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    Celebrity, Princess, Carnival, Holland America, RCCL: in this order
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  1. Is lunch in JiJi's Restaurant free @ lunch time? Thanks in advance .
  2. Thanks everyone for the great info!
  3. Is it open on embarkation day for lunch?
  4. Is Alfredo's Pizzeria free? Is it open on embarkation day for lunch? Does anyone have a menu that can share? Thanks in advance.
  5. Medallion apps says my bookings have already been taken...need help! I can't even log onto it to put my name or address in the area where it's needed. Has anyone had this problem before? If so, what did you do to make it work?
  6. Hope you get to have a nice trip....safe travels !
  7. Great seeing this post Jeannie....hope you are doing well also ! Thanks .
  8. Thanks for the links....this is what I was looking for !
  9. Thanks for clearing that up for me .😊
  10. I need the most RECENT Princess MDR Menus...if anyone has them or a link to view them, that would be great .I've already did a search & can't find RECENT menus. Thanks in advance .
  11. Is the Chopsticks Noddle Bar free? If so...besides noddles what all do they serve ? Thanks in advance .
  12. OK...I'm confused .... is there a Crooner's or not?
  13. Is there a Crooner's on Majestic Princess? If so...where is it located ? I couldn't find it on the deck plans . Thanks in advance .
  14. Got the perks with my booking...however online it did say lunch on seadays. just wondered if they changed. I was hoping that the Noddle bar was free....bummer if it's not .
  15. GREAT ! That is what I was hoping to hear .
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