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  1. IIRC only wines are held in Cellar Masters but the staff will happily head to another bar to get a drink of some other sort. Cellar Masters wine lists have a couple of Classic package options but mostly Premium package selections. The usual pattern on cruises we have taken is that CM is empty at the start and by the end, lots of guests have 'discovered' the peaceful oasis.
  2. HELP!! Can anyone please suggest a contact number/person or action that I can take to stop the endless junk brochures that keep landing in our mail box? I phoned Regent's customer service phone number about 3 months ago to stop the advertising blitz and they initially promised a 6 week timeline before the brochures would stop coming. I've since emailed and protested, but here we are heading towards 12 weeks and still the glossy mail keeps turning up. Today I had THREE mailshots - worryingly one now from Oceania with exactly the same return mailing address. We loved our first Regent cruise, but it's honestly putting me off sailing again if I keep getting spam mailshots at least once a week. These things can't be cheap to produce, process and mail. Sorry, environmental rant over.
  3. Yeesh, I'm really mad that I wasn't aware of this option. We had about 90 bucks on our last cruise sitting in OBC and we ended up buying fairly useless stuff from the gift shops just to use it up. I would so much have enjoyed divvying it up among half a dozen great crew members that we tipped and wrote up and who could have made much better use of this that we did. I will know next time!!
  4. Just to add to the confusion, we had some unused TA OBC on our recent Celebrity Cruise - I asked at Guest Relations if this was possibly refundable, and the answer was an emphatic 'NO'. I used almost all of it up but I deliberately left a couple of dollars credit on the account, and lo and behold, it was refunded the next day after we returned home. So it would seem that TA OBC will be refunded, good to know for my future reference.
  5. Thanks for the informative and prompt replies - I like the idea of trying AQ out, but not with a random cabin selection. I think I'll stick with our carefully chosen 1B balcony.
  6. I know this is far too generic a question, but here goes. I keep flipping and flopping about Aqua Class and the deck location. There's a very reasonable MoveUp offer on our cruise on the Silhouette but I'm still not sure as the thought of a random cabin assignment that might be noisy concerns me. Any thoughts from experienced AQ users out there?
  7. Thanks for the replies - we are taking a transatlantic and hoping for maybe a little research time for ancestry.com but it sounds like the signal will be spotty!!
  8. We are taking our first Regent cruise (transatlantic on Voyager) and would like to know opinions on the speed and quality of the internet connection. We have recently taken Celebrity with a pretty solid connection, and Azamara with a horrible signal. Your experienced opinions would be much appreciated!!
  9. Thanks for the informative responses .... We have decided life is too short and have gone for a midship concierge class. Perfect location and a great deck. Now time to explore the deck plans and drink and dining options!
  10. Hi there, I'm looking at taking our first ever last minute Voyager cruise. I was hoping to find a forward cabin in Category F, but due to health clearances I had to hold off making a reservation. Now of course when I'm good to go, I find that the only Deck 8 cabins remaining are an almost complete block from 870 to 875. Do these particular cabins have a positioning issue or something? If all else fails, I'm happy to upgrade to a concierge cabin (there seem to be plenty available), but general opinions seem to suggest that concierge isn't a huge difference to the verandah suites. I'm feeling a little perplexed about what to do - any experienced cruisers' input would be GREATLY appreciated. Many thanks
  11. We happily flip backwards and forwards between the two lines. We enjoy the smaller scale on Azamara and being able to connect with other travellers so quickly, but we also like the Solstice Class on Celebrity with the livelier atmosphere and roomier cabins.
  12. An interesting perspective - I on the other hand would expect that one reason for paying inflated cruise ship excursion prices is to at least have a guarantee that the content and product sold to me in the brochure is accurate and timely. I'm also curious as to how you expect a customer who may not have internet access on the ship to be able to research the ship's own tour content?
  13. I just thought I’d post my experience with our two Havana tours on our recent Cuba and Caribbean cruise. Hopefully it may give some insight into options when visiting Havana. Sorry in advance for the length of the posting. We overnighted on the Azamara Journey, giving us almost 2 full days to explore Havana. On our first day, we chose to use Blexie’s tours courtesy of very positive feedback from CC posters. This was an overview of Havana taking in a walking segment around old Havana and driving to other areas in a classic car. The second day I decided to take a ship’s tour - Hemingway’s Havana which was intended to follow in the footsteps of the esteemed writer and give us an insight into his life and times in Cuba. Day 1 was nothing short of spectacular. Six hours spent with a knowledgeable and engaging guide, a university lecturer (Jorge) who under the current Cuban economic system, makes a much better living guiding visitors around Havana. An incredible price for a day of sightseeing and driving in a 56 Oldsmobile. Our tour was tailored to our exact requirements, so lots of history and culture and almost no shopping for souvenirs. Day 2 by contrast was an absolute shambles. We purchased our tour on board from the Azamara excursion desk 2 days before our arrival in Havana. The tour wasn’t cheap at $159 but the focal point of the tour was a visit to Hemingway’s home and museum, Finca Viga, where he penned some of his greatest works. Imagine the collective surprise on the bus when within 10 minutes of sitting down, we were told that the museum was closed and that we were instead going to visit local Havana sights which two thirds of the bus had actually visited the previous day. We then spent the best part of 3 hours with a guide desperately trying to make the tour work, and a bus load of exceedingly grumpy and upset passengers. What particularly annoyed me was the lack of interest expressed by the excursion desk when a number of guests reported back. “Oh we knew nothing about this” was the collective response. Excuse me, but you are the agent selling the tour, organizing and marketing the product. You SHOULD have known about closing dates. We did get a grudging partial refund within a few days and then one week later, a muted apology, but as always accompanied by the excursion desk parrot cry of “but we knew nothing about this”. In my opinion I would expect the excursion desk to have a better handle on tour content when selling a tour only two days before it was due to take place. The moral of the story is, of course, buyer beware. I have always felt tour excursions from the ship offered a significantly different product to locally sourced tours, but I’ve never encountered such collective chaos from a supposedly reputable cruise line.
  14. Hi all, appealing for information regarding cabins. I've avoided adjoining cabins on all our travels, but I'm looking at a cruise with the Silhouette next year. Can experienced travellers who may have had an adjoining (interlocking) cabins confirm if there are any noise issues with neighbours? Do the adjoining cabins have an internal door? My impression is that X simply 'connects' the exterior cabin corridor doors and creates the connection that way but I've never travelled in one so I would want to be very careful about selecting a cabin with an interior connecting door. I'm paranoid about ambient noise so I've avoided them in the past having experienced issues with Carnival many years ago A cruise on the Silhouette next year has aft SV cabins available which all seem to be adjoining. Your thoughts and input would be most welcome.
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