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  1. We were on the Incan Empire cruise last month, and we definitely had lecturers on a variety of topics. This was on the Amsterdam. They were much appreciatd, well done and informative.
  2. Very interesting about the power failure, since the same 5hing happened briefly about 2 weeks ago. At that time the captain explained within minutes that one of the generators had ‘tripped’ and shut down, which caused the other generators to do the same. Those were restarted and things were slowly coming back on-line, and they were working on figuring out what had caused the first one to turn off. To the best of my knowledge, it remained a mystery...and obviously it has not been solved. The elevators: during the entire 35 days, different elevators were being worked on. There was also
  3. It’s great to read your reports again, especially since we just got off the Amsterdam on Monday. It makes your reports come alive even more, recognizing names and places we’ve come to love, and miss already. Regards to Gan and Herry, and Philip. They are fantastic, so happy we lucked out in the dining room and saw them at dinner daily (table 70 😊). And now we’ll sit back and come along for the ride, thanks for doing this!
  4. There is definitely a good group of people on the roll call who are getting ready for some great hand and foot games. The cards have even been shuffled ahead of time. Just go to the roll call and let them know who and where you are, very active group. See you on board - tomorrow 😊
  5. Wish I’d read this yesterday. This morning I went to check the cost on-line and order the package but we are only 3 days out so can’t do that anymore. Lesson learned.
  6. Female - comfortable but stodgy walking shoes for cooler and wetter days, pair of Skecher slip-ons, dressy medium-heeled sandals for dressy occasions (they have a bit of bling), sandals for warmer days, and slippers for in the cabin. My feet are very hard to fit, so I have to be prepared for whatever comes along, as I can’t just go to any store and buy an extra pair of flip-flops, etc. DH brings a pair of dress shoes, pair of runners, and pair of sandals. Oh, and slippers.
  7. Yes, have a wonderful cruise, because if you do, we will as well, ‘cause we’ll be there! See you on board next week! 😊
  8. AryMay, we asked our TA to contact the Mariners Society on our behalf. She wrote a letter, and we received their positive response. We will need to go to Guest Services when we board, with their letter, to let them know that our status will change after the first segment. So it definitely is worth it to be proactive.
  9. Our daughter travelled with our active 2 year old grandson several years ago, She had similar concerns (I really get it!) so for her own peace of mind she bought a special harness with a long strap, and put that on him whenever they went out on the promenade or Lido decks, or when disembarking etc. The harness was soft and cute (I think his looked like a teddybear backpack). It was great, and after a few days she discovered she needed it very little, as there were many activities to keep busy. Have a wonderful time,
  10. We’ve done it many times, with excellent results. Especially is you do not need to fly, it’s a wonderful way to get away at minimal cost. We book the kind of cabin we’d usually book (OV or partially obstructed OV) unless a verandah cabin is available at an equally attractive price. If flights are required, we first check availability and costs, see if we can use points or airmiles or if it’s not worth it. We have also booked guarantee cabins, even though it’s not my favourite way to do it, but sometimes you need to take the chance. We’ve booked direct with HAL, unless the ‘deal’ is through
  11. I don’t need to become friends, and neither do they, but it sure is great to have crew members be pleasant, greet me, and remember my name. It makes for a good cruise experience.
  12. Just to add my perspective to the discussion: we love to cruise, in particular we love HAL - could be our Dutch heritage or the fact that we both came to Canada on a HAL ship many years ago. But most of all we really love HAL, warts and all. We’ve sailed other cruise lines but not nearly as much as HAL. We love the crew, the ambience on the ships, the classiness of how they look. We like the food and the presentation, even though we don’t eat very much. You get the picture. But we also part of that older demographic, and on a fixed income so our travel budget is limited. So yes, we shop
  13. We have stayed in several hotels over time, all have shuttles available to the cruise terminal. And cabs are very reasonable.
  14. When my sister does it, who lives on Vancouver Island, they use the HAL transfer to the airport, where they catch an express bus to the ferry terminal. Taking Canada Line to the airport is less costly and more flexible. Renting a car is an excellent option as you will then have transportation on Vancouver Island as well. Also, a Harbour Air flight is an efficient, quick way to get there, well worth investigating as you can walk one block and be at the terminal.
  15. I’m interested as well, our next cruise will have 3 segments - well, actually 4 if you count embarkation in Seattle. So Seattle Sep. 23, Vancouver Sep 24, San Diego Sep. 30, , and Lima Oct. 14. How many lifeboat drills is an excellent question, since many folks will be on tours on the days there are late departures.
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