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  1. I don't think so. I have no memory of seeing them and I was in the gym most days.
  2. Yes, sometimes the hard-sell for spa products can be very hard indeed. Thanks for the review and the photos.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the O-ships (Riviera and Marina) have both steam rooms and saunas while the R-ships only have steam rooms.
  4. You're right. We did a 10-night cruise this summer on Insignia, our shortest O sailing to-date. On the day that reservations opened up on-line for non-Concierge-or-above passengers (i.e. us), there were no 2-tops available to book for any date at any time. During the cruise itself , we did nab a table for 2 at Polo as a walk-in at 9pm but no such luck at Toscana. The shorter the cruise, the harder it is to make a reservation for the time and/or table size desired.
  5. We have never before been asked to show the items we purchased.
  6. I've heard PA announcements advising people to be extra careful NOT to smoke while the ship "is bunkering"...and until now never understood what that meant. Thank you.
  7. Christmas is coming... I know what is on my list.
  8. That sounds tasty Lyn. :) We did 2 cooking classes on a Greek cruise, one in Corfu and another in Crete. Both focused on healthy Mediterranean cuisine. I can't remember what the class names were but, in our experience at least, you can't go wrong no matter which class you choose.
  9. I hever heard it referred to as that before. That's really funny -- I'm chuckling while having my morning coffee. ;)
  10. Can someone explain what a "bunker contract" is?
  11. I'm a 4-star Mariner. The loyalty benefits I appreciate most are: Free laundry, 50% discount at specialty restaurants, 50% discount on wine packages.
  12. Aruba

    Blue Book

    If you are sailing on Nov 1st, the Blue Book should arrive any day now.
  13. I'm concluding then that when the happy day arrives for us to plan our 20th cruise, we should do it as a stand-alone sailing and not part of a back-to-back. Is that right?
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