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    I Need Help! - medications

    Actually it can be really alot if you have alot of meds and injectables like I do I have 11 large pill bottles( the three month kind) then 4 different kinds io insulin plus syringes which I usually need a box of 100 for the 12 day cruise plus an injectable for Ra which has to be carried in a specific gel ice pack, last time this took a whole duffle bag that also had in it my charger for my scooter and oxygen concentrator plus cords for plug ins and , wow I just realized how much it all was myself but since I decided I was going to keep on living when I got sick that is a small amount to deal with for the joy I get out of life. Believe me if you want it bad enough you will find a way to do it. Nancy
  2. We ere recently on hte radiance to Alaska and one night I asked if I could have a shrimp coctail like I had had the night before and they said not that night but the next night and then they brought it to everyone at our table ever night after that and sometimes all the other appetizer choiches for everyone to sample and most nights every dessert to sample and on Lobster night we all had 2 or 3 lobster tails and one guy at another table had 8 tails so they are very generous and always try to pleaes.
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    Just returned Radiance Cruisetour15 Great!

    I am glad that they were more than fair. Afterall who would want to ruin a beautiful trip with memories of a bad ending. I hope this helps to smoothout the bumps from your tripand maybe we will see you on the RCCL again. Nancy
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    Just off Radiance/Alaska ~ helpful hints

    I wrote a total reviewe of the tour15 and the Cruise fronm the same dates it is under back From Radiance crjuisetour 15 there is alot of helpful information there. nancy
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    Just returned Radiance Cruisetour15 Great!

    Just got back our picturea they were great and so was the trip
  6. bboopsie

    Just returned Radiance Cruisetour15 Great!

    We've just gotten our pictureas from our cruisetour it was truly beautiful Nancy
  7. bboopsie

    Just returned Radiance Cruisetour15 Great!

    dinner times on radiance were 6pm and 8:30 pm
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    Just returned Radiance Cruisetour15 Great!

    Day 1 cruise Hubbard Glacier Waht a beautiful experience! We arrived at the Glacier about 2:30 pm and saw the iceburgs in the water, these are the pieces that calve from the Glacier. The first sight of the Glacier was beautiful, blue in color , the ship rotates 360 degrees for hours so that you can see from all sides, we were lucky to see alot of calving, you would hear a roaring thunderous sound and then see the piece of ice crash into the sea and a huge splash. We were lucky it was a good day we aere able to get very close within 700 feet. This is the first formal night food was excellent and they allowed us to have all the appetizers entrees and desserts wed wanted as a matter of fact after we placed orders the waiter would bring a sampling of every thing else for us to taste they are very generous with their food and all is very tasty. We only did the buffet for lunch and breakfast a few times and then others the resturarant this helped on not over eating issues. We also did room service twice which was great and prompt.We always felt pampered Day 2 skagway- great town once you get off the main street of shopping tons of stores there mostly owned by the cruise companies too comercialized so make sure you book some tours so you can see the real contryside. We did the White Pass reilroad to the summit. Awesome trip and well worth it we could still seethe ship 17 miles up the mountainside- Make sure to sit on the left side going up the mountain for best views-it is okay if you can't because on the way back they make people switch sides to be fair. Day 3- juneau Again with all the shops on main st but we had reserved the Mendanhall Glacier and Garden trip the glacier is awesome you take the bus right there and are faily close to see it and get pictures, then on to the gardens which is unbelievable and quite a history this is one not to miss. Day 4- Icy Strait point- this town is not as comercialized but you tender to get there which is very easy even