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  1. I'm just glad to see Pacific is staying in the main fleet and not staying in australia. Interesting that it looks like it'll be back in FLL in early Nov 2021. Normally they don't have it back here until late december. Wonder what exactly they'll be doing with her then.
  2. I always find it amusing, seems like any company with fan forums somewhere, there's always people complaining about the fact that the company's website doesn't always work. Try taking a look at the folks doing disney trips sometimes if you want to see people complain about problems with websites. (And if you look in the Royal Caribbean forums, there's probably people complaining there too, and I honestly think there's a lot on their system that's truly worse than the Princess ones.) The reality is these systems are pretty complicated, and it's not all that hard to break them. An
  3. This is something that's just really all over the board. Some people like to tip (or claim to) a lot extra, some people will tip some extra, and some will be content with just the auto gratuities. (And then of course you get those that want those removed). Personally, I think it's hard to guide anyone what they should tip. If you leave the auto gratuities on, you've met any real obligation that you have to the crew. Beyond that, it's an entirely personal decision. Typically, on a 7 day cruise, *if* I tip extra, I tend to do about $20 for the steward, $20 for our mai
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