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  1. For one, they have not even begun discussions with the CDC about new Basic requirements For cruising outlined by the CDC Re upgraded medical facilities and their ability to contact privately for evacuations at sea without involving the navy or coast guard. If you are going to staff a vessel with foreign workers, many of them will not be permitted to enter the US anytime soon. Many ports in both Europe i and the Caribbean may be open for foreign travel by September, but ports like those in Denmark and some Caribbean islands will not permit cruise ships at that time. i expect Carnival and Royal will be altering their prospected sail dates as well
  2. NCL is requiring a fit- to - sail letter from a Doctor for all travelers over a certain age. Have to look it up again. They are also eliminating buffets.
  3. Just to add a different perspective, it’s not the cruise line that will require you to show a clear COVID test before sailing. It’s the countries and ports you sail to which would require the test, and most want it 48 hours before the ship arrives in their country. Do u really think the ship is going to offer these tests and then turn around the results in time for you to present it. These countries want to be sure the ship is COVID free so it’s not just something where you won’t be able to get off without it, but that the ship can’t dock unless all passengers and crew are tested an COVID - free. These countries, some of them small island nations, are not into hosting 2 or 3 thousand people roaming around their countries without being assured in the best way they can, whether the visitors are virus free.
  4. Two words.... as of now.... there is none.This is subject to change, especially when they are looking to satisfy the CDC
  5. between 1 and 2 months before the cruise.
  6. Celebrity hasn’t cancelled your cruise because they are conserving their asserts so they don’t go belly-up. They are hoping you cancel so they can offer you future cruise credit. If they cancel they have to offer you a refund. They will cancel your cruise about one month before you sail. I am surprised that you air has not already been cancelled if you are flying from the US. You might want to keep your eye on your flights if you are flying in from abroad, and keep your eyes on the non schengen travel requirements for tourists into Italy.
  7. What I can’t figure out is where people think they are going to sail. Europe may reopen work places but international tourism is out of the question until late fall. Canada expects their borders to be closed to non essential inter provincial travel for the next 6 months, even for their own citizens. The Caribbean islands want absolutely no part of large cruise ships. Most of these islands have no more than 10 ICU beds in any hospital, and many have only one hospital. Again, if you go on any land based tourist web sites, particularly in the Caribbean, locals are excoriating people who think they are coming for a tourist visit anytime this summer into fall, insisting they are selfish to think they could not transmit the disease from their city or home country. EU countries do not expect non essential travel even between other EU countries, and certainly not international trans oceanic tourists, until November at least. So just where do cruisers think they will travel even if cruising starts up in July or August.
  8. I have a mobility issue in that my right knee does not bend. I am only 5’ 4” so unless we sail in a HC Sky Suite , I have to go to the female locker room to use the HC shower. If we anticipate taking a suite, we always try for a sunset suite so I’m using the HC shower almost every night.
  9. There was a variety of snacks, beer wine and liquor in the store at the port.
  10. We did Cinqe Terra on Sunday Sept 30 with Bellaitalia from the Livorno Cruise Port. We drove Levanto and we had to take the train because the ferries were not running. We were able to stop in 3 Villages and walk the waterfront in two of them.people also went to the old town in one. We had a nice lunch on the water and a snack in another. It was a long ride from Livorno to Levanto but the ride was much shorter on our return from the LE SpeZia train station. We did not find it crowded at all.
  11. It depends on the port. The cruise companies do not supply the carts. The port authorities determine whether they will be used for transportation or not. I know St Martin in the Caribbean has them. Never saw them in Europe. Have not sailed in US ports.
  12. Just off the Connie two days ago. We are a mixed group of elites and regular Captain club cruisers... no one had a suite. The night before our tender port, those who were elite cruisers and their cabin mates received priority tender tickets in their stateroom. We were to report to the Rendevous lounge at 7 Am to be escorted off the ship directly to the first tender available. Our friends who were not elite had to report to the area on 5 where the shops are located. They were there at 7 AM and also got tickets for the first tender. They went directly to the tender and we were the only ones in the Rendevous so they escorted us down and to the head of the line. we all ended up in the first tender, whichputus at the dock one hour early.
  13. Ghstudio, that’s just what we do. We had a 200 for 2 people non refundable deposit on our upcoming cruise, which we booked onboard last February.so we insured the deposit and there was a minimum premium of @$104.00. In May, we added our airfare and at final payment we added the remaining costs. Very Ecco omical to do it this way, especially if you have pre existing conditions that you want to be covered for.
  14. I believe the restaurant presentation you are referring to with the animated characters on and around your plate is known as Le Petite Chef. That is the menu featured in Quisine Restaurant on the S- class ships. Quinine Restaurant on the M. class ships is still the multi course multi dish restaurant, with no animated characters.
  15. The future cruise planner will meet you at any time of your choosing in Michael’s Club. We have booked twice there while we were suite guests. As the Retreat is the replacement lounge for Michael’s I am sure they will be happy to meet you there. Just notify the concierge at the Retreat or call them directly.
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