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  1. Thank you so much. I was thinking it should be out and wondered why -- these replies set me straight. Thanks again.
  2. Does anyone know if there is a timetable for RCCL Alaska 2023 season? Nothing is out yet. Are they perhaps waiting to see how the Asian Market goes before they commit ships? Princess already has their 2023 itinerary on their website and usually once one comes out, others follow.
  3. Neverbeenhere: Alaska Air changed to "22x14x9" (including wheels and handles). It use to be a tad larger but I don't believe they rearranged the overhead compartments, but maybe they did. I'm sure many people were bring larger carry on bags and it wasn't leaving room for others so they probably had to clamp down. It's just hard when you buy a new bag advertised as 'carry on' but find some airline(s) won't accept it. Got to pay attention to the dimensions before purchase 🙂
  4. Thanks, Asquare. It seems it should be one size fits all (all airlines) -- when one airline changes their rule and makes it slightly smaller it makes it hard. Must drive baggage mfg crazy!
  5. Not exactly 'ship' related (but most of us fly to the port and bring a carry on), but has anyone noticed some airlines have reduced the size allowed for carry on bags? Our bags are just about an inch 'too large'. I know airlines are cracking down but it seems a shame that you cannot use already purchased carry on bags that were once 'acceptable'. Has anyone had their bag rejected as a carry on -- one that was once acceptable?
  6. CineGraphic: The earlier non-stop (which I would love to take) is before 11am and I would be just a little nervous to cut it that short. We normally do the first walk-off and use to take the shuttle to LAX. Usually we would be able to make that 10:35am flight (i.e., at the airport in plenty of time) but still wouldn't want to chance it. Scottca075: I would agree -- later is more relaxing. Ship could come in late and LAX is a guess. Thanks, all.
  7. Thanks, Bruin Steve. Nice details so we can see just what you experienced. Appreciate you taking the time. Nancy
  8. Thanks, all. Great comments and greatly appreciated. The later flight is what it will be no doubt. Too many unknowns and who wants to worry the last days of your cruise! Thanks, again. You're all correct. Noon+ it shall be.
  9. You are absolutely correct -- I meant San Pedro! I'll go in and try to correct my posting. Thank you.
  10. Any comments re catching an LAX flight after docking at LA Cruise Terminal in San Pedro? Is check-in at the airport taking even longer these days? Does a cab help you get there faster/direct? We're looking at a direct flight home leaving LAX at 10:35am or a one-stop at 12:20pm. Sure would like that non-stop but 10:35 and all the new requirements getting to your gate makes it sound really 'iffy'. I know it's early but we are starting to look at air flights for our next (booked) cruise.
  11. Thanks, all. If there is a Lounge and drinks are provided, can you order whatever you like or is there a few basic ones to choose from? I assume if the voucher is used at a bar, you're free to order a margarita if that is what you want 🙂
  12. Does the Navigator have a Diamond, etc. Lounge and how does it work with the Drink Vouchers that are given out. i.e., given if there is no lounge or given anyway and can be used at any bar during the Diamond, etc. Event in the evening? Or? I read a total of 3 vouchers each -- that is for the entire cruise, yes? Haven't been on RCCL for a bit but booked one today. If there is a Lounge, is it open all day or just for breakfast and evening?
  13. Thanks, all. Very thorough and informative info. Appreciate it very much.
  14. Does anyone know if the Navigator of the Seas (or that class) can go through the Panama Canal?
  15. With RCCL planning to return to the Los Angeles terminal (World Cruise Center) do we think Princess might go back to Pier 93?
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