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  1. I believe the restaurant presentation you are referring to with the animated characters on and around your plate is known as Le Petite Chef. That is the menu featured in Quisine Restaurant on the S- class ships. Quinine Restaurant on the M. class ships is still the multi course multi dish restaurant, with no animated characters.
  2. The future cruise planner will meet you at any time of your choosing in Michael’s Club. We have booked twice there while we were suite guests. As the Retreat is the replacement lounge for Michael’s I am sure they will be happy to meet you there. Just notify the concierge at the Retreat or call them directly.
  3. In Amsterdam, You will have an elevator to the area of embarkation and it is a pretty straight run on to the ship from there.i did it last year with my rollator both ways 4 x onour overnight.. In Civitavecchia, the gangway is long and in some parts steep. My husband was able to roll the rollator with our carry- on bags down, but I had to hang on to the handrails with my scooter. you can always wait for assistance from staff but get to the location early as there is always a delay as they don’t have enough wheelchairs.
  4. Does anyone know who will be the Master and the CD on the Connie sailing from Barcelona on Sept 22?
  5. We are doing this through SpainDayTours. 4 hours. Airport to hotel. We could have done Port to Ship as well.
  6. I have been having this problem for a month. I went on to to the community website and see that CC has issued a workaround for those having problems. You have to go to cruisecritic.com and sign in at the main site, then you can proceed to any of the boards.
  7. I know I will probably be flamed to death for this but here I go anyway. Celebrity neither conducts tours nor cancels them. Celebrity offers tours for their customers who many times are just too lazy, ignorant or afraid to plan and book on their own, or people who don’t want to pay out of pocket for their tours and want to use the onboard credit they received as a so called perk. Celebrity is only too happy to offer a tour for you with the same company I have planned for myself, but Celebrity will gladly pocket the markup between what I pay and you pay and put it in their own pocket. They are already laughing all the way to the bank that you would use the alleged * free perk* that they say they gave you but that you already paid for by having it built into your cruise fare. And now you are paying an additional 20% just to use it towards one of * their* tours. It is the tour company that sets thé minimum passenger guarantee, not Celebrity. Celebrity is probably just as annoyed as you are, because they lost the amount of markup that their sheeple are paying to get a * supposed * guarantee of a safe tour that returns on time. In most European ports, the privately booked tours and the Celebrity tours travel the same path aswe do and are right behind or ahead of us wherever we go. And all of the other cruise companies do the same with the same tour companies. The Med, Russia, Hawaii and Alaska, they all do the same. I can’t miss their paddles or flags just ahead of or behind me, only they have a group of 50 and I have a group of 8. Hope this helps to explain what sounds like a first world problem.
  8. We are sailing on the Constellation on Sunday Sept 22. My husband and I are arriving to BCN early Thursday morning and plan to do some sightseeing in Barcelona later in the day on Thursday, as well as Saturday. Friday, we are going on a tour to Montesserat and the Cava wineries. I understand the Le Mercie festival will start on Friday the 20 th and continue until the festivities culminate on the evening of September 24. Can anyone tell me about this festival and does anyone know about any of the festivities on Friday and Saturday.?
  9. Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, Princess, MSC
  10. Not much to see In Köper
  11. Just swe that the restoration has been completed and the scaffolding is down, as of May 23.
  12. We are sailing on the Constellation Sept 22, 2019 and coming in to Barcelona 3 days early. We booked Casa Camper Hotel, off the Ramblas by a few blocks. They say the hotel is wonderful and staff is excellent. We now find we will be there during the Le Merci festival so having a rooftop deck might be wonderful if there re fireworks scheduled during our stay.
  13. Thank you, Lutece
  14. Can anyone please tell me about the tourist train that travels around the city of Sete. We would like to do this after lunch on our port day. We are doing a food tour until noon.
  15. Thanks. I did review that to get an overview and I did see that was the schedule for 2018. It does seem that the festival events are not close to our hotel, and most will start on the Saturday night before we sail so I should be able to navigate the city pretty well on Friday and Saturday. I will continue to look for this year‘s schedule on trip advisor.
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