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  1. Firsttimescaredcruiser!

    Warning to Chair Hogs

    Love it!
  2. Firsttimescaredcruiser!

    Is Alcohol too Expensive on RCCL

    [quote name='AF-1']I travel the world for a living and have paid $7 for a coke in some countries; so the booze and sodas prices onboard ship are reasonable. cheers[/quote] Funny, that would have been my complaint....:D...$7 dollar cokes! :p
  3. Firsttimescaredcruiser!

    When i first get on board, i head straight for ....

    [quote name='spikester']It depends on what time I get on. The last couple cruises I have gotten on pretty early so went up to lido for some lunch. On the Southern Carib one I got on, dropped off my carry on and then got off to explore San Juan some.[/quote] You can do that? I didn't know you'd be able to get back off at port. We're interested in the Southern Caribbean route. We usually fly in so it's right at muster. So Muster, cabin--then Lido for DOD!! Tell me, if you get there early and rooms aren't ready...are there lots of people on the lido with carry ons?
  4. Firsttimescaredcruiser!

    Calling all wrist band wearers, will I need them?

    The only time I ever need them are in the lounge, front mid bottom. I seem to feel it much more there. Not sure about the cabins.
  5. Firsttimescaredcruiser!

    Carnival No More "Formal" Night?

    I will miss it. I rather enjoyed formal nights. I guess if some still "dress up" I'll be one of them.
  6. Firsttimescaredcruiser!

    Kids gone wild................

    [quote name='Kurbanfan']Never said that. I said Carnival should step up to the bat and have some type of youth security as other cruise lines do. Not sure how you got parenting out of security:confused: [/quote] And you misunderstood what I meant. I don't think they should have to hire help to make sure any child behave when they are unsupervised. That is a parents job-what I meant about parenting. This is why I really dislike boards. It's very hard to get meaning across in some instances. [quote] I never paid more on Princess and they have youth security. But if you want to go there.......say on a 3,000 passenger ship they charge every passenger $1.00 more for the price of your cruise ( which you would not even notice) that would come out to $3,000 to work with for a 7 day cruise. [/quote] My misunderstanding I've only cruised twice, I thought other cruise lines were more than Carnival. [quote] Or how bout this........they just enforce the little rules that they actually already have:p[/quote] I agree. They are too passive on exsisting guidelines and rules. Maybe that should be the discussion.
  7. Looks like you are headed for the 25th of April? OH well, we are looking into the first week of April. Have fun Guys!
  8. Firsttimescaredcruiser!

    Kids gone wild................

    [quote name='VentureMan_2000']I'm afraid there are a lot of parents that don't see it that way. They think the railings of the ship are their kid's baby-sitter... where the kids are free to raise ruckus at other's expense, as long as the parent's aren't bothered by their kids... after all, the Parent's are on vacation... :cool: If you bring your kids on a vacation... then the vacation is about the kids and not about you. If you want to make a vacation all about you, then leave the kids at home. That's what we do... :D[/quote] I totally agree! My post probably should have said, "Why should I pay more for my cruise when the cruise line has to employ more security for unsupervised children?" I guess I should also add, My first cruise was a year after my youngest moved out. It would scare me to death if I had younger children roaming around the ship. I just couldn't do it. AND didn't.
  9. Firsttimescaredcruiser!

    Kids gone wild................

    [quote name='VentureMan_2000'][SIZE=2]This is one of those tricky rhetorical questions, right[/SIZE]...? :D[/quote] I just don't see why we should turn our parenting over to the cruise line. We are the childrens parents, still responsible for their actions. So why should Carnival or any other cruiseline need to employ more personal just to keep OUR kids under control? Who is responsible if they get hurt when they are not under a parents supervision anytime of day? The cruise line? I don't think so. Why is it so horrible to have rules for the kids? Isn't it for their safety as well?
  10. Firsttimescaredcruiser!

    Kids gone wild................

    [quote name='Kurbanfan']It should not be up to the passengers to play security officer. Carnival needs to step up to the bat and take responsibility. Princess has youth security, there is no reason why Carnival can't.[/quote] Why should/or/would Carnival need to parent my child?
  11. Firsttimescaredcruiser!

    Private Messages???

    We were on the Victory in June of 2006. It might not be to the area you are cruising to, but there is a link in my signature to our pictures. BTW: We are thinking of going on her again to the Southern Caribbean!!!! Can't wait.
  12. Firsttimescaredcruiser!

    How many of you???

    I was disappointed, my husband was on stage during our first cruise and then we were on stage as a couple during the not so newlywed game. We kept seeing it on tv during the cruise finally purchased one on the last couple of days of the cruise. We watched it about a week after we got home....nothing like the one they were playing. Didn't have us anywhere on it. I was so ill. So if anyone was on the Elation June 18-25th 2006 I would love a copy.
  13. Firsttimescaredcruiser!

    Luggage Limit - End of Formal Night

    [quote name='pungo3']I agree with woodman. I'll pay extra for my luggage to carry formal wear. I enjoy dressing up and will continue to do so as long as I cruise. I won't mind a bit that others are dressed more casual.[/quote] Same here. Although I don't get to cruise often, I do so look forward to the very nice dinner, dressed up. Last time I just packed the formal stuff and pressed it myself.
  14. Firsttimescaredcruiser!

    THIS IS AMAZING! Thanks Carnival

    [quote name='trock']No it only had tape on it that said Guest Relations[/quote] Of course...couldn't be that easy...:p
  15. Firsttimescaredcruiser!

    THIS IS AMAZING! Thanks Carnival

    No return address on package??