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  1. If you can predict the weather over here, you will make a fortune! Last month we had record breaking temperatures; this last 2 weeks have been storms and below average temps, so you just never know. (If you ever want to make conversation with a Brit, just say what nice/horrible/wet weather it is today!). Hopefully it should never be really cold, so pack for the best and bring a light waterproof jacket or a brolly in case it rains...which it probably will! Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. On the ship, they will have US power sockets, but if you are staying in Europe, you will need some sort of converter as the plugs are different and you run on 110V and we run on 220-240V, so check your appliances to see if they are dual voltage before plugging them in and blowing them up! Simon
  2. We were in Dubai last Christmas/New Year. I picked the Holiday Inn at Al Barsha (but wouldn't again for other reasons), because it was 200 yds from a Metro station and 5 minute walk to the Mall of Emirates. Metro was really handy...we went straight there from the airport, having bought a silver NOL card each (which are good for buses and water taxis too). I think it was 42AED each (about £8) and that lasted us the 6 days. This may be partly due to the fact that I picked being near the MoE as both HOHO companies have a hub there, so having pre purchased a 5 day ticket on Big Bus, we used it as transport from MoE up to the Dubai Mall/Burj Khalifa area. Taxis are cheap! Within the city, not much more than 30AED maximum (£6!). We even got a taxi to our hotel in Abu Dhabi. He charged 270AED, but I gave him 300 (£60 for a 90 min journey!) and they are not allowed to pick up a return fare in Abu Dhabi! Simon
  3. How about a Segway tour? Great fun, see more than if you were walking and as Copenhagen is a bike friendly city, they can go just about anywhere. If you dock at Langeline, they are right beside the ship. https://segwaycruisecopenhagen.com/ Simon
  4. Someone has already started one, but they are the only member so far! Simon
  5. Agree with JB...too much time is wasted getting to and from London to make it a worhwhile day. You would do much better going to Portsmouth (lots of naval history inc HMS Victory, Mary Rose, D Day museum), Salisbury (tallest cathedral in the UK inc original of the Magna Carta, oldest mechanical clock in the world) and do a side trip to Stonehenge if you like looking at a pile of stones!, or even the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu (is it feasible to get there by public transport JB?). Just a few ideas where you won't be travelling for half the day. Simon
  6. If you have to fly (which obviously, you have!), Southampton is far more convienient. Whether you want to go to London or straight to the port, it is easy and relatively cheap (about £100 car service, £5-£15 on National Express coach or around £30 or less by train from London). Flying into Paris leaves you with a more tortuous journey. Its possible to use the train from Paris to Le Havre, but you have to train/cab from CDG into Paris first, then cross Paris and then train out to Le Havre. No idea what a car service would be (and can't say I've heard of anyone on the boards using one!). If you wanted to hop to Paris from Southampton (or vice versa) there are flights from Southampton airport, which is a £20 cab ride from the port area. Simon
  7. Latest I've used (a few years ago!) is 0844 4817505 which might be free according to your tariff. Simon
  8. Hopefully, the cruise centre is in the middle of this map. https://goo.gl/maps/b6kGDmU7NCk2vH157 The NS28 in red to the right is a metro station, so you could go by metro if you wanted to. Its a 300yd walk from the station to the terminal, all under cover. Simon
  9. If you don't use a car service (and you can get quotes from other companies recommended on here) you basically have 2 choices. 1) Get the train from Kingston station toward London and change at Clapham Junction to pick up the Southampton train. Train will be about £30 each single or about £40 return. Trains every 30mins or so, but can be a pig to change platforms using the bridges at Clapham. https://www.nationalrail.co.uk/ 2) Get a cab to Heathrow (T4 is probably nearest) and get a National Express coach. Around £15 each way on the coach (though can be cheaper) plus cab fare to LHR...probably £20-£25. https://www.nationalexpress.com/en Try getting quotes from Blackberry and https://westquaycars.com/ then work out the prices to see which is most viable. Simon
  10. Agree with Eagle. Grab a cab at the terminal and go to your hotel. If you can't find an Abu Dhabi tour online from Dubai ( and I seem to remember there were loads when I googled earlier this year), just go out to the cabs outside and ask the drivers if any of them would like to take you on a day trip to AD? Thats how we sorted our cab transfer from Dubai to AD. I don't think you would see much of AD doing it the way you propose. Dedicate a day to an earlyish start and lateish finish. As I said, its best part of 90 mins each way. Simon
  11. Used NE many times over the last 40 years (even when they weren’t so good!) and never had a problem. Simon
  12. No real advantage. A bit more room, probably less crowded ('cos most passengers will be in standard). It shouldn't be more than a 90 minute journey. Personally I wouldn't pay the extra, but your on holiday and its only an extra £6! Hang the expense! Simon
  13. I'd be surprised if you would find one. Can you just take a cab from the port to Abu Dhabi hotel (use one of the RTA cabs at the terminal...will cost about 350-400AED and take around 90mins according to where your hotel is), then use the HOHO bus in Abu Dhabi if you are staying a couple of days. Simon
  14. Ok Eagle, your chance to shine!! Please don't suggest Broadway, the most 'spoilt by tourists' village in the country! Simon
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