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  1. It depends what you'd like to do. I did NCL in 2006 on the Spirit and loved it, but my next cruise on NCL (did a yearly cruise from 2007+ with RCCL or Celebrity) was in 2017 on the Breakway. For what me and my family like to do, it wasn't ideal. As we enjoy trivia daily, the atrium did not have the "pub" atmosphere of the smaller lounges that hold trivia that we're used to, and the entire ship to me felt dark and compartmentalized. However, when planning this year's trip to Bermuda, Celebrity didn't offer a 7 day at the time we needed to go and felt like we'd try the Encore. I was nervous reading the deck plans and the negative reviews sealed it for us with the tiny amount of deckspace. My mom is in her 60s and I'm in my 30s - we don't have a need for Go Karts, Laser Tag, etc, and we both felt that we'd be confined to a lot of dark indoor space again, even more so on the Encore. We pulled our deposit and are going on the Empress of the Seas on RCCL. She also has mixed reviews because she is the smallest and one of the oldest of the RCCL fleets. But because of the way we like to vacation (read on deck, go to trivia, leisurely trips to the beach, etc, the Empress seemed more of a fit for *us*. However, the Encore, depending on what you want to do, could be more right for you. She certainly has a lot more entertainment and shows and I'm sure a younger crowd because of her amenities. Bermuda is an amazing country - my mom and I have visited most of the Caribbean and we now see no need to go anywhere else. Relax, and have a great trip!
  2. I think you'd be better off with Royal Caribbean in this case. We took a family vacation to Alaska while I was in my mid-20s on Holland. We were the youngest people on the ship by decades. The ship was dead by 10pm, we ended up making friends with the crew. Also, make sure that you have active excursions planned in the ports. Had we not done the kayaking, canoeing and hiking during the ports, I don't think we would have enjoyed the trip as much.
  3. If you want to save a bit of money getting to your downtown hotel,the light rail is $2.75pp and goes directly into the city, if you're staying downtown. From there you can take an Uber to your hotel or AirBnB if it's too far from walking distance, but you'll save on the cost from the airport to downtown ($40-60, depending time of day).For Pier 91, an Uber is your best bet, it's a bit isolated from any public transportation.Enjoy! Also, don't bother with renting a car. Traffic downtown is a nightmare most times of the day- the bus, monorail, light rail will get you to most touristy spots as well as Uber. Parking costs are $$ and it's not worth the headache. For a day trip, take the Washington State Ferry to Bainbridge Island - for $2.75/pp you get a 35 minute trip across the sound (I've seen otters and other sealife), to a very cute town within walking distance.
  4. I think the only one they had was the Schweppes or Canada Dry light tonic. Nothing fancy.
  5. I've seen this on all major cruise ships - all gym classes have an additional gratuity. I've found that with the exception of Flywheel at Sea (Allure of the Seas back in 2014), I haven't found them worth the cost.
  6. I'm in my 30s and my mom in her 60's. We took the Summit to Bermuda mother's day weekend last year and this year. Same exact week, same exact itinerary and ship - but our experiences were vastly different. Last year we felt there was a good mix of ages - we met a lot of great people at trivia and the various interactive game shows - and I still keep in touch with some of them on facebook. This year we felt like it was a floating nursing home - the age demographic skewed very heavily into the late 70s/early 80s. We ended up going to bed far earlier this year because the entertainment was lacking and we didn't make the connections with people that we so look forward to. I really think it's a crapshoot -there wasn't any reason why this year should have been a different demographic. I will say though Bermuda is the absolute best place to visit - you'll have a great time. It's my favorite port by a long shot, and I've done most itineraries in the Caribbean. You'll have a great time regardless!
  7. I don't eat them so i'm only 90% sure they still had the Benedict bar last month.
  8. One of the most noticeable differences when we visited Ireland and Scotland was how small the cows were compared to the US - we said that must be how cows are *supposed* to look. Love the quality of meat and dairy when we visit Europe!
  9. Yes, correct! Was having a discussion with co-workers and that was the only restaurant I've been to in Seattle where everyone was dressed like they were attending a high end meal. Have been to Metropolitan Grill, El Gaucho, Aqua and Bateau and the dress code looks like a modern day cruise ship on formal night - almost anything goes LOL
  10. Gardyloo covered mostly everything but a few more suggestions: You can take a 40 minute ferry to Bainbridge Island close to Pier 66 downtown. This is a great option if you don't want to rent a car but want to get out of the city. From there, you can explore Bainbridge downtown which has cute shops, restaurants and wine tasting rooms. The ferry is public transportation so $8.50pp round trip (no fare on the way back from Bainbridge) If you're not from the West Coast and haven't tasted Salt and Straw, this is a must. The ice cream is some of the best I've ever had (either in Capitol Hill downtown or the Ballard neighborhood) Brewery tour -if you like beer, I recommend Ruebens Brews, Fremont Brewing, Chuck's Hop Shop and Cloudburst Brewing for the best beer Seattle has to offer. Food - we always take visitors to Din Tai Fung - and it never disappointing, even if it's a bit touristy. If you like dumplings, you have to check this place out. For a splurge meal- Canlis for the most romantic view of the city (take advantage of a later seating for a spectacular sunset - right now our last light is around 10pm with official sunset being 9pm) Haven't been in awhile, but I told a vendor visiting to go to Ray's Boathouse, which is on the water. She and her husband are from NY and loved the seafood there. A bit overpriced but you can't beat the view. S.A.M (Seattle Art Museum) Sculpture Park is on the water and a close walk from the touristy waterfront - worth checking out. Enjoy!
  11. I'm not 100% sure on this because I never take Black or XL home, but I've never seen them waiting in the Rideshare area with the other Uber/Lyft vehicles in the garage. The app will inform you where to go - and you can always give your driver a call. There's not that much of a walk between the arrivals pick up and the garage for the ride share pick up.
  12. The freeway isn't the issue - it's the uphill!
  13. Went on the Summit last month. I thought the MDR food was some of the worst we've seen (the menu each night was so unappealing. We went on the first formal night and my watermelon salad was terrible, my mom's steak was a hockey puck, and my shrimp scampi was just OK). However, I think the Oceanview Cafe has some of the best food I've had on a cruise ship. I stuck with the Made to Order options - got a piece of fish grilled or had the MTO stir-fry every night. I thought it was all really flavorful without being too heavy or gloppy. I also loved the sesame noodles for lunch at the spa cafe. If you live in a major city and enjoy dining out, I don't think you're going to think anything on any main-line cruise ship is comparable. However, most of the time I don't look forward to cruise ship food at all, and I will definitely miss the Oceanview cafe when we switch to NCL next summer to head to Bermuda.
  14. If you're leaving out of Cape Liberty, make sure to download the Express Pass into your Apple Wallet or take a screen shot. The internet in there is HORRIBLE and the app wasn't able to connect to pull up my pass. The staff had to end up looking me up manually.
  15. Were you on the Summit on this? I saw the "Happy Mother's Day" which is when we took off for Bermuda. I didn't see it on the ship (we were on 7) but it would've made me smile to see it!
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