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  1. I really feel for all of the ports affected, including my home port, Seattle. Downtown has taken such a hit, and another summer without cruises is a pretty big blow.
  2. We were supposed to be on the Empress to Bermuda (one of my favorite places in the world!) for our 10th annual Mother/Daughter cruise May 11th. I was initially sad/relieved when ours got cancelled for us as boarding a ship would have been a no go for us (first time in a non-balcony during quarantine era? hard pass) As we get closer to the dates I was going to fly to New York and board the ship, I keep feeling a wave of disappointment each day we're up to that milestone. I know in the grand scheme of sadness, it's minor. But I am sad to miss out on that quality time with my mom mor
  3. This would have been our third trip there. Keep it in mind for your next cruise - it's absolutely worth the wait 🙂
  4. Was really looking forward to our May 11th cruise to Bermuda - but I also figured out by last week it wasn't going to happen. Be safe, everyone.
  5. Also, in between the two cruises, there was a conference held at the Pier from the 23rd-26th. So if someone who disembarked had touched any surface or came in contact with a port worker, there's a possibility that someone was carrying the virus to this conference, especially with someone who worked at the port. Those conference members came from across the country, so this can all get interesting really quickly.
  6. With the virus spreading here in Seattle, I am now wondering if Seattle will be put on the "do not cruise" list like they have Italy and China. I am still planning on my cruise to Bermuda in May, but it will be interested to see how this plays out.
  7. Does anyone remember the white chocolate mint martini that wasn't cream based? That was my favorite martini on RCL, but it's no longer offered on the menu.
  8. I know he's very polarizing, but behind the scenes he does a lot of work for charity: https://www.delish.com/restaurants/a58436/who-is-guy-fieri/ I'm biased because even though his DDD personality is a bit grating at times, I do love the show 🙂
  9. Came to say the same. If you had CLEAR, Pre Check and did self walk off, I think you could do it but you're not giving yourself any time for delays. This would be cutting it close. I know you said you've booked another flight already, but for those who are looking. It's about a 25-45 minute uber trip from the port, depending on time of day and day of the week. Weekend mornings don't tend to get too bad before 10am. If you're arriving at any other day of the week besides Saturday or Sunday, expect a 40 minute minimum drive to the airport. TSA PreCheck can be up to
  10. It depends what you'd like to do. I did NCL in 2006 on the Spirit and loved it, but my next cruise on NCL (did a yearly cruise from 2007+ with RCCL or Celebrity) was in 2017 on the Breakway. For what me and my family like to do, it wasn't ideal. As we enjoy trivia daily, the atrium did not have the "pub" atmosphere of the smaller lounges that hold trivia that we're used to, and the entire ship to me felt dark and compartmentalized. However, when planning this year's trip to Bermuda, Celebrity didn't offer a 7 day at the time we needed to go and felt like we'd try the Encore. I was
  11. I think you'd be better off with Royal Caribbean in this case. We took a family vacation to Alaska while I was in my mid-20s on Holland. We were the youngest people on the ship by decades. The ship was dead by 10pm, we ended up making friends with the crew. Also, make sure that you have active excursions planned in the ports. Had we not done the kayaking, canoeing and hiking during the ports, I don't think we would have enjoyed the trip as much.
  12. If you want to save a bit of money getting to your downtown hotel,the light rail is $2.75pp and goes directly into the city, if you're staying downtown. From there you can take an Uber to your hotel or AirBnB if it's too far from walking distance, but you'll save on the cost from the airport to downtown ($40-60, depending time of day).For Pier 91, an Uber is your best bet, it's a bit isolated from any public transportation.Enjoy! Also, don't bother with renting a car. Traffic downtown is a nightmare most times of the day- the bus, monorail, light rail will get you to most touristy
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