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  1. Since Sunday I have seen the shorts version of the romper and used the bodice to make a dress. I am wearing the dress to work tomorrow and the shorts romper to a shrimp boil on Saturday. I will get pictures of me wearing them to post. Both wear made with ITY knits, so I had to use the walking foot on my basic sewing machine since the fabric is slicker than a wet noodle. Anyway, here is a preview of the dress. And it has pockets!!!! Lisa
  2. I sewed a new pattern today and just have the hemming left to do. This is from Made for Mermaids and the pattern is called Jade. I added too much length to the leg pattern pieces, so will adjust the pattern. When you are 6 feet tall it’s always best to go long. I will be making a shorts version soon.
  3. HAL does not require men to wear jackets any more. Lisa
  4. These are my formal sandals for cruises. I bought them on Amazon a couple of years ago for $35.
  5. Answering a few questions: Bodice: No cups attached, but next time I will be adding super power mesh in the lining for a little more support. How long have I been sewing: I started sewing in college making pillows, curtains, and the occasional baby blanket. I stuck to that until 8 years ago. Then I began to refashion thrift store finds. I started sewing clothes from patterns 3 years ago. My first pieces were athletic stuff for rowing like biker shorts and tank tops, then I slowly moved into other things like tops, skirts, and dresses. This past year I started altering patterns, mashing patterns, and dabbling in making my own. How I learned to sew: I am 100% self taught. In the 1990's I bought a couple of books on making home decor. I still have those books and love the ideas. Once the internet and YouTube came on the scene, I watched tons of videos. I love a sew along on YouTube. Simplicity has some great ones. I think my refashioning phase really helped me learn how to tailor clothing. It's probably why I didn't have a meltdown when this last dress's bust was a hot mess. Who's the cat: That is Coco Chanel, our youngest kitty at 9 months old that we adopted from the local shelter in February. When we adopted Coco, my mom was entering Hospice. My mom loved Coco Chanel, so we decided to name our pretty little black kitten that. My mom passed away a few days later. Kittens make the worst of days a little better. Lisa
  6. Thanks! We have a cruise to Bermuda in September and this is definitely coming. Lisa
  7. Other than hemming, the dress is done. Adding darts to the bust took care of the sizing issue. I am very happy with the results and how easy this pattern was to make. Lisa
  8. From the waist down this fits perfectly. The bust is too big, so I am going to add darts and shorten the band in the back. I will alter the pattern before making the next one. Once the bust is fixed, I will have Walt take some pictures of me in it. Lisa
  9. This weekend’s project is a new dress pattern. I am finished with the front and will work on the rest this week. This is my tester, so the cruise dress will be a tropical print. Pattern is Simplicity 8915 Mimi G Style. Lisa
  10. Here is the project that I have been working on this weekend. I re-patterned the top of the dress I made a few weeks ago to make a bikini top. It took two attempts to get the fit and construction right, but I am happy with the results. Orange line on the pattern was the original dress pattern and it was 2.5 inches longer. I added extra loops, elastic, and made the straps 12 inches longer.
  11. Walt and I went to JoAnn's yesterday to look at patterns...I bribed him with lunch at the Falafel House. I ended up buying 5 patterns for $1.99 each: Simplicity Mimi G Style 8291 https://www.simplicity.com/simplicity-storefront-catalog/patterns/women/dresses/simplicity-pattern-8291-mimi-g-style-misseswomens-knit-dress/ Simplicity S8925 https://www.simplicity.com/simplicity-storefront-catalog/patterns/women/simplicity-sewing-pattern-s8925-misses-knit-pants-skirt-wrap-dress-and-wrap-top/ Simplicity Mimi G Style S8915 https://www.simplicity.com/simplicity-storefront-catalog/patterns/women/simplicity-sewing-pattern-s8915-misses-knit-maxi-dresses-by-mimi-g-style/ Simplicity Mimi G Style 8749 https://www.simplicity.com/simplicity-storefront-catalog/patterns/women/sportswear/simplicity-sewing-pattern-8749-misseswomens-mimi-g-style-coat-and-pants/ Simplicity Mimi G Style 8177 https://www.simplicity.com/simplicity-storefront-catalog/patterns/women/sportswear/simplicity-pattern-8177-mimi-g-style-pants-coat-or-vest-and-knit-top-for-miss-and-plus-sizes/ Since the patterns were so inexpensive, I bought 2 of each one. That way if I size it wrong, I have a back up pattern to work with. Thanks for the tip on the pattern sale! Lisa
  12. Great job pcur! Refashioning clothes is fun, although challenging at times. I have a referee blouse that I need to make some changes to. It fits perfect everywhere except for my hips. It's a Tall cut with long sleeves, so I have length to work and possibly extra material (convert to short sleeves) to work with. Lisa
  13. There was no puckering and it was really easy to sew. I am refereeing at a rowing regatta this weekend, so I won't get to play with the binding attachment until the end of the month. I will definitely post some pictures of that too. Lisa
  14. I have lost a lot of weight this year, so that’s why I am sewing like a crazy person. Weight loss is intentional, so no worries there. This week I noticed that my pj bottoms are literally falling off of me, so I found a short pattern that is perfect for pj’s. I did not have enough llama fabric to do the band, so a pop of pink from my stash. I took close ups of the hem so you can see one of tge many things my new cover stitch can do. I will be making a tank top in pink to go with this in a few weeks. Lisa
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