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  1. I have a concave sternum which makes all bras fit me incorrectly and uncomfortable. Does anyone else have this issue and have you found a bra that fits correctly? Underwire fits better than no-wire, but I prefer to go braless at home. Lisa
  2. I googled "Longarm Quilter" and the small towns that are nearby. I live outside Knoxville, TN and discovered that service oriented businesses are much less expensive out in the rural areas. Once I found some ladies that do this out of their homes, I checked out their social media pages to see their work. Elizabeth, who is my quilter, lives way out in the sticks and does a phenomenal job. She taught me how to hand sew the binding. I have some small makeup bags that I plan on making as Christmas gifts this year and will work on quilting those with my walking foot. I just order
  3. This is the quilt top that was inspired by the Caribbean. It is at the long arm quilter now and will be a birthday gift for my older sister who also loves cruising. My current projects are 3 mystery quilts, a Project Linus quilt, and a block of the month group. At some point over the next few weeks I plan to sew a couple of pairs of pants. It’s a pattern I have seen once before, so all the height adjustments have been made. Lisa
  4. I have not tried this method, but it looks pretty straight forward. You just have to make sure that the roll is nowhere near the presser foot when sewing. I like the idea of making nautical pillowcases. I just finished a quilt top that was inspired by a sunny day in the Caribbean. Lisa
  5. Another option for tracing paper is exam table paper, like the rolls on the exam tables at the doctor's office. I bought mine on Amazon and it was pretty inexpensive. The patterns that I make over and over get traced onto craft/butcher paper. That seems to hold up for years. Lisa
  6. The top one with the pinwheels I quilted on my machine...it was stitch in the ditch and then parallel lines on the borders. The big ones go to the long arm. Anything that is a throw or smaller I can quilt on my Juki. I am slowly learning free motion quilting. I make quilt sandwiches out of scraps and practice. I would love to be able to free motion quilt my smaller projects by the end of the year. Lisa
  7. Here are some of the quilts I have been working on. The hearts and the star are at the long arm quilter getting finished. I forgot to take a picture of the hearts after I added the borders. Lisa
  8. I have not tried using the cover stitch for the decorative underside showing on garments. I mostly hemmed dresses and rompers with it and had the double or triple line stitches showing. I will have to make some more athletic leggings and try it out. Lisa
  9. I prefer ballpoint with slippery knits like spandex. If it's not a slippery knit, then either one works fine.
  10. I have a separate coverstitch machine, the Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX, to do all my hems. My Juki F600 is the machine that I use for quilting and is a fantastic sewing machine. I got bored during the pandemic and decided to try making a quilt. I just finished my 4th quilt top, and ready to start working on Christmas quilt gifts. Lisa
  11. I just use the 4 thread Overlock (standard width) for my serger seams. Seams generally need to stretch with the fabric or they will pop. If you are using a standard sewing machine, the any horizontal seam needs to be done with a narrow zig-zag or narrow lightning bolt stitch. Veritical seams can be done with a straight stitch IF the pattern is not form fitting. For example a knit wide leg pant can have a straight stitch on the vertical seams, where as leggings must have a stretch stitch (zig-zag or lightning bolt). Lisa
  12. Hi Maria, I forgot to mention needles...oops. I use either a stretch needle or a ball point needle for knits. Universal needles really don't work well with knits. I have not used a roller foot. Most of my knit sewing is done on my Baby Lock Imagine serger. Sergers make knits a breeze, but it's mainly for seams and not hems. Lisa
  13. Thank you! I have not made it to Hawaii yet, but it is definitely on the list of places I want to go. Lisa
  14. I always use my walking foot when using my regular sewing machine on knits. It keeps knits from sliding all over the place while sewing. Lisa
  15. I seriously doubt that Holland will be sailing in February. If they do, then I will be pleasantly surprised.
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