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  1. I can see the logic of cutting over the loyalty programme when the sale completes. As at that point, anyone with just Celebrity cruises is part of a separate entity; Azamara have talked about doing this for years.
  2. The upside to this, is that I don't see where any immediate $$ could be wrung from the current operation. It's an unbelievably unstable environment at the moment and I can't see many cruise companies recovering until at least 2 years out. Assuming Sycamore have some business analysts on staff who have run the numbers, I'm thinking they are in for the longer haul, which is definitely a positive.
  3. Not too surprised at the news, I've felt that Azamara was becoming a bit of an orphan within the group given the SS purchase. Selling to a private equity firm that specialises in retail? Good luck with that one. The only consolation is that the bare-bones operation with 3 vessels at around 20 years of life doesn't give Sycamore much to asset-strip. I'm at a loss to see where economies and savings can be made without impacting the guest experience - extracting a niche line from the RCCL infrastructure is only going to add cost, especially as RCCL have been busy over the last years
  4. The focus on how the U.S. is handling the epidemic is important though, as U.S. cruisers form such a big percentage of the cruising market. If we are still seeing a prolonged rolling first wave of the pandemic then there is zero chance of cruising starting until numbers show a significant decline. Just imagine the chaos if cruise lines gear up for a soft restart in, say, 4 months only for a second wave of the virus to erupt. I was optimistic that we'd see cruising resume before year end, but now I'm convinced that it will be spring/summer of 2021 and by then who knows what will h
  5. IIRC only wines are held in Cellar Masters but the staff will happily head to another bar to get a drink of some other sort. Cellar Masters wine lists have a couple of Classic package options but mostly Premium package selections. The usual pattern on cruises we have taken is that CM is empty at the start and by the end, lots of guests have 'discovered' the peaceful oasis.
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