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  1. 16 hours ago, Astro Flyer said:

    Here’s a link to their request form & they’ll gladly accept it on any version of the form with any expiration date.  They created the form to fully explain the procedure because of receiving too many incomplete requests requiring extra time to follow-up.  Or you can just provide all of the necessary information by fax or by mailing it to them.


    Whenever I called requesting a form with a later date they just said to use any version of the form because it hadn’t been recently updated.



    The PDF link is not working .

  2. Try the Blue Ocean cocktail...had it last year on sail-a-way and ordered it all 15 days on the cruise.


    This beautiful blue vodka cocktail mixes up blue curacao, simple syrup, orange juice, and orange slices. 1. In a shaking glass with ice, combine 1 jigger vodka, 1 jigger blue curaçao, simple syrup, and orange juice. Shake well.

  3. On my May Caribbean Princess cruise, I remember one morning they offered a bunch of chocolate speciality items like chocolate oatmeal, more chocolate pastry items, chocolate bread pudding etc. I'm not sure if they continued this theme at lunch.



    This is what I heard about it being more breakfast items made with a lot of chocolate. But they did have a chocolate fountain with fruit. I was just wondering if anyone had experience it recently....guess you did in May.

    Do you, by chance, recall if it was held on a sea day morning?

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