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  1. Premium drink package is an extra $30 per day, per passenger. Classic is included in the price.
  2. Our 12 day Apex in Aug cancelled as well. We decided to not take the 7 day that was offered. It cut out several of the places we really wanted to visit. With so much uncertainty, we chose to take the 125% FCC. If a last minute deal presents itself, well, all the better. They are going to want to get bodies on these ships and planes. Good luck with whatever you decide
  3. I'm with you, plus I already had Covid. No reason to get the jab and cause further issues
  4. I'd be happy to cruise without it, honestly. I've had the Rona and still have the antibodies. It's disappointing that they require it.
  5. Our APEX on 8/28 cancelled and we are looking at switching to that 8/9 in Infinity. Fingers crossed that it happens.
  6. We were supposed to be on Apex for 12 days in and out of Barcelona. It was changed to a 7 day out of Athens, going to Israel. Notice came from X on Thursday
  7. Looking to book cruise that ends in Barcelona on Aug 20th. My questions is, will anything be open to see in Barcelona after the cruise ends? Will it be worth staying a few extra days?
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