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  1. So what did you decide? Going for it still or canceling?
  2. Finished our online check-in through the app. Peeked at our digital Set Sail passes & saw that Key symbol plain as day right under our names. I’m excited. I know lots of mixed...mostly negative comments here but I like trying new things. We’re only Gold C &A, so the bennies are very intriguing. Thirteen days to go! I’ll be sure to post updates daily with that hi-speed internet to which I’ll have access.
  3. Oh you are so much nicer than me. I would totally play the priority card with 11 year olds. It's the FlowRider regulars that I would be intimidated by. My husband loves the Flowrider, but sucks at it. It takes a pretty big pair of ____s to cut in front of a bunch of good "surfers" then wipe out right away.
  4. I'm in the same situation. Symphony on June 22nd, but cannot decide whether to keep the Key to try it out of curiosity or if I should bail. I'm hanging on for now. Looking forward to your feedback.
  5. Can anyone tell me what time you depart from the ship for the tour? We did something similar in Ft. Lauderdale and I remember leaving around 8 AM. Trying to figure out if it's worth the money if we have to leave for the airport on the 1 PM shuttle. Thank you. Nevermind. See that the reservation says 8:30 AM.
  6. So we’ve been lucky enough to cruise RRCL 4 times. We’ve done Ocean View Balcony three of the times and wanted to upgrade our experience slightly. Looked at suites when we booked our upcoming Symphony cruise and the price difference to ocean balcony was astronomical. So we’re trying The Key. My husband loves the Flow Rider and the lines on the Harmony last June were super long all the time. So that'll be a good perk. Plus all 3 of us having unlimited streaming will be good for afternoon downtime. Evenings get so hectic rushing from dinner to shows. We always end up way off to the right or left side of the stage with obstructed views. I’m interested in seeing how the other half lives. No one seems to be talking about the final day perks. Leisurely high-end breakfast with escorted walk-off. Sounds like a classier ending to a fantastic week.
  7. HI All, I'm currently deciding between the "Salsa, Salsa, Margarita" tour through RCCL Excursions and the "Best of Cozumel" tour directly through Cozumel Choice. RCCL doesn't see to offer that tour through Excursions. I've seen some reviews of the SSM tour here that were helpful. Have any of you Critics done the Cozumel Choice tour? They get very good reviews on Trip Advisor, but they're all about just one tour guide. I can't imagine with a 12-person limit per tour that there is only one guide. So what happens if you don't get that one really great guide? Many thanks for your help!
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