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  1. I thought the cruises out of Southampton were covered by testing at the port. https://www.princess.com/plan/cruise-with-confidence/cruise-health/frequently-asked-questions/uk-southampton-cruises/
  2. I check fares and air daily and get them lower for any decrease. That would be more than any loss of freebies.
  3. I was actually looking forward for the smaller ship for Alaska... That is kind of a bummer. I also liked the idea of the closed pool also.
  4. Thanks for the info I haven't received an email yet.
  5. We are on the 12 day on Sapphire cruise departing 5/2/22... is that the cruise that you mean?
  6. The price protection to move your cruise is well worth not getting FCC. I don't blame Princess for increasing their prices in 2022 and 2023, they have to recoup their losses. We have had to move 4 cruises to future dates and keeping our prices locked in has been great.
  7. I booked flights to Vancouver for my May 2 Alaska cruise this weekend without issue.
  8. Thanks for the info, I scanned down to the cancellations and missed that and didn't read thru the into paragraph.
  9. I noticed that too, maybe they are moving the Emerald somewhere else? I still think my Royal Princess will be cancelled though.
  10. Interesting that they haven't cancelled the Royal Princess sailings from December thru March. We have a sailing on the Royal Princess on 2/18/2022
  11. We did the TA from London to Ft Lauderdale in September 2019, The itinerary was great and the sea days were very relaxing.
  12. It only took a week for our refund from our shore excursions to post back on our credit card. We chose the lift and shift for the 14 Day Search for the Northern lights cruise from October 2021 to 2022. We have been tryin to do this cruise since October 2020.
  13. I do have a bottled water, sodas, virgin Pina coladas so we both get our $15 50 .a day worth of drinks a day. :)
  14. At a cost of $40 pp a day, we have started doing the plus fare. After WiFi and gratuities it is about $15.50 a day. We don't drink alcohol, but that is a great price for my partner's daily Red Bull, coffees, water, sodas, milk shakes and virgin drinks. Our normal TA and Military OBC pays for every else. We would never purchase the drink package alone at $59.99 a day because it would not be cost effective for us.
  15. We have stayed at the Sleep Inn and Suites. Very clean and they have a shuttle to the cruise port. Next to a Walgreens tp pick up last minute stuff. There were places to eat in the shopping center next door. https://www.choicehotels.com/florida/dania/sleep-inn-hotels/fl664?mc=llgoxxpx
  16. We have stayed at both thr Four Seasons and the Marriott. Both are great, but I really liked the the location and customer service at the Four Seasons. We booked directly each time.
  17. I can not find any information on canceling a cruse in which we put a non-refundable $490 deposit down before COVID 19. We booked a 16 Day Hawaii departing 4/15 from Seattle. We are leery about going on this cruise because of the COVID situation. has anyone been refunded an non-refundable deposit on a cruise they have cancelled since COVID. Part of me is wishing Princess cancels it.
  18. My April 2021 Hawaii cruise on the Emerald is listed as Medallion Class.
  19. We did a credit card dispute on my Citi Costco card for 2 rooms, gratuities,excursions, and wifi, we had booked for Alaska Cruise. We got a conditional credit on our card immediately. After 60 days Princess did not fight the dispute so the credits are now permanent. We had our Northern Lights cruise cancelled for October, we are waiting for the FCC to show up. We already booked the same cruise for 2021.
  20. I decided not to wait for Princess. I had my deposits and $5,000 of excursions, dinners, for 2 rooms on an Alaska cruise. I filled a dispute on my Citibank Visa and the money was credited right to the card. The cruise was booked for July 15the and there is now way we were going on that. Hopefully we will do the same one next summer instead. I still don't even think we want to risk our health our October cruise.
  21. We are booked for the 16 day Hawaii April 15, 2021 out of Seattle.
  22. I agree prices fro the same itinerary have gone way up. We had a 7 day Alaska booked for July, that we have decided to cancel. Next year's price has gone way up in the past week. We still have a Search for the Northern Lights booked for October. The same cruise next year is about 2 grand more.
  23. We were booked for 2 rooms for the 8 day Japan cruise on 7/19/2020. We cancelled and booked a Northbound AK. Cruise on 7/15. We just don't feel comfortable being on the ship or in Asia right now. I travel to Japan annually for work and. I have postponed my latest trip.
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