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  1. This should be interesting, they appear to have excellent speakers.
  2. Try talking to a supervisor one more time and insist it be a supervisor. Tell them TA out of business and if no resolution is done immediately (while you are on the phone) you will file dispute with credit card company. FILE THE CREDIT CARD DISPUTE!! There is a 1 - 800 number on the back of your credit card, use it. I worked in banking, was the Risk Management Officer, you need to do this ASAP. Mention the dates you tried to contact your TA and found out they are out of business, then the times you contacted CCL with no resolution in site.
  3. I check the confirmation off and on and it was posted there by Carnival, there was no way I was going to let an offer like that go away. I jumped on it immediately and just like that we had a Grand Suite. I always check my reservations on all the ships once a week to see if anything appears different. Once a week I check amenities to see any changes. The other day when I checked one of our Royal Caribbean reservations I saw the Deluxe Beverage Package went from $72.00 a day down to $57.00, I thought since the cruise is in Jan I would just keep checking. We now purchased it for $43.00
  4. Ecstasy on Oct 24 from Jacksonville
  5. got an upgrade from balcony to Grand Suite for $400.00, we took it
  6. The last time I was at Disney Springs the gondola's were not completed. Disney Springs is almost next door to Epcot, not really walking distance, but just to give you an idea which theme park it is close too. I'm not positive but I think the gondolas go from some of the theme parks to Disney Springs. You may want to look up the new Gondolas that are now in operation. As I mentioned, they were in the process of completing them the last time we were at Epcot and it looks like a great way to get around. Parking is free at Disney Springs, but as someone else mentioned it is almost all shoppin
  7. Come up to St Augustine, we have some award winning local "mom & pop" restaurants that are amazing.
  8. And the world!! The very, very best Pizza we ever had was on the Champs Elysee in Paris! Also, had the best hot dog there as well. Loved the baguette they used.
  9. I truly believe they need to stay with Holland America. Absolutely not for me, and I am a very senior citizen, but sure is for hundreds or thousands of folks. Two worst cruises in my over 50 cruises were on Holland, just not my cup of tea. Not bad ships, just not enough going on and way too "calm". I'm going to go sliding into my grave, WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO! Look out here I come 5 times on Oasis, 3 times on Allure and anxious to get on Harmony. I've been on multiple lines and Royal is one of my favorites and the Oasis class is top of the line, never bored. T
  10. We were on MSC Seaside and are Royal, Regent and Princess cruisers. Same feeling as you, I won't say never since that is a long time, I will say very doubtful. We were also granted Black Card status and we stayed in the Yacht Club. The cruise would have been almost unbearable if not for the amenities of the Yacht Club. Our cabin Stewart and butler were fantastic and our cabin was lovely. The Yacht Club lounge and restaurant are excellent. You are probably asking your self why I found the cruise to be less than good. We were very disappointed with entertainment,
  11. Prayers have been going out since this was reported. I think I saw that Savannah has also placed boats in the search & rescue effort.
  12. I'm a port agent and not all ports can accept doc's off your phone. Print them out so they can be quickly scanned with the hand held scanners used by the agents. If using a passport, have it out with your boarding pass. If using government issued photo ID, have your birth certificate with the id. You can make it faster and easier to have your printed docs and identification ready instead of having to dig through large purses or carry on luggage.
  13. Oh my word!!! This is awful and how rude of the server. It seems as if it is only on Harmony, never had this type of problem with Oasis or Allure.
  14. I have friends that returned from Harmony about one month ago and they were very disappointed with MTD times. As soon as dining opened they reserved 6 pm for every night. When they boarded they were told their time was changed to 6:45 because there were too many persons with early fixed dining and they transferred many of them to the American Icon, the MTD room. So persons that initially requested MTD and wanted to make reservations early got bumped. Needless to say this caused issues with their reservations for the shows. When they dined at 6:45 the dinner took 2 hours and they missed t
  15. We had an amazing Butler, Cabin Stewart and waiter in MSC Seaside Yacht Club and we tipped extra at the end of the cruise. DH shook hands with them with currency in his hand. I think he also tipped extra to one of the waiters in the lounge, but not sure about that. We always pay our grat's with the final payment and we think it would be fantastic to simply have them included in the price. So what if they raise the price, if you pay your grat's it will still come out to the same amount of money.
  16. We live in St Augustine and cruise out of Canaveral about 3 times a year. We leave our house around 8 - 8:30 and get to Park & Cruise around 10 -10:30, drop the car and at the port in no time at all. We have never gone to Canaveral the day before a cruise.
  17. We don’t want to schedule every night, just a few together. Some would like to have different times and I will schedule a few nights in Coastal Kitchen. We did want to dine together 3 or 4 nights together early and then what ever times others wanted they could arrange. This has always worked for us on 8 previous cruises on Oasis class ships, maybe just not this time.
  18. Well, after 5 cruises on Oasis and 3 on Allure, I’ll always reserve our dining time. There is a line for reservations and another line for no reservations. You are correct in one respect though, I am in a grand suite so I do not need to reserve but some others are in balcony cabins and we enjoy all dining together, so yes, we do make reservations.
  19. Thanks Biker19. We'll keep checking to see if it changes. If not, will just try to schedule us as soon as we board. We DO have several months before this cruise.
  20. Yep, did that and no answer there. I was hoping one of the amazing experts here may have heard something about why the change.
  21. We have several persons going on Harmony in January and have been trying to schedule early dining in MTD. The earliest time available is 6:30 but the group prefers 5:30 so they can go to the early shows. Is anyone else having this same issue?
  22. I will only repeat what I wrote earlier. Being on the ship with that particular group was the worst cruise we have ever been on in over 50 cruises. I'm sorry that it has upset you, but the facts remain the same. I as well have observed many times when children were not behaving and cruisers were rude to staff and unmannerly, just never as bad as that cruise was. Was it all of the 1500 persons????? Truthfully it seemed as though it was double that and the persons not with that group were the outsiders. I wish I had taken video to show you some of the disgusting treatment and obno
  23. Once was enough for us, NEVER again with that group. This was on Oasis and I had to beg DH to ever go on a Royal ship with me again. For the first time in our lives we could not wait to get off our favorite class ship. The way they treated the crew was beyond horrible and I don't know why they are still allowed to ruin other cruises vacations by being obnoxious and rude. Yes, they bring their own music and food and there are areas that are reserved for only them the entire week. Expect to see rude unmannerly behavior all over the ship. As mentioned before: NEVER AGAIN.
  24. Sometimes I simply stop in the middle of a survey and delete it. Other times I complete it. I recently did a survey after staying at The Dolphin at Epcot. Almost everything was excellent except for the waitress in the dining room at breakfast. I explained the issue in totality and also added my name and email address on the survey. Two days after submitting the survey response I was contacted by the assistant manager of the restaurant. I provided him my telephone number and he called me. We discussed what had happened as well as why I did not report this at the time. I was with a frie
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