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  1. It all depends. The biggest two hurdles you'll face are access to the HDMI ports and the ability to switch to them. If space is no problem and they haven't been electronically "locked out" (it does happen), then you should be golden. Don't forget the booklet with the codes for your universal remote and, as a courtesy to the next guests, don't forget to switch back to the regular TV input once your cruise is done. One thing that I've found helpful with ports that are hard to get to but you still have a straight path is a cable that is somewhat stiffer than normal - you can still push the cable into a port you can't physically reach without it bending. I carry a Twisted Veins braided wrap cable, and the braiding seems to provide just enough resistance.
  2. Those who know Volendam 7086 and 7083 know they are great cabins, but we're in 7083 and it's an absolute nightmare. The cabin ceiling creaks like a Son of a B in anything other than seas like glass (and we're in the Bearing Sea, which can hardly be described as glassy). Engineering has been in twice and can only offer shimming the ceiling tiles at the edges with rubber strips, which absolutely has had no effect except for maybe moving the creaking to another spot in the ceiling. I routinely wear earplugs to bed anyway, because Mrs. BigWally wants the TV on all night long as background noise, and it's bothering me even with earplugs in and the TV cranked much higher than we normally would have it, which is how I find myself posting to CC at 4am instead of sleeping. Mrs. BigWally is slightly deaf and she's even wearing earplugs to try and keep the noise at bay. On the plus side, the cabins are really well insulated, so we're not bothering the neighbors with either the cranked TV or the creaky ceiling! As nice as this cabin is otherwise, unless you're completely deaf I suggest you avoid booking it.
  3. Was just shy of being 55 on our Carnival cruise last summer, but I'm now 56 and looking forward to our transpacific next spring. :)
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