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  1. In case you're interested, heres the National Express site https://www.nationalexpress.com/en Coaches pick up from outside T5 and T4 and from the Central Bus station, which is a 10 min walk undercover from T2 & 3. Cost can be as low as £5 each, but normally about £15. Its possible to walk from Southampton Coach station to the City Cruise terminal in about 10-15 mins (for RCI, Celeb and NCL)...or a cab to any terminal is £7. Simon
  2. True, but if you can check in online whilst still on the ship the day before, 2hrs should be ample. Simon
  3. 25th August is that magic day...Sunday! No commuters!! However, that weekend is a bank holiday weekend, but you should be early enough to beat any 'holiday' traffic and most of it would be coast bound anyway...unless its a typical rainy bank holiday!! However you do it (car service or even National Express coach) its only about 90 - 105 minutes, so easily doable. If you are interested in the coach the site is https://www.nationalexpress.com/en You leave from Southampton Coach station and its direct to all LHR terminals...currently £23.60 each. Simon
  4. As said, fly Christmas Day or New Years Eve if you can. We flew Christmas night Heathrow to Dubai a couple of months ago. Heathrow was a ghost town! The check in girls actually asked us to go to their desk to give them something to do! We spoke to a girl on security and she said she always does Christmas night, because its really quiet and she gets triple time! The airfare was about 2/3 of normal too. Simon
  5. I've never used Airbnb, for basically the same reasons as JB. When I'm on holiday, I want to know where I'm staying. There are loads of good (not too expensive) hotels in S'pore. We stayed at the Fairmont...central, on top of an MRT station, and mall, and food court! and 10 mins walk to the harbour front (by the Merlion), HOHO bus stop outside the front door. I don't mind paying a bit more for covenience over 'cheaper' rate...just my opinion! Simon
  6. I didn't know either! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pickleball I was on Connie in January and the only thing I saw resembling p'ball was table tennis. Simon
  7. Rare species barbecuing springs to mind! Simon
  8. That's what it was!? I thought you were self mutilating again. It was a bit small and droopy. Thought it tasted a bit odd. Simon
  9. Changing half as much as everyone else....always thought you were a bit of an old skinflint!! Simon
  10. Also be aware that most of the official (silver) taxis in AD run on CNG and have the tank in the boot (thats trunk to you!). This limits luggage capacity. Earlier this year my wife and I rode in the back seat, one large case and 2 carry ons in the boot and one large case in the passenger seat!! If there are more than 2 of you or lots of luggage, you might need a van or 2 taxis! Simon
  11. We did 6 days in Dubai pre cruise and got the 5 day deluxe ticket with Big Bus. This had some extra tours attached, but as our hotel was about 5-10 min walk from the Mall of Emirates (start of blue and green routes) it was handy to use the bus as 'transport' in getting round the city. We also got a 40AED silver NOL card on arrival at the airport, so you can just use whichever (HOHO or NOL or a combination) to get round the city. Even used the RTA taxis, which are cheap and fairly efficient too. We had 4 days in Singapore and got the 2 day HOHO ticket which was ample for us. We also had the 3 day Singapore tourist pass which gave unlimited travel on metro and buses. You even get SIN$10 back on it! We redeemed it at the airport metro station. Bear in mind that the climate in both cities is quite different. In Dubai it was hot, but dry...we had no problems being out sightseeing all day. However, in S'pore it was very humid...draining! We went out in the morning, came back to our hotel around lunchtime and chilled in the A/C, then out again around 5 for the evening when the city comes alive! We considered Big Bus for Muscat, but didn't pre buy the tickets. They had a booth and pick up dockside. However, we thought it was very expensive for the 2 hour trip, so didn't use the HOHO there. The price was only slightly cheaper than the 5 day ticket in Dubai. Simon
  12. You have said the magic word...Sunday!! Smiths should get you to LGW in well under 2 hrs (its only about 60 miles), so if you do walk off and arrange with Smiths for them to pick you up around 0730, you should get a noon flight no problem. When you e mail them, just tell them what you want to do...they will soon say if its not possible, but I'm sure it is. As to follow up question, not enough info. Same terminal or different ones?Is luggage going to checked right through or have you got to collect it? Simon
  13. Just to confirm Carol's description...you get on a coach at the cruise terminal about 9-9:30. (Luggage stowed in the coach hold). Through the Holland tunnel and 'drive by' various sights of NYC. There is one stop near the 9/11 memorial. Not enough time to go in the museum, but enough to look round the pools etc and take some photos. Stop is 45-60 mins. Back on the coach for more touring then start dropping people at the 3 terminals at EWR about 2:15pm. Its OK...not the best tour in the world, but it uses up time if you have a lateish flight and saves worrying about your luggage. Simon
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