He scores!!!! I guess I was correct on the pier!! Yeah, I hate tendering to Cococay and hate missing the island.
  9. AWESOME Review! You inspired me to book June 4 2017 on Oasis! Great pics and you tell a story with a lot of wit. You also have a great attitude! Your mom is lucky to have such a great son! I look forward to your next review.
  10. We go on the Oasis for the first time next year. Thanks for sharing!:D
  11. I agree that they will build it up once the pier is built. I LOVE the snorkeling in CoCo Cay, but there aren't as many "attractions" as Labadee. Labadee has Zip line, roller coaster, etc..
  12. Here's another pic and gives a better idea where it is in relation to the island. https://www.dropbox.com/s/obitztmge25l01p/088.JPG?dl=0
  13. I was just at Coco Cay Sunday 3/27 and there was a plat form with equipment on it. If I had to guess, I'd say it was testing the sea bottom and surround coral for a pier. I asked a crew member in the Windjammer about it. She stated that it has moved around. https://www.dropbox.com/s/drf3gp9oohhlyfn/074.JPG?dl=0
  14. Gator0178

    Car rental Port everglades

    Avis and Budget do
  15. Thanks for posting this review! My wife and I looked at doing this cruise because it went to all of the islands. However, as you discovered, you cannot see each island in a day. So we spent 2 weeks in Hawaii. We spent 3 night in Honolulu, 3 nights on the North Shore, 3 nights in Lahaina, 3 nights in Hana, and 2 nights on Volcano. It was a planning nightmare with all of the flights and hotels but was the trip of a lifetime!! We are avid cruisers (Diamond) and would have loved to do this as a cruise. However, to do Hawaii, you REALLY need to stay there and island hop. We will have to go again since we didn't make it to Kauai. Beautiful pics and I am glad you enjoyed your cruise. You are lucky to have found the BEST Hawaiian Ice in Maui !!