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  1. Thanks so much! I've read a few of your other reviews but unfortunately missed the last one. I will definitely be reading for enjoyment 🙂
  2. Thanks so much for taking us along - what a great break from my normal work week! Loved your sense of humor and outlook, and already looking forward to the next review. Any chance you'll post here when you start your new review? At least then we can be notified so we can follow along again. Now I'm going to go back and read your previous review which I unfortunately missed when it was live!
  3. That's just rude! Shame on them. Some people can take fun out of anything....but I am sure your attitude won't let this interrupt your good time. Have a great day in port!
  4. I'm late to the show....but here with bells on and oh so excited. I've followed your reviews before and lets just say that I loved them 😉 Apparently I missed the last two, so that will be my light reading for the upcoming weekend. But back to this cruise - I'm now caught up and I have to say how much I enjoy your reviews. Not only because they are informative - but they make me laugh! We have the exact same sense of humor. As I was reading through this over lunch - I literally laughed out loud a few times. My eyes may have even gotten a little moist 😁 I'm booked for my first Mediterranean cruise next May on Lady O - I think we are the first full cruise after dry dock. I've been on Oasis, Allure and Harmony before and can't wait to come back "home". Until then, I will live vicariously and comically through you. Thanks in advance and keep up the humor!!
  5. Whew....due to unfortunate and ridiculous work obligations (:')), I missed a few days and am finally caught up. Great pictures, Chris! I love the pics of the chocolate bar and the pictures of the ocean. It was also cool to see the pics of other ships in St. Maarten and San Juan. Hope you're having a fantastic day - look forward to staying up to date with the postings now!
  6. A few thoughts: 1. YAY! I found the live thread! 2. Thanks in advance - this is your vacation but we all are thrilled you're taking time to share with us! 3. The pics so far are amazing. Great job :) 4. Bar....what bar? Have you ever been to a bar?? ;) Enjoy and smooth sailing!
  7. Buffett fan

    Port to Airport question

    Thanks so much for this topic. We are on our first cruise out of Barcelona (so have no idea what to expect) and also worried about what time we should book our return flight. The cruise is supposed to be back in Barcelona at 5:00 AM. If we book a noon flight, it sounds like we should have enough time to disembark and get to the airport with time for check-in and security. Have others had recent experience, and felt comfortable with this time frame?
  8. As always, great review! Thanks for taking us all along :)
  9. That looks good! Is it a cucumber martini??
  10. Love seeing all the pictures of the yachts and your time in Ft. Lauderdale. Jealous!!
  11. Another day of warmth....I'm sure you're ok with that ;)
  12. I just got caught up from the weekend - looks like you had a great time. Sorry it's ending so soon (I'm sure you are too, lol!). Are you flying home today or doing a little more visiting in Florida? Safe travels, Ginger
  13. Whoa....that's pretty impressive. I can't even imagine the lifestyle they lead!