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  1. I really enjoyed The Baths on Virgin Gorda and as for St. Lucia, Cosol's tour was the best. The island tour was great and the beach between the Pitons was absolutely fabulous. Cosol runs a first rate operation and his tour was the best we have ever taken in the Caribbean. I wish I were going back with you. - SF
  2. I actually preferred the left side. The right side has pretty much the same view for most of the trip and if the tide is out then you are looking at a lot of mud. The left side has a view of the mountains for most of the time and then opens up into some valleys and stuff when you get down by the glaciers. We were able to see mountain goats on the left side. Also, after going through the tunnels and approaching Whittier, from the left side of the train you will have an incredible view of the ship and the bay and you will get off the train on the left side to get to the ship. We actually had assigned seating but our car was only about 40% full so you could move around and sit anywhere you like. You are also able to step out onto the platforms between trains to take pictures and stuff. I should mention that not all cars are the same. Ours had very wide seats with tons of leg room between rows. The chairs directly in front of us also had pull down leg rests on the back of them so you could prop your feet up. While we were walking up to the dining car, we noticed the cars in front of ours were not as roomy and some of them even had the chairs facing each other so that you were knocking knees with the people sitting in the row in front of you. - SF
  3. We only had the one bottle of champagne because our third person was only 19. I don't know if they would do a split or not, ask them when they call you to discuss your menu choices. I should mention that we did not get our photo for free. Our dinner was exactly $150 without the tip and when we went down to see our photos, they wanted $20 for each of them. I thought one photo was supposed to be included in the price of the meal but maybe that differs by ship. - SF
  4. Toto is correct, you can add additional people to the dinner for $50 pp. We wanted to do the UBD in Alaska and wanted our son to join us and it was no problem. They said it would be an additional $50 for him and they brought in 2 tables to set up instead of just one. I should mention that it is a lot of food. First they brought pre-dinner drinks and canapes. Then they brought champagne and sparkling water along with the appetizers. After that, came the salad and bread and by this time we were are actually starting to feel full. Next came the main course, which for us was surf and turf. The filets were huge and the waiters (we had 2) brought extra lobster tails and jumbo shrimp on the side. Finally, came dessert and after that a plate of cookies and chocolate covered strawberrries. These we ended up keeping in the room with us because we couldn't possibly have eaten anything else. We loved the dinner and the whole experience. We skipped formal nights on that trip and scheduled the UBD for one of the formal nights and had an amazing time right in our room. - SF
  5. We took the train down to Whittier and I really enjoyed it. In the car we were in, the seats were very comfortable and there was a lot of leg room between rows. We arrived in Whittier at around 12:20 and were dropped off right across the street from the ship. We went down into the embarkation building and we were checked in right away. We had to wait about 5 minutes at the security scanners because they weren't open yet but that didn't take long and we actually ended up being the first people to board the ship, which was a first for us and kind of neat. About 1/2 an hour after we boarded, all the buses started arriving and the embarkation line became very long so I was glad we took the train instead of Princess bus transfer. - SF
  6. On our SB Coral cruise last month, we were given dining cards for the first night. Upon embarkation, you were given a card with a time and the name of one of the 2 dining rooms on it and the crew requested that you honor that time for the first night to cut down on all the confusion. They were collecting the cards at the entrance to the dining rooms and we saw people turned away for not having their cards with them or for trying to dine at the wrong time. - SF
  7. I have too many favorites to pick just one so here is a picture of a mother bear teaching her cub to fish in the stream in front of our cabin in Seward. The second one is a pod of orcas we saw while cruising in Kenai Fjords. - SF
  8. I wonder if the problems with anytime dining have to do with the size of the ship? We were on the Crown in Feb. and never had to wait for a table. This month on the Coral, it was horrible. One night we waited 20 mintues just to get a pager and then waited another 45 minutes to be seated and the other nights weren't much better. The service in the dining room was so slow, that dinner ended up being a 2 1/2-3 hour ordeal by the time you got the pager to the time dessert was finished. We ate in the dining room 4 nights and every night it was the same drawn out hassle. It didn't matter whether or not we had a table to ourselves or shared a table with others. Once I got to thinking about it, I figured maybe it was because the Crown had 2 anytime dining rooms while the Coral only had 1. - SF
  9. We went with Alamo and got a full size car for $35 a day and for that price I was a little worried about what we'd get. When we went to pick it up, we ended up with a 4 door Dodge Charger with a V8 and only about 5K miles on it. It had plenty of room and the V8 made it easy to get around the thousands of RV's that seem to be on every road in Alaska this time of year. - SF
  10. Make your reservations at the Comfort Inn Ship Creek as soon as possible. I think you can do it a 364 days in advance. We just stayed there a couple weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I made our reservations for July '08 in August of '07 and we got a good deal. In January, I tried to add another room and found that not only had the prices increased about 30%, but they were now requiring a minimum 2 night stay for the date we needed. I also made our rental car reservtions for Anchorage that early and got the car for $35 a day instead of $90 a day they were charging for the same car just a few months later. It really pays to make your reservations eary if you can. You can always cance later. - SF
  11. Would someone who has cruised SB on the Coral this summer please confirm for me which nights are the formal nights? I have it down as being the second night and the night the ship is in Ketchikan. Is that correct? Thanks a bunch and have a great day! - SF
  12. Which pools are the kids allowed to swim in? I've heard they open up the adults only spa pool for the kids since it's covered and the others are not but I want to make sure we aren't breaking any rules. - SF
  13. I don't know if you prefer land based excursions or like to get wet but when we were in Tortola, we jumped on a ferry and took a ride over to Virgin Gorda and went to the Baths. We had a blast over there exploring the caves and then spending the day on the beach and snorkeling. The beach on the other side of the boulder formations is just beautiful and the water is perfect. - SF
  14. Which ship were you on? I'm going to try to do this on the Coral in a couple of weeks. So I guess if I already have the Princess transfers, I just need to go to the Passenger's Service Desk and sign-up for EZ Check and expect that no one will know what US Direct is. I understood that it was a combination of the transfers and EZ Check, but why do they give the program a separate name if they aren't going to take the time to inform their employees of how it works? What time was your flight on United and what time did you arrive at the airport? We're flying United as well and it's direct to Denver so if our luggage makes it onboard in YVR, then United won't have another chance to lose it....hopefully. - SF
  15. robinsegg, Thanks a bunch for posting the Patters and menu's. We sail on the 14th and it can't get here soon enough! I noticed that you highlighted the open deck Alaska BBQ Buffet. If you went, how was it? It sounds interesting! Thanks again for taking the time to scan and post all the info. - SF
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