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  1. there is a slew of different fans with magnetic bases on ebay
  2. Last cruise where we attended the Meet & Mingle, we did not get an invitation in our room even thought we were signed up for the event. I did see it listed in the Fun Times so my beau & I attended, and we were the only ones there. We had the CD & entertainment director to ourselves! Why sign up for an event and then make no effort to show? I doubt Carnival is contractually obligated to send invites or list in Fun Times but it really reflects poorly when you need 25 people to sign up and then no one shows up. Carnival should go back to the "Pay for cocktails" party where the group of guests pay in advance for all you can drink cocktails....people show up when they have to pay for something in advance!
  3. Ladies get a flower in the MDR at dinner....I've also received a flower at the Lido buffet too. St Valentines day trivia. I like to hand out boxes of conversation heart candy to random crew members....those cleaning tables on Lido or polishing railings etc. For Cabin steward I usually bring small box of chocolates. V-day works both ways!
  4. Yes, you have to join AARP...it is not very much $$.
  5. pay the $16 or whatever it is to join AARP...you now have to be a member to get Carnival gift cards
  6. thanks for the clarification.. I am not a gambler so I did not know
  7. If a cruise is comped it does NOT go towards VIFP points. You only earn points on cruises you pay for. Someone correct me if I am wrong but this has always been my understanding of how VIFP points are earned
  8. at some point during your cruise, go to guest services desk (NOT the first day, it is too busy) and have them put your gift cards on to your account. Your sail & sign card is what is used to pay for items in the gift shop. The gift card $ will be deducted first from your on board sail & sign account before your on file credit card is used. If you have $10 or more left over in your account at the end of the cruise, a Carnival gift card will be mailed to you with the remaining balance.
  9. You can request wheelchair assistance on embarkation & debarkation day but once you are on board you are on your own! And if you need a wheelchair you have to rent one before the trip..I don't believe they have extras on board.
  10. I can't seem to find the answer to whether AARP will still be offering Carnival Gift cards when they switch from Rewards for good to AARP Rewards. I got an email saying I can use my current points until Sept 23rd but on the AARP page it says "stock up on Carnival gift cards" offer ends in 7 days. I already maxed out buying cards with my available points and entered the sweepstakes for a Carnival gift card but I'd like to know if they will still be offering them in the future. Anybody know?
  11. That happened to me on the Paradise in April. I asked for a shrimp taco and was refused. Every other ship I have asked for shrimp they go to the burrito side and snag some for shrimp tacos. I wonder if there is a lack of knowledge on the Paradise that they can do this?
  12. A separate pass is required for the thermal suite/pool area. That is not included when you book a spa service.
  13. You can order the Lobster roll with melted butter instead of mayo but they will tell you it will take a bit longer because they have to prepare it instead of using lobster & mayo that has already been mixed together. It was good though so do try it. We liked Cucina in the evening and found the service to be fine. Only thing we could have lived without is the servers singing Italian songs with a Russian, Croatian, etc accent. LOL
  14. Glad I got to cruise the Baltic (Russia, Estonia, Germany, Denmark, Finland etc) when the Splendor came out in 2008. Sorry to hear Carnival doesn't even want to offer Baltic any more....it was fascinating!
  15. I remember when they first implemented the different color cards & when I became Platinum and was boarding the ship I proudly held my card up and one of the crew smiled at me and said "that card entitles you to a free desert in the main dining room" and I just laughed....but I still remember that moment! Free laundry & priority boarding are what I appreciate most. They used to give you a plate of chocolate covered strawberries one night and a plate of canapes another night. I don't miss those canapes and now I rarely eat the strawberries. I wish they would give us a choice of what we get. The gifts" some are awesome & usefully, some not so much. It is the thought that counts, right?
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