with my scooter no problem- We took the nature tram ride which was very nice and we saw eagles and great scenery and heard alot about the history of the area. After that we walked into town which is about 1 1/2 miles and had lunch at Mary's Inn a local place with very good food and nice views. We walked back toward the pier and went to the native Thlingit singing and Dance show excellent and got to see their native dress and heard about their customs.Then we burned our chip that they give you when you get off the ship which is supposed to bring luck and have you return someday. Then some shops and back to ship. This was the second formal night. As you can see we did not do very adventourous excursions due to my limited conditions but everything was very accessible and we learned so much and saw spectacular things so it really doesn't matter if you take flight tours or white water rafting you still get to see great stuff and save a little money. Of course we spent all that extra money shopping because being the last cruise for the season every store had great sales from 50-75% off so we had lots of fun Day5 Ketchikan- again lots of shops on the main st. We did the Lighthouse totems and eagles boat tour which was great and we saw lots of those things especially eagles and eagle nests. This was a beautiful tour. then we walked creek street and got some of the history of the town. Scenery was always beautiful and clean clean air in all of Alaska which my lungs greatly appreciated. Day 6- Cruise the inside passage which was pretty and a relaxing day except for packing. On several occassions on the last two days we went through hundreds of orca whales blowing breaching and diving, we also saw porpoises and sea otters from the ship this is not a very commom occurrence so we were lucky and of course if there is something out there the captain announces it for all to see. Day 7 - disembarkation went very smooth and we were at our hotel in Vancouve by 9:45, so it is not as bad as you hear about. Now as far as being on the ship it is beautiful rooms, nice elevators are hard to get to floors but with some patience they work well. Because there was so much to see in the ports we didn't do much on the ship during the day but mostly at night. We did play Bingo the last two days Jackpot got to 5400 the last day, we went to the casino a few nights didn't win but had fun went to entertainment every night had some great performances and good cocktails, I am normally not a drinker but enjoyed them on the ship. We saw some of the games, went to the meet and mingle for cruise critic, went to the party for the crown and anchor members sat on our balcony alot it was cool but very relaxing, We ate at the main dinner seating which is 6pm but that fits in well for us as my husband is one who is early to bed and early to rise and I was tired at night due to the four hour time loss. WE bought several of the photos taken onthe ship expensive but what memories. On the day we left the ship we went to Vancouver (9.00 taxi fare + tip) and went to the westin bayshore they stored our luggage so we could begin sites and we went to stanley park and the aquarium there and the totem park we would have gone farther but my battery on the scooter was getting low, we spent time looking at the ships in the harbor and ate lunch at the hotel very nice and very scenic we had a lovely dinner that night near the hotel. The next day we took a cab to gastown 6.00 + tip and went to storeyum which is a underground play on the history of Vancouver it was great like a broadway show. The we went to chinatown and the Dr Sun gardens for a tour it was great. Then we got ourselves in trouble we went the wrong way and wound up on the bad streets of Vancouver druggies and drug deals everything youcan imagine I was scared to heck luckily we foound a cab soon and got back okay, Another nice local place for dinner and early to bed as we had a 5:30am taxi pick up for the airport. Arrived home safe and sound in Boston at 7: 28 and have been sad ever since and can't figure out why my bed and room are not cleaned every day oh well now it time to plan the next great adventure. I planned for 15 months for this trip and it was wellworth the time and money invested , hope yours goes as well and enjoy. feel free to ask any questions. Nancy
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    advice for a diabetic

