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  1. RedHeadTexan

    Konigsdam 11-day Southern Caribbean - My View

    Thanks again for the calendar, Roger. It is now up on my cubicle wall. 😊 Lisa
  2. RedHeadTexan

    Konigsdam 11-day Southern Caribbean - My View

    It was fantastic! Since we gathered more OBC from the cancellation of HMC, I decided to get the Maine Lobster Tail. I haven't had Maine Lobster in years and it was perfectly cooked. I always enjoy spending our first night and last night at the Pinnacle. You looked like you were having a marvelous time at your table. On the sushi front...the sushi on Lido appeared to be hidden from view. I mean you really had to look hard to find it. The only reason I saw it was that I was picking up a raman bowl from the side that had the Asian entrees ready to go. It's hard to describe, but the sushi plates were elevated in the space and almost reached the bottom of the top shelf (where they hand the plates to you). I don't know if that makes sense and unfortunately I did not take a picture. There was not much variety, but what they had was good. Lisa
  3. RedHeadTexan

    Konigsdam 11-day Southern Caribbean - My View

    I had sushi several times at Lunch in the Lido Market. It is in the Asian station on the side. You will not see it looking straight on at the stir fry area. Go to the left side and it's on the front corner next to the prepared noodle and rice dishes. The scallop sushi roll in Nami Sushi was fantastic. Lisa
  4. RedHeadTexan

    The Old And The New Just Sailed By Each Other

    We were not able to tender either. So another nice sea day for us.
  5. RedHeadTexan

    The Old And The New Just Sailed By Each Other

    I am on the Koningsdam and took some pictures this morning of the Prisendam near HMC. Lisa
  6. RedHeadTexan

    Konigsdam 11-day Southern Caribbean - My View

    Thanks Roger for spending lunch and more with Walt and me this afternoon. We both thoroughly enjoyed hearing about your life adventures. Lisa
  7. RedHeadTexan

    To those of you on Koningsdam sailing now

    Pinnacle Grill and MDR are only open for lunch on sea days. Crews News’ thread would be the best source for your other questions. Lisa
  8. RedHeadTexan

    Koningsdam Aft Facing Balcony Cat VS

    I am currently in 7191, next to the corner wrap balcony. It is awesome! Unless the sun is bearing down on this part of the ship, the balcony is not hot. We stayed on the ship yesterday in St Lucia and enjoyed the balcony all day. The balcony above covers almost all of ours, so we can stay out there even with the random showers. This cabin became available 4 weeks out and we snatched it up. I would book this again in a heartbeat. Lisa
  9. RedHeadTexan

    Konigsdam 11-day Southern Caribbean - My View

    We discovered Deck 14 when we approached St Martin. Two ways to get there. Either take the forward elevators up to deck 14 or on Deck 12 go out to the cabana area (not past the roped off area) and up the stairs to deck 14. There are some loungers and small tables up there. Lisa
  10. RedHeadTexan

    Konigsdam 11-day Southern Caribbean - My View

    We went down the alley to find the shop and did not see it. Lisa
  11. RedHeadTexan

    After dry dock - Koningsdam

    On the Koningsdam now. There is still smoking in the casino. Staircase to the casino is still there. Rolling Stone is where Lincoln Center Stage use to be. LCS now shares the space with B.B. King. Lisa
  12. RedHeadTexan

    Konigsdam 11-day Southern Caribbean - My View

    I am on the cruise and a couple of doors down from Roger. We spoke for a while in the hall the other night and I told him I will help out answering questions on the different threads. Philipsburg is still recovering from the hurricane damage of 2017. The boardwalk is in great shape and most of the bars and restaurants are back open. Front Street is a different story. The further away from the courthouse (and ships) you go, the less rebuilt it is and you can see how violent the hurricane was to downtown. Back Street was worse than Front Street. Same thing, the closer to the courthouse, the better shape it is in. The pier shops are back and thriving. The harbor village shacks have been rebuilt. The Belgian Chocolate Box is open at the pier...she opens late morning...I bough two giant boxes. OMG, her stuff is awesome! One more thing. I have Verizon international coverage and could not get data in Philipsburg. Cellular for calls worked, but no data. Lisa These are a few pictures I took with my phone.
  13. RedHeadTexan

    Sewing Clothes For A Cruise

    I was really happy that I had some swim knit in a color that coordinated with the pattern. It was a $3 1.5 yard remnant that I bought online. I wasn't sure what I would use it for, but since I was ordering a bunch of solid swim knit remnants I decided to add this to the cart too. I am very happy with the result, especially since this was my first time with this pattern. I have tons of the floral, so I decided to just go for it and it fit perfectly. :) Lisa
  14. RedHeadTexan

    Sewing Clothes For A Cruise

    Just finished this 3 piece set. Swim shirt was really simple to make.
  15. RedHeadTexan

    Sewing Clothes For A Cruise

    Finished 2 more bikinis today.