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  1. ljandgb is correct, your driving times are not going to happen without multiple speeding tickets. There are radar cameras all over Iceland and they enforce the 90 kph (around 55 mph) rigorously. Someone reported a ticket for driving 96 kph in a 90 zone. And speed limits are lower in and near small towns.
  2. In July you get 24 hour daylight in Iceland and that is equally as far from the Circle as this expedition is likely to be, so I do expect no darkness for these lucky folks
  3. This is what I would suggest. Staying in a city when you are in Iceland seems to be a waste of time to me unless you prefer really cute cities to incredible nature
  4. BL does have their own transport for airport and city and a place to store luggage securely. I think Reykjavik Excursions (big bus company) also does transport to/from BL to the airport and city
  5. There are a few ways to save money in Iceland: 1) Camp. Not for everyone (not for me for sure!), but there are hundreds of campgrounds and it will cost you under $50/night and usually much less than that to stay at a campground 2) Self cater. Lots of bungalows and other rentable places with kitchens, and there are a surprising number of grocery stores in Iceland. More expensive than at home in general, but many things are well priced such as local fish and baked goods, including incredible bread 3) Diesel fuel and gasoline are similarly priced, but diesel vehicles get much better mileage, so you can save money that way We've never camped or done the self cater option, but we do book lodging that includes breakfast, and lunch is from grocery stores/bakeries. Sandwiches, yogurt, fruit, and similar. Dinner you can easily spend $100 without alcohol, but you can also easily spend $40 for a couple Bottom line, Iceland doesn't have to be expensive.
  6. I agree with hallasm. Seeing Iceland with 600 or 2000 other people on a ship is not my idea of Iceland. Iceland is about the Wide Open Spaces, and Solitude, and exploring on your own or with no more than a dozen other people. It's about getting into the inland spaces and going down a random road to see what's there (spoiler alert: It Is Spectacular down that road). It's not about organized tours and scheduled meals and going to sleep in this cute town and waking up in the next cute town, it's about the journey between those two towns when you see a waterfall every mile and watch the sun set for about 3 hours and are pleasantly surprised by that glacier in the distance that keeps on getting closer and closer and closer and closer until it feels like it's right on top of you
  7. we drive into NYC on Saturday mornings all the time. Traffic isn't an issue when we arrive before noon, and we walk along the West Side highway and it doesn't seem to get any worse later, so I'd suggest you spend your day in Manhattan. Pick a hotel on the west side and park at a garage west of 8th Avenue and you won't have any issues. Leave Sunday morning and park at the port.
  8. 2-4 hours is the same for SilverSea. We brought small bottles of water with us as the air is quite dry, but we made sure we "went before we left home"
  9. Good advice by G2C. The same boat that takes you to the SoL also takes you to Ellis Island. ONLY book thru Statue Cruises. Lots of companies resell SoL tours but they add zero value, only cost
  10. Just a note that you land at Keflavik Airport, which is 45+ minutes away from the city. There is a Reykjavik airport almost in the city, but that is almost entirely domestic flights. Folks have been taken to the wrong airport or picked up at the wrong place by getting the name wrong.
  11. We used to stay at that Westin and really liked the service and the views from the higher floors, but the area is so crowded we've moved our 5-6 annual stays to TriBeCa and below. Much calmer neighborhoods, but great transit to midtown for theater, dining, museums, etc.
  12. I'm not sure that's accurate, and if you're referring to the Springsteen "controversy", there really isn't any. What were the lyrics of Louie Louie, anyway?
  13. Those trips look like a whole lot of "butt in seat looking out a window" Suggest you consider a 2 or 3 day South Coast tour all the way out to Jokulsarlon instead of staying in a city every night. Iceland is all about the natural wonders, not the city. Reykjavik is a cute city, but 6 nights there is 4-5 too many. There's just not that much there
  14. Land is often better than ship for seeing lights, too, because of the light the ship puts off, even with the deck lights off. On land you can find total darkness than you can't necessarily get onboard a ship
  15. I am confused by your question. Where are you starting? Are you hoping for a guided tour of Montreal and Quebec City? Or are you just looking for transportation?
  16. Another option might be a September trip to Iceland. It is easy to fill your days there, which is important because Northern Lights are not guaranteed anywhere. Iceland is great for self-driving in September and the sun sets early enough that you get the really dark skies you need for Northern Lights sightings. Having said that, we have 5 nights in March and 7 in September under our belts with no Auroras to show for our trips, but we did have two AMAZING trips due to the day time activities
  17. There is at least one very good Kingston Trio concert available On Demand from one of the free services if you have a decent cable package, including a cameo from Bob Shane and other former members
  18. We were there in Feb 2018, not sure if you went before or after us, but they didn't have extras. And I was referencing the prior mention of "too disgusting to pack up" as I am not sure where that came from
  19. Considering the constant sanitizing of the boots every time you return to the ship, we didn't find that they were at all disgusting. I rented boots, my wife bought and brought her own and happily brought them home packed in a grocery store plastic bag and has used them many times since then. Also on Silversea, which does take sanitizing and safety seriously
  20. The Kingston Trio still performs. The current members do a good job of filling the places of the original performers . . . and the ones that played in between. None of the originals are active, not sure if any are still walking this earth. I was unaware of any fees for beaches in Provincetown. There are no gates or barriers to stop you from walking onto and enjoying the beaches there. Heck, even the National Seashore beaches that have Fee parking lots don't stop walk ons for payment
  21. We walked EVERYWHERE in lower Manhattan over July 4th weekend (clocked 28 miles on my pedometer), from the southern tip to the 60's, from the Hudson to the East River and we did see more homeless than in the past, but no sign of crime or other danger. Lots of empty storefronts, but the cries of NEW YORK ARE DANGEROUS are overblown.
  22. That's nearly an hour and a half ride. Considering KEF to Reykjavik is about $130 taxi and is only 45 minutes or so, i would expect it to be double that cost. Plus the return. Can you rent a car for this excursion? We loved the Myvatn baths, but the whole area is spectacular.
  23. They did a nice job with getting Hamilton onto TV.
  24. Try to avoid Big Bus tours in Iceland. Especially thru the cruiseline, it will likely cost more than a minibus tour does that you book yourself. Last time I checked a minibus (8-12 passengers) ran 30-40% more than a big bus does and you get so much more personal attention and chance to ask questions and learn things. And 30 fewer people to wait for at each stop (site, bathroom, gift shop) in a smaller bus. Reykjavik is small enough to be able to walk, no need for a HOHO
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