    WE jsut returned from a 18 day cruisetour to Alaska I am a diabetic and I take four types of insulin and 7 shots a day and had no trouble at all. I came home and my sugar was perfectly normal. Just keep your insulin ,needles and test supplies with you at all time not packed in a checked bag that can be delayed getting to you I kept mine in my small carry on all the time and it went everywhere I went. Also get note from your doctor that states why you carry syringes in case you are ever questioned about their use do these things and you will be fine. I evne cheated on my diet and I was fine. Have a great trip and dont worry. Nancy
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    Just returned Radiance Cruisetour15 Great!

    Back for more of the saga of cruisetour 15. WE did not do any extra excursions on the tour part there is enough to do anyway. Some people added tours every day but I think they were exhausted and ( broke) Day 4 10 am luggage out 11:30 meet in lobby to depart for train which the bus takes you to. In the morning we put out our luggage early and then went to breakfast in hotel which was a buffet we just had the continental part but it was amazing how many choices there were. Then we sat around adn talked with other bus mates, walked outside and took pictures of the mountains, breathtaking. At 12:15 the train departed for Talkeetna and we had lunch on the train the food was good and pretty reasonable. 4:30 we arrived at Talkeetna and the bus took us to the hotel Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge beautiful setting and hotel. We took the shutle into town which is the size of a postage stamp but quite quaint and unique to see but if you want to see the shops and stores go to them before you eat they all close at 7pm only the bars and resturants are open later. We went to the West Rib Brewhouse which does not serve ribs but good local fare and 9.2 beer ,My husband really enjoyed. We came back to hotel and walked around outside sat outside and really enjoyed the place. rooms were nice. The best part of this train ride today was that we were able to totally see Mount Mckinley in her full glory what a beautiful site. This made the trip for us. It was jsut glorius. Day 5 off to Anchorage 9:30 luggage out 11:30 meet in lobby to depart for Anchorage. WE ate breakfast at the hotel with mountain views out the window. We arrived in Anchorage about 2:30 and took a tour downtown and then lunch after which we had free time to shop or look around. We left downtown at 4:30 to go to hotel, We ate dinner at Orso which is owned by the same people as West End Brew but a little upscale and had a wonderful meal, the resturants are within walking distance of the hotel. We did great shopping in Anchorage and got good deals. Day 6 9'30 luggage out 10 am meet in lobby by the way you can always put luggage out before scheduled time so you can go to breakfast, we went to the Muffin Man for breakfast very good around the block friom the hotel In anchorage we stayed at the Marriott.This day we went to the Alaskan Native Heritage Center we just had a snack for lunch' all the displays and the tour and dancing exhibit were good. We had a good time here learning alot of history. At 1pm we left for Girdwood on the way we stopped at the Alaskan conservatory for injured animals which was quite a nice treat and a surprise as it is not llisted on the itinerary, It was great to see the recovery program and the different kinds of animals there including a one winged eagle, moose, bears musk ox, cariboo, reindeer and others all who have been injured or sick . We arrived in Girdwood at 3pm to the Aleyeska Prince Hotel and tonight we ate at the 7 glaciers Inn which you have to take the tram to get to but the view is great very pricey but well worth it, We had a 4 course dinner plus drinks and wine and the price 125.00 plus 25.00 tip but it was excellent. Day 7 10am luggage out 1'30 pm meet in lobby to leave for seward. We did not board the ship until after 3pm because they were cleaning and sanitizing the ship as the week before it had had the norwalk virus and the CDC came for an inspection but the sanitizing and hand washing all week and antibacterial washers outside the food areas kept the virus at bay while we were there so dont panic. ´Since we had to wait to get on the ship our bus driver took us for a tour of Seward it was nice to see too bad we didn{t have more time to spend there, but maybe another time. Once we were given the okay to board it was a very quick process and we were in our rooms very quickly remember to pack a carry on with meds cruise docs and ID and a clean outfit for dinner because sometimes you dont get your luggage right away one bag we got the next day. And now our voyage was about to embark that will be the next chapter. Our tour director and bus driver were great their names were Casey and Greg and they were a lot of fun on the bus we got alot of information heard jokes and played games. Very entertaining. The good thing about RCCL is that you get the same tour director and driver for the week so you really get to know them , I hear that the other lines change the tour guide and driver with each city, which is not as appealing for us. I hope this story has really got you excited because you should be it is a wonderful experience, and any questions I will be able to help with I will be glad to. Here are some statistics that might help WEather in September 'I guess we really lucked out it was anywhere from 58 to 72 in the interior during the daytime we have heard that this is very unusual. We only had slight drizzle once or twice not even worth getting out the umbrella or raincoat. Approximate cost of eating while on tour not including the first 2 days we were on our own was 650.00 and that included some nights of hamburgers and some nights of elegant restuarants so for 6 days not too bad. If you decide to go to that 7 glaciers resturant make reservations about a week before you go. Sometimes the cruise co uses other hotels than the one we did but they are all first rate hotels and very nice but you dont get to spend much time in the rooms which is good because you are busy. One of the main reasons we didnt do extra excursions is becasue coming from the east coast we had to compesate for a four hour time difference and I have many health conditions and we didn{t want to over do it for me so to keep up my stamina for the whole trip since I use oxygen and ride a scooter I was able to handle the whole trip very well and everyone was supportive and helpful. At as later date I will go onto thenext chapter of the cruise itself. nancy
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    Just returned Radiance Cruisetour15 Great!

