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  1. I seriously doubt that Holland will be sailing in February. If they do, then I will be pleasantly surprised.
  2. I thought that was odd. I read it a few times just to make sure that I was reading it correctly. Lisa
  3. HAL sent me a notification on my February 13, 2021 Nieuw Amsterdam cruise on our final payment date. Final payment is now due 60 days out instead of 90 days: IMPORTANT INFORMATION In order to provide more flexibility as you plan for your voyage, we have adjusted the final payment terms on this booking. Final payment will now be due 60 days before your sail date, rather than 90 days before your sail date. Please refer to your booking confirmation for your cancellation fee schedule, which has not changed. We look forward to welcoming you on board your next
  4. Walt and I have been going through boxes in the basement that were from his parent's house. They have been sitting down there for 13 years...we procrastinated. I found a tackle box filled with vintage buttons, silk covered snaps, and lace trim. Everything is still in the original packaging. My guess is that they are from the 1950's and 1960's. Lisa
  5. Just remember the knit needs to have horizontal stretch or you will not get it over your head. Lisa
  6. Here are the pics...tonight is Date Night, so I need one to go into the restaurant. Lisa
  7. Basically, it's a 19"x19" square piece of knit fabric that you serge or zig zag stitch into a tube. I just wear it around my neck when I don't need a face covering and pull it up when I do. I have used them when rowing in the winter to protect my face. I will take a few selfies and post. Lisa
  8. I have been officing from home since March 16th. I will be back in the office every other week starting June 8th. This week I decided to search my scraps and make coordinating neck gaiters. I will be styling at the office. Lisa
  9. I booked with the offer on Wednesday, and yes, $200pp plus port, fees, and taxes due at the time of booking. We booked the Nieuw Amsterdam for Feb 2021. We did the free inside and did not upgrade. I am fine taking the risk with a guarantee inside.
  10. I decided to take tote bags using an old Holland America canvas bag for the pocket. I made one for my sister, and am starting mine today. I started off deconstructing the HAL bag, then dying it. I dyed Stacy’s orange, and will dye mine fushia. I made sure to serge the edges before dying to minimize the fraying. I really liked how Stacy’s came out. Lisa
  11. I drafted the pattern and made the dress. I am very happy at how it came out. I spent yesterday sewing another dress from that pattern. Still have to hem it, but it should be finished sometime this week. Lisa
  12. Hey Gang! I have been crazy busy with work the last two months, and forgot to check in the sewing board. I have been working from home since Mid-March and I work for a janitorial supply company. I am very grateful that we are considered essential. Anyway, besides making masks, I have been taking online classes at Sew-it-Academy with Mimi G. I am learning how to draft patterns. So here are a few of my masks (Walt is high risk so he gets to go for car rides and stays in the car while I shop or take Fargo to the vet) and a dress that I drafted. Lisa
  13. Happy New Year to my fellow seamstresses! ❤️❤️❤️
  14. I tried something new today! I used stretch lace to make a pencil skirt. I have never worked with lace, but I had a vision when I saw this one at Hobby Lobby. So, I bought a yard for $5. I lined it with nude swim lining that I had in my stash and did the waist band out of leftover black ponte knit from a previous sew. I still have to hem it, but I am very pleased with the look and fit. The lace is on the heavy side, so the swim lining kept it from being ridiculously heavy. Lisa
  15. What is everyone sewing this month? I finished up the Christmas gifts with bowl cozies that are microwave safe and 11” Christmas Trees. Now it’s on to sewing skirts for my cruise next month. Lisa
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