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  1. Staying at the hampton inn and suites right now - it is fully functional - everything working and very good hotel with very nice rooms , great continental breakfast, clean, free wifi and even free 2 hour happy hour with snacks !!
  2. travelmama06

    Megan's or coki that is the question

    Thanks very much for detailed reply !!
  3. We are going to be arriving at st Thomas in about 10 days Which beach would you suggest? Is one closer to the port? Is one in better condition FOLLOWING hurricanes? Does one of them offer more amenities? Do either of them have snorkel and paddle board rental? Which one has more to see on the way to get there? Not sure if these are realistic questions in the event of the hurricanes ? Also how can a person be sure their taxi will come back to pick up at a certain time - do you pay return fare ?? Thanks for advice
  4. travelmama06

    OSJ - Trolley Status

    Sounds good where do we get on the trolley ? Thanks
  5. travelmama06

    Hampton inn and suites pr

    Well I did it - after talking to the front desk today they confirmed our booking for Jan 5 and 6 so I CANCELLED the airbnb Fingers crossed !
  6. We have not used uber a lot can we rebook uber ? Thanks
  7. Thanks but we need to go directly from the cruise port and do not want to rent a car Thanks but I realize that would be cheapest Any other experiences?
  8. Looking for information and contact info on transportation that fellow travelers have used from Tampa port to PIE ( TAMPA/ CLEARWATER AIRPORT) Thanks
  9. travelmama06

    Hampton inn and suites pr

    Their website says they are accepting reservations as of Dec 22 and a few days ago it said Jan 1 so that's promising - I'm going to call again after the 22nd !
  10. Any tours available at this time ?
  11. We are not sure what is available to do in San Juan since the hurricanes We realize that we want to support their economy and need some suggestions ? Anyone booked to stay in Hampton inn and suites Jan 5 and 6 Hope their website is correct - I have also called them and they assure that reservation will be secure !?? Thanks
  12. travelmama06

    Internet on Dawn

    Thanks for the offer but I can purchase an internet pkg I just would like to know if I can use it on sea days or just in ports - I assume either !?
  13. travelmama06

    Internet on Dawn

    Sailing on Dawn Jan 7 to 17 and we will need to check into our flight the day before we depart Is it possible to do this at sea ? I usually don't buy internet pkg but can I buy a few minutes? Thanks
  14. travelmama06

    Thermal spa on the dawn

    What can you tell me about the thermal spa $200 pass - what is included - what do you usually do ? Is it worth it ? Thanks