    This review will be very long I will probably do it in sections as I* don't know if I can sit at the computer that long at once. But fuirst let me say TRIP of a lifetime and wonderful. 9/1 flew out to fairbanks from Boston went 2 days before tour started and rented a car. We rented from hertz and was upgraded with out our asking because they saw my scooter, I have limited endurance so must use scooter ( which by the way everyone was so helpful about it) Got in at 7:28 pm ( which was 11:28pm for us from East coast) we drove to Sophie Station they put us in the room that we would be in for the cruisetour so we didn't have to change later ( I also had reservations at Pikes landing because RCCL uses both of these hotels and you are not sure which one it will be until close to the date of trip and then you can cancel the other oone) Went to bed when we got there. 9/2 got up and went to a 9am breakfast at the Fairbanks Family diner, out of the hotel parking lot turn right and take left at safeway and it is about a mile down that road on left, very good locals breakfast place adn cheap. then went to the University of Alaska we went to the botanical garden and experimental farm and then to the Museum of the north all with in the university campus all were great, then we went to Sourdough Sams for lunch another local place on same road as the diner. We went back to hotel for a little rest and then about 3pm we went to pioneer park it was a great place to see local families playing at the park and all the old buildings representing an old town, This had been the site of a worlds fair and the buildings still remain, we walked around for a while and then went to the all you can eat Salmon Bake, right in the park the food was delicioous and fresh and consisted of a variety of side dishes and then all you could eat Salmon, Halibut Cod and Prime Rib and bread and dessert soft drinks included but had to pay for beer and wine. The price was 26.oo each plus we left 4.oo tip. It is one of the better Salmon Bakes in Alaska. If you don't have a rental car they will pick you up for an additional 2.00 each. 9/3 Breakfast at McDonalds, Chena Mineral Hot Springs we drove to the hot springs and went in the natural hot ( 104 to 110 degrees) springs very relaxing we ate lunch at their restuarant it was okay for lunch. For dinner we ate at the Turtle Club in Fox Alaska about 8 miles fromthe hotel and it was great I had great fresh Alaskan King Crab legs 1 1/2 lbs for 38.00 the best I ever had. When we got back to hotel we met our tour director and given the paparwork forthe week, The next day we would meet in the lobby at 7:45 am to load the buses for our tours of fairbanks. 9/4 WE ate breakfast. from muffins we had bought at the local store the night before with coffee from the lobby. Our first tour was on the riverboat Discovery it was great we got to see a bush plane take off, Susan Butchers( she passed away recently) Sled dogs and a reenactment of a Abathescan Village very interesting and well presented and even though the road was gravel I made it in my scooter there was plenty to see there and more of the sled dogs up close. After the boat ride we went downtown Fairbanks for a tour and lunch. we ate at a local diner which was good. Then in the after noon we went to the Eldorado Mine where we learned to pan for gold and everyone tried it and all got some gold flakes which you then take into the store and they measure and weigh it for and tell you the value. It was fun. Then back to hotel and dinner on your own which I believe we had burgers at Zachs in the hotel pretty good. 9/56 am luggage out in hall meet in lobby at 7:30 for train depot, we were having breakfast on the train which we boarded at 8:15 am to go to Denali Park, beautiful ride through the senery and great cocktails, arriving in Denali about 12 noon and having lunch in the visitor center, then boarded our bus for the 6-8 hour wilderness tour, this was the highlight of the tour it was beautiful and the fall colors were splendid we had alot of animal sightings including 14 Dall sheep and lambs, 7 bears, momma and baby moose very close to the road, eagles ravens, falcons and Ptgarmian which is the state bird. On our way back out of the park we saw the sheep again crossing right in from of our bus to get to the other side and go up the mountain. Our tour guide said we were very lucky to see so much wildlife. We could only see part of mount Mc kinley that day it was covered by clouds and it is only totally visible 30% of the time. We checked into the hotel about 9pm very tired and ate at the hotel Apenglow Room WE had the Prime Rib specials a smaller serving and less price but plenty filling for a late supper and delicious. There are places to eat downtown but we were tired and we thoroughly enjoyed the restuarant we went to. WE stayed at the Grande Denali Lodge very beautiful up on the side of the mountain but really only time to sleep there. After this day the days got easier and didn't have to have luggage out so early. I will take a break here and will write more later. Our next town was Talkeetna so be ready to hear more.
  12. We just returned from our cruisetour that was wonmderful and will write up a review tonight
  13. bboopsie

    Crusing with limited mobility

    You are so right about independence I have the same one by the same manufactutrer but it is marketed by no boundaries and their dealers. I have likited mobility due to a luing disease and need ozxygen I am a large person and it woorks great for me. SWometimeds I need a little help going uphill but we get there . It has saved my life. I am no longer depressed since i got back my independence nancy
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    Question about insulin

    I take several meds that have to be kept cool including insulin, which after I open I don't refrig and I use it within 30 days. Anyway last month I ordered and received a new product that is a keep cool bag just for meds. To activate the bag you soak in cold water for 15-20 minutes and then put in you meds and put the whole thing in its pouch. It lasts about 50 hours and then can be reactivated with soaking in cold water again and again and again, etc. I tried it last weekend when we went away and it was great. One of my meds can never be uncool and since we were taking a cruise tour I was concerned until I found this product. The website is www.friouk.com look at that site and look for cooling bags for insulin or some such thing. I hope this helps and you have a great time. I have several health concerns including diabetes and I take 13 meds a day 6 shots an injection for Rheumatoid arthritis and use oxygen for pulmonary fibrosis a condition caused by a medication I was on and use a scooter, however I enjoy life and travel as much as possible while I still can. So enjoy life and don't sweat the small stuff.
  15. bboopsie

    cost of food on cruisetour

    We are doing the 6 night tour before our cruise with Radiance, it will be with RCCL and I was wondering if anyone who has been on that tour remembers about how much they spent on foord for that portion and what kind of restaurants you ate in. It is just 2 of us. This will really hel[p in my planning of our trip. thanks Nancy