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  1. Our NCL Jade went through the two locks which brought us into Gatun Lake.Where we then tendered. We then took a very short tender ride to the area where we boarded a bus. We then went to the observation area of the new locks. I found this interesting and i'm not really into the blah blah blah tour type info. Back onto the bus we went to the canals. We did see sloths, monkeys, caiman aka gators, and a couple other animals. While we were on the excursion The Jade went back through the locks where we met it in Colon.
  2. Just back from an 11 day NCL Panama Canal cruise. I'd say our biggest disappointment was the Chiva Party Bus excursion through NCL. The tour was just three hours and a good 1.5 hours or more of it was wasted watching the tour guide twerk dance, waiting inline while most of our group used a bathroom, and waiting on the guide to come out of a small store that he herded us all into. (Mind you the bathrooms are at the shopping area so if we didn't all go at once it would have been a much quicker potty break.) It was run poorly! If we had been told once we arrived at the Artisan shopping area that we had X amount of time to do as we pleased in that area the tour would have been very good. The tour guided brought our whole group into a small store and then basically left us with no information as what we were to do. Most of the group gathered outside the store and waited on him. After a good 25-30 minutes i looked into the store and he was on his cell phone and chatting with the girls at the counter. I was told by others that did the same tour but with other buses that their guides did the same thing.
  3. I see this is an older post and you would have already sailed. But we are just back for our 11 day Panama NCL cruise. We took a NCL Eco Cruise and Gatun New Locks tour. It was just 4 hours and we enjoyed the information we received at the New Locks observatory and the canal cruise where we saw Sloths, Cayman, Birds, etc.
  4. Just back from a Panama NCL cruise. Colon is by far the poorest area i have ever seen. And i we have done a good number of cruises and visited many areas. We did a NCL tour which was Eco Cruise & Gatun New Locks. It was only four hours and we enjoyed it. Perhaps there is some sort of ship excursion that would bring you through the area canals to see sloths, Cayman, birds, etc.? Here are two pictures of Colon just beyond the port area.
  5. Back from our cruise and i agree there was nothing to see in the port area or beyond. Super poor area! We did enjoy the excursion we took through NCL, Eco Cruise & Gatun New Locks.
  6. . I would not recommend the Chiva Party Bus in Columbia! Reason being when we were brought to the Artisan shopping area a few people needed to use the bathroom. Which is fine. But our whole crowd was herded over to the bathrooms where we stood in line for about 25 minutes and each paid $1.00 to use. We were then all walked up to a sorta walled area which overlooked the ocean. Again OK! But once we got to the top the tour guides then went into a twerking type dance and this lasted/wasted a good 30 more minutes. We were given some free snacks there but NO drinks. We then were walked back down to the shopping area and walked into a store. ALL of us, say 25-30 people into a small store. The tour guide then just basically left us hanging for a good 30-45 more minutes. Never once saying OK you can shop around the other stores and meet me here in such and such amount of time. A group of us started to then gather outside the store. After a good 25 minutes i looked into the store and our tour guide was chatting on his cell phone and with the women behind the counter. I waited another 10-15 minutes and went in and told him the group was outside all waiting for him. IF when we got to the stores we were told OK you have X amount of time and we will all meet here it would have been a very good tour. But in my opinion way to much time was wasted. Not only did i feel this way but once we were back on board i talked to two other people that were on the same excursion but not my Chiva bus and they both felt the same exact way. Poorly run!!!
  7. When is laundry service on a 11 day? And does it usually take two days to get your clean laundry back?
  8. Absolutely Newark EWR! We fly out of there all the time. Check into Corporate Parking in Elizabeth. That is who we always use. Look online and you will find a $9.00 per day outside parking coupon. It is safe and gated. Once you pull into the lot they will immediately take you via van to the airport. Parking at the airport will cost you more and it is super difficult to navigate the roads around the airport. Corporate parking is 5 minutes from the airport. Once you arrive back from your trip you simply get your bags and call them to pick you up. They have multiple vans that circle the airport. Easy Peasy all the time.
  9. Does this new pricing mean that if I order the Signature Mai Tai at 9.95 and want Bacardi rum instead of the bottom shelf rum it comes with I would be charged 8.95 on top of the 9.95?
  10. Any idea what sort of name or number comes up on the caller ID of the person receiving the call? You know how most people won’t answer an unknown number! And to set a near exact time to call family might not be so easy.
  11. I received this today. It has pockets on both sides and I think it will work perfectly. I’m very happy with it.
  12. Are you using your Cabin phone? But pulling the ID number up off the internet on your cell?
  13. This is one of the perks we received. Just how and where does this work? And does it work?? Thanks in advance!
  14. I ordered this yesterday. $14.34 total on Amazon. I think it should do the trick. I noticed on Jade interior videos there are 3-4 hooks on the inside of the bathroom doors. And two towel racks, one above the other. If it does not work there i will use it in the closet. And i found a 4 pack of small magnet hooks with clips at the Dollar Store! Not sure what i will use them for, yet.
  15. Thanks i guess we will need to find other things to compete at.
  16. My husband and I have an ongoing cruise mini golf competition. I see deck 13 says GOLF on each side of the ship but i am unable to find out if it is an actual mini course. TY
  17. Is there a way to have a count down clock for the free 250 internet minutes i'll be getting? Do i download an app. to get the free minutes? Not sure how to even set up the free minutes once on board.
  18. Good idea, zip ties would work too. And it can hang in the closet out of the way.
  19. I'm going to shop around and see what i can find for extra bathroom storage. I watched a few Jade videos and there appears to be two towel racks and 4 hooks on the inside of the bathroom door. Not sure an over the door organizer will work. Storage is going to be tight for an 11 day cruise.
  20. Will any sort of over the door organizer fit the bathroom or closet door so that it will still close properly? Suggestions. Sailing 11 nights on The Jade this spring and we will need some extra storage space. TY
  21. When bidding on a upgrade i assume there is no way to know where that upgraded cabin/suite would be located on the ship? If that is the case you could potentially go from a great location to a nicer room but in a NOT so nice location??
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