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  1. I read somewhere, I think FB, that they were reinstating some things, in particular the dining, on a new desktop version and that its launching sometime in October. Vague, yes but maybe?
  2. We have a Baltics cruise with pre-cruise in Amsterdam/Rotterdam and post-cruise in England. After all the noise about Covid, we considered cutting the pre and post and just doing the cruise. But just to make the whole thing more interesting, my husband pointed out that there is no guarantee that one or more of the ports won't be bypassed. Far too much uncertainty for us for a Bucket List cruise. At this point , we are seriously considering postponing for a year or two.
  3. Never met the Upgrade Fairy, but I have met her sister, the Reduced Fare Fairy. 😉
  4. Check with your region's health centre. We can get a PCR test with Waterloo Region heath centre for $80.00. And if the border ever opens, CVR does them for $139 USD, and they will do visiting Canadians. We have planned a trip to NC and have checked out what we need re: Covid...if the border opens. 😉
  5. We are booked for the Baltics in May of 2022 and we are thinking of cancelling. We expect Covid to come a bit more under control in Canada and the US by the end of the year but in Russia we don't know how its going to be. Since the Baltics is a Bucket List cruise the idea of staying onboard in any port just doesn't float our boat (pun intended LOL) so putting it off to another year is something we are seriously considering.
  6. Oh I hope its earlier than that. If we need to cancel our 2022 Baltics, I'd like to see 2023 itineraries before final payment which is in mid-January.
  7. Well that's interesting. I'll keep that in mind.
  8. Is having Moderna and Pfizer considered to be mixed or is it focused on AZ?
  9. Princess cruises has their 2023 Europe cruises listed. When will HAL follow suit?
  10. Hi dogs4fun Just heard from Tom. His new website is up and running. https://www.tomsportguides.com/?fbclid=IwAR1rIuTXO0jW3DKRjdEyyjl4l9K5aR-MVpgJc6Cgw24p83QQzyVPVCBUXrw
  11. And there we are!! Thanks Kazu. We promise to keep the Volendam in good shape for you. However...and this is a BIG however...we're going to do our best to drink all the Dalwhinnie onboard. You have been warned. LOL 🥃
  12. FYI - the Lorna Warren email bounced back.
  13. We are cruising on the Volendam to the Baltics on May 1, 2022; our first HAL cruise and we booked a Lanai cabin. This is going to be epic!! Phil & Wanda
  14. We are booked on the first Baltics in May 2022. We have already booked a back up. Just in case. 😞
  15. Its from a catamaran but they have stairs so you aren't jumping off a boat. You could do more research to see if there is a company that does that. The tube ride is amazing, we've done it twice. The rain forest was totally awesome, we were swimming in a pool that was so cold that you could only stay in it for a short time. Both amazing memories.
  16. Bonaire has the best snorkelling anywhere. We have used Woodwind and would totally recommend them. The other good thing about Bonaire is it isn't overdeveloped. Lots of independent shops and a small market near the pier. Dominica has the best tube ride ever! We combined that with a tour of the rain forest and had an amazing day. I believe that was a Princess tour. Whatever you do, enjoy your cruise. 🙂
  17. Thanks for posting. I've shared it with my cruising friends. We need SOME good news and this makes me feel better about cruising next year.
  18. I got my first Moderna in early April and yesterday booked for my 2nd shot next Wednesday. So glad to get this done!! My husband has an appointment for his 2nd shot next Thursday.
  19. Seriously, I did not know. I just assumed that you couldn't. I knew the land crossings were closed and just assumed, yes I know that's dangerous, that flights to the US were the same. Serves me right for not paying attention. Thx.
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