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  1. Knolmom

    CD and Capt on Reflection

    We sailed with Lewis on the Reflection on the last cruise in October before the trans - Atlantic. He told us he was leaving in early December to become the CD on the Edge . We asked because we will be back on the Reflection for the Mardi Gras Cruise March 1. Lewis said his contract on the Edge would last until May and he did not know where he would be headed after that.
  2. Hi folks. We are home from our wonderful cruise that departed from Civitavecchia. We did get a cab from the hotel( actually a van because of the Rollator and the scooter). We were taken directly to the ship. Others who took cabs said that their fare was less to the shuttle bus. Actually, at least $10. Less so if you want to save money, take your taxi only to the shuttle.
  3. There is no dress code in Blu other than no shorts or baseball caps at dinner. I’m trying to recall if I every saw anyone in cargo pants. We have eaten in Blu on 4 cruises and Luminae on another cruise find that people do observe Chic nights and men usually dress for dinner in casual business attire or better every night. We have actually seen more Tux’s in Murano than we ever saw in Blu. I Never saw an under- dressed man in Blu, save for the guy who wore red pants to dinner every night. I guess that was a matter of personal style... but to me it was a little too garish. As we usually do cruises in Europe, we would rarely see men in shorts in the evening anyway. I have never eaten in Blu in The Caribbean.
  4. Knolmom

    Choice Air - Can we choose our seats?

    Much like another poster above, we had a code share on AA ticketed through Choice Air which ultimately was operated by BA and we had to pay to select seats. We also had to pay the luggage fees in advance. Unfortunately my DH suddleny became very sick and we had to cancel 2 days before the trip. We had trip insurance where we were reimbursed for the tickets but were never able to recover the cost of the seats from BA. Although we had proof that we paid, BA would not cooperate to refund these fees nor would they confirm for us or the trip insurer that they were not refundable. I will never fly BA again, regardless of what type of air or sea package anyone is selling.
  5. Knolmom

    Choice Air using credit card air mile points!

    I don’t believe you can use air miles as choice air is a special rate to be paid in cash or by credit card.
  6. We have sailed on the Eclipse in 1546 , the Silhouette in 1509 and the Solstice in 1542. Had no problems in any of the above. 1509 is a few steps away from the circular staircase to the spa area.
  7. You will not be able to turn the scooter sharp enough to fit it through the door and you certainly can’t lift it. When you rent a scooter through a celebrity partner the scooter will already be in the room.they should tell you if it is possible to plug it in.
  8. Knolmom

    new terminal at Civitavecchia?

    Thank you. I spoke with the hotel today. They will get transportation for us, so they say.they are within walking distance of the port but they understand that we cannot do that.
  9. Knolmom

    Taormina - Godfather Tour

    We did The Godfather Tour several years ago. We went to Castel ola, Savoyard and Taormina. Had a lovely lunch in Castelmola overlooking Mt Etna. Went to the bar where the cast hung out when filming the movie and visited the beautiful church where Michael and Appolonia were married. It was a wonderful day. Not sorry I did it despite the fact that we had only about an hour and a half in Taormina. We are headed back next week and will just take a cab to Taormina from the ship.
  10. Knolmom

    new terminal at Civitavecchia?

    Wondering if someone can clarify the embarkation/ disembarkation for a disabled person. My husband and I use both a Rollator and a scooter and neither of us can push pull or lift bags. We have a private car picking us up at the port and will be traveling for a hotel in Civi to the port on the morning of embarkation. I am reading that you must take a shuttle bus from the port gate to the ship. How do you manage your luggage? Do you check it at the gate?
  11. I have a question about disabled access to the ship in Civi. My husband and I are both disabled. Wetravel with a scooter and a Rollator and we do not push pull or lift bags. We are staying at a hotel in Civitavecchia but will be unable to get ourselves to the shutte bus to the pier. If we order a private car from our hotel will be be able to go right up to the ship or do we have to take the shuttle bus?
  12. I am in almost the same shape as you and have visited Rome twice. We will be there again in a few weeks after our cruise. M’y husband and I took an ‘ electric bus along a route that circles an area around the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain and thé Spanish Steps. I am sure you can get some information from Trip advisor as I just saw the route posted there a few weeks ago. While it is not a hop on hop off bus, you can get on and off as we did to go to the different areas. I know it stops near the Pantheon and near Campo Di Fiore. If you wanted to spend some serious dollars you can do a golf cart tour of the monuments which is an excellent way to go if you have a disability. We are hoping to do this tour when we go. Hope this helps. And, by the way, neither a scooter, a Rollator nor a wheelchair would be of much use in Rhône. We learned the hard way. We were perennially stuck in the rugs on our first trip so now we no better. The Rollator actually worked best for us, but my arms were very sore at night.
  13. Knolmom

    Concern about walking up to the Acropolis

    Grandma, I have information directly from the Acropolis website, and also from my tour operator that one will require either a disabled parking placard or annote from your MD stating the nature of your disability and how it affects your ability to use the stairs. I have a Rollator that I may take when I go up in the elevator .My husband will accompany me.
  14. Knolmom

    pics of Reflection aft sky suite 2208

    Thanks for sharing. We are looking forward to our Oct 12 Refection Cruise to the Greek Isles in 2212!
  15. I hope you and MOM have a wonderful trip. If you have never done the Adriatic, you will love it. We have done many Celebrity Cruises, including a Baltic, thé British Isles, Hawaii and Alaska, not to mention many in the Caribbean. We are preparing to leave for the Greek Isles on the Reflection on Oct 12 but I must say that so far, our Adriatic from Rome to Venice on the Silhouette in 2013 has been our all time favorite. Bon Voyage.