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  1. You said it so well. Showing off a gorgeous tan is not worth the risk and please don't forget to protect the lips as they burn as well. If you have had a sunburn as a child by the age of five you are 3 times more likely to get melanoma later in life. We are so educated these days regarding sun protection there is just no excuse.
  2. I take 2 bottles on my cruises and go through both. A shotglass full is needed to cover your body and reapply after a swim.
  3. UVA/UVB rays can still filter through. When outdoors I wear sunscreen outdoors all year round even on cloudy days.
  4. I rarely use elevators on the ship. Taking the stairs helps with exercise.
  5. I don't buy Chambord much as once open should be used within 6 months and I can't drink that fast. 😆 🤣
  6. Well I will be doing lots of laps around the deck. That sounds heavenly.
  7. A lot of restaurants make cosmos with Grand Marnier but I prefer Cointreau also Chambord is not bad. My preference is grey goose vodka so looks like I'll upgrade to the premium package With the elite discount its not a bad deal.
  8. I have Cointreau at home probably in a Cosmo would not be much difference. I am bringing onboard a Francis ford coppola reserve cab which is being marked down end of month. My local vintages consultant highly recommended. Pair with rib eye. Did not see on Total wine site.
  9. Is Cointreau and Chambord on Classic package. I like it in a cosmopolitan. Thanks 😊
  10. You have to call them to get the 10% discount cant do it online.
  11. Lucky you. Never had wine delivery; I'd be like a kid in a candy store. 😃
  12. Would anyone know the price of a Baileys over the classic package. I enjoy having one the odd night. Not interested in the wine selections as I bring my own so just wondering if I should upgrade to CBP or pay the difference. I also like San Pellegrino with my meals. Thanks for all contributions.
  13. Must be one and the same. She was Ukrainian and also served in Blu on the Reflection. Think it was 2018 or 2019.
  14. Several years ago I believe I was on the reflection and exchanged a bottle of wine. One of the female sommeliers i think she was the head director knew a lot about wines. Forget what country in Europe she was from but was excellent at pairing food and wine.
  15. In all honesty how much do most of the sommeliers know about wine. The last time I did the world wine tour in CM the sommelier told me he learned about wines from the guests. 😆
  16. I agree. Even though I'm upgrading to the PBP its not for the wine selection. I plan to try some of the specialty coffees, a baileys in the evening and the better water. I have some fabulous cabs at home which I will bring onboard.
  17. @Fouremco guess i can share one with the table as getting a bottle included by my CVP plus upgrading to the PBP.
  18. Sailing solo on November 12th silhouette and was told 2 bottles of wine were allowed. Have things changed; last cruise September 2019 was only allowed 1 bottle?
  19. I do the same i have a small wine cellar in my home with some fabulous wines which I've purchased at 20 - 30 off so works out to be a great bargain. Although I'll be upgrading to the PBP for my November cruise it won't be for the wine choices.
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