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  1. sdear

    Refreshment Package

    Are you able to use this package while dining in a specialty restaurant ? Thanks
  2. Great review so far. We are on Adventure in 3 weeks so enjoying your feedback. I have one question about the drink package. You make it sound very enticing. We are not big alcohol drinkers, so we may give this a try. Can you use it for specialty coffee or non alcoholic frozen drinks at the specialty restaurants ? Thanks !
  3. sdear

    Adven of the Seas - Voom

    Think I will pass on it. I had a feeling it would be the older system, and we get by without it before...soooo no need to change things now. Ashland will definitely let you know. Looking forward to this cruise. We actually switched from Allure to AOS for timing reasons, but love this class.
  4. Was debating ordering Voom on Adventurer of the seas on our upcoming cruise. Has anyone had experience with Voom on this ship, and if so, how well did it work? I know it can vary ship to ship. Thanks!
  5. sdear

    Will a balcony spoil me?

    All I can say is never book a suite 🙂
  6. sdear

    Editing your signature

    This looks so different !
  7. And grand suites can order off the dining room menu when they are open and have it delivered.
  8. Radiance is one of my favorite ships. GREAT crew and the food was better than any other ship IMO. Have fun on her !
  9. sdear

    Chops Question

    On our last cruise, the sides have become quite smaller in size.
  10. The concierge contacted us on our last 3 night cruise on Enchantment. About a week before if I recall correctly.
  11. sdear

    Best Cozumel Excursion?

    My husband and I did "Driver for a day " one time in Cozumel. We had a blast. He took us wherever we wanted. Do a search on that for Cozumel and read the reviews. Good luck !
  12. They sure do, I think that is what I meant and said . :)
  13. You both look totally awesome for having 9 kids !! Kudos to you ! Great review !!
  14. sdear

    Diamond Plus to Pre-Gold

    LOL @ aquahound :) Anyways..i wonder if I hit refresh enough I will become Pinnacle :) :D
  15. sdear

    VOOM....... awful

    People are just asking. Everyone knows you are on a ship in the middle of the ocean. It obviously varies ship to ship. No one expects a "wand to be waved". Again, people are asking a message board for information, no need to be rude about it. The amount of "smart" comments always amaze me on this board when people are only trying to get information. I left these board for several years for this very reason. If you don't have positive feedback for the OP, then don't post at all. Off my soapbox now :)