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  1. Please thank your son for his medical expertise from my family here in Austin, Texas. We appreciate all he does!
  2. I'm not as worried about getting it, for me it's more about ports rejecting the ships and/or be quarantined on the ship.
  3. Do they get to have alcoholic beverages? I'm just curious
  4. I had a similar situation with my blood pressure and new meds. My doc said it was ok to wait until I returned home to start them, but if that's not the case for you the medical facilities will be able to handle it.
  5. On Symphony a couple of weeks ago they said nothing about long sleeves. We watched the explanation several times since my kids went on it multiple times. I was in a sleeveless blouse and all they told me was I need a tee shirt.
  6. Thanks all. Yeah, it's not opioid or anything similar, just normal bp meds, cholesterol, vit D etc...
  7. Well, my list of daily pills have increased from my last cruise. I now like to use the daily pill boxes, but wonder if I can travel with them already prepared for every day use or will I have to bring the actual prescription bottles for proof of what they are? They are just your basic BP, cholesterol, etc type medications. Nothing narcotic or any thing like that. And I always carry a written list of them just in case. Just don't want to have to lug around all those bottles if I can avoid it. Thanks
  8. Which resort for the day? Marriott or Park Hyatt? 5 adults coming from RC ship. Distance from pier to resort? and I know we can call for a day reservation, but if we haven't decided as a group yet what we want to do can you just show up and get the day pass? Thanks
  9. How long is the taxi ride to Marriott or other nearby resorts to go to for the day? We'll be docked wherever RC docks 😉
  10. WoW what a story. We always get the insurance. Sorry for your accident, but thank you for sharing. Best wishes on the healing process.
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