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  1. Hard to see the AB when the sky is bright all night like this time of year.
  2. What about the inside temp in the ship? Comfortable for short sleeve shirt at night?
  3. So did I, but I think it's physically impossible for VeriFly to have validated my vaccination since when I received it the place providing the shots used a 4 letter abbreviation for the hospital name, as did my wife's. Hers had only her patient ID as identification besides name and whatever else. My point is I think all VeriFly does is look to see its a CDC card ( I was told this by someone who works there). This is bogus as far as certification you were vaccinated, no different than showing the card at boarding Wonder why Viking is doing this..
  4. We're elite with 40+ on Princess, but I contend we really don't matter as much as the first time, newer to cruising passengers. We all pay the same for our cabins based on type, but the equality ends there. How many more photos do we need? How many more inches of gold" chain will we buy, or port Tee shirts or emblem sweatshirts? How much alcohol will we buy, or how many trips to the plethora of up-charge specialty restaurants now on the mega ships? Face it folks, your cabin fare and low spending ways are incongruous to the revenue per passenger yield. Ten or more years ago the analytics
  5. Oops, looks like I am the umpteenth person to answer this question. Guess that's what happens when you read the postings last to first, miss previous answers. Sheesh!
  6. Viking does not charge for self service wash machines, and provides soap etc. No opinion about dryer sheets, c'mon man..it's Iceland! Directions are pictorial, and maybe confusing to some (like me). Irons/boards available too. They are on alternate decks as I recall, and amoun t of use varies by day & hour.
  7. So someone worried about mal-de-mer asks if its smooth because they're concerned as they suffer from this, and someone kinda says not to worry, mostly all good, but things can happen. Doesn't matter why the ship shut down, it did and it violently rolled. Smooth seas is one of the most common and unanswerable questions asked across these boards. Why is telling a factual thing a "Debbie Downer"? A person really worried should understand and investigate ALL aspects like the person asking the question did. Glossing over a fact because its "a downer" is in my mind a disservice. Sorry, I don't
  8. This is precisely why Elite PAX are not worth much to the cruiseline. We don't spend like first time cruisers. Those that threaten to quit Princess are probably looked on as a marketing success
  9. So this is a pandoras box. Simply put, blood from COVID-19 patients with active infection will have bits of the virus RNA present for some variable length of time and as long as 1-2 weeks after they recover. This RNA can be detected rapidly using a test called PCR, and is the basis for all the COVID-19 screening you read about. Chances are that months after you are recovered, and certainly after receiving the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines you will not show a positive PCR result (there are false positives and negatives however). Vaccines induce formation of neutralizing Anti-COVID-19 antibodie
  10. Thanks. Been too busy working on COVID-19 countermeasure proposals for clients to look at this board much. Let it drop.
  11. Got this email today. Went to the link and you need a lawyer to go through all the legalese. I don't know what they want me to agree to. Poor timing Princess. My reply was I won't be using Medallion at all if I need to have my attorney review this crap. : Hello! Recently, we updated our MedallionClass™ Mobile Terms and Conditions. You can review the updates at https://www.ocean.com/press/334344741411298790
  12. Please read the Princess notice. Your question is answered there.
  13. From the Princess announcement at their website concerning current cruisers on a voyage. "Those currently onboard a cruise that will end in the next five days will continue to sail as expected through the end of the itinerary so that onward travel arrangements are not disrupted. Current voyages that are underway and extend beyond March 17 will be ended at the most convenient location for guests, factoring in operational requirements. Princess will do everything possible to return each guest home with the greatest amount of care possible. During this time, our operations and medical teams acros
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