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  1. this sounds fabulous and we were thinking about the Snake River if we like river cruising. we have some friends that want to do a river cruise and have looked at National Geographic. We are doing a short cruise in a few weeks on AQ and if we love it as much as big ship cruising, may have to take turns doing a river cruise and for me a big ship. OH WHAT A GREAT IDEA THAT IS!!

  2. in just 2 weeks we will be leaving for New Orleans and our new adventure on the America Queen. the documents arrived today and now the excitement is growing!:D I want to take this moment to thank all of you for providing excellent information to my questions.


    I think for our first time on AQ we are not going to do any of the optional trips but take it slow and wander about at the ports we stop at.


    If anyone is interested, I'll do a short quick review upon our return.


    happy river cruising everyone!

  3. thank you all for your replies and especially for the information about the spray. Hubby and I don't mind walking, as a matter of fact, this will be an interesting cruise for me since I am the really, really big ship fanatic in the family. I loved Allure and Oasis, hubby was not as taken with them as me and wanted to try this type of cruise.


    hondorner: a 180 day around the world cruise!!!! oh, my, gosh how lucky you are. that sounds like a fantastic cruise.


    I'm very excited about our trip, and again thank you all for your replies!


    Happy New Year to all



  4. We are tremendously excited to be taking our first overnight river cruise. Our cabin is 456 Cat A and we thought it would be fantastic as it is in the aft portion of the boat. But, we have had a few persons question us if the paddlewheel will make the cabin loud or not quite as comfortable as a cabin in the more center of the boat?


    We have been on riverboats in Europe, but always docked and stayed in hotels overnight so we never had a cabin. On the ocean going ships we always get a suite in the center of the ship.


    We just paid the final payment and we will board in New Orleans April 22.


    Thank you for any information you can provide.

  5. Just off Enchantment from the 10/18 3 night cruise with a few ladies for a weekend get away. This was a huge disappointment for me as I told the ladies how wonderful the Enchantment was last year on our Bermuda cruise from Baltimore. The ship as well as the crew is no where close to our fantastic Bermuda cruise. I don't know if it is the 3 and 4 night cruises or as I overheard some crew members speaking, their contracts have been changed. All of us booked balcony cabins for this quick get away and I had to struggle to get my suitcase past the beds. We were in a suite for Bermuda so I didn't realize how small a balcony cabin would be.


    Before I get flamed to much, let me say my husband and I have over 40 cruises and almost all are with Royal Caribbean as well as we are stock holders. I was disappointed with Park Café and it is not even close to Oasis or Allure.


    I will say we had fantastic dining room attendants as well as very good food in the dining room.


    A few of the ladies went to the spa and were very impressed there. Not all is bad, but I get upset when someone tries to explain their cruise and others flame them for being honest.


    This ship has changed tremendously within a year and giving an honest report of how or what a person feels about their cruise is what I thought Cruise Critic was about. I don't post very much, but do like to hear from others what their view was on their cruise.


    Now on to the next Bermuda cruise from Florida to Bermuda and of course QUANTUM!!! Look out New Jersey, here come some Floridians back home to enjoy some family time before getting on the most amazing ship on the seas!

  6. I just returned from a quick weekend get away with some lady friends on Enchantment. My husband and I were on Enchantment last year for the Bermuda cruise and were very pleased with the service. I was amazed at how within one year the service could drop so dramatically. The only WOW thing on this cruise was the service at dinner. The food over all was good, not great, but good. I did respond to the survey sent by Royal Caribbean and discussed the lack of good service on this cruise and how it differed from what we have had for almost 40 cruises. This past cruise last weekend was the worst I have ever experienced on Royal.


    I do hope this is not something that will be accepted, but I did hear from quite a few experienced cruisers that some cruises are no longer meeting the quality that has kept them returning to Royal.


    I have to agree that Royal may have a problem with some of their ships and should address it and not let it just "steep."

  7. Am I the only one who has had a problem trying to book a cruise? I have been on hold over 45 minutes trying to book a cruise in April. I never use travel agents as a few years ago, this is what I did and I have no problem booking our travel. I have never waited this long to speak to an agent, have you had this experience?

  8. yes, we have had dinner with the Captain. I have no clue why and no clue why it has occurred several times when I don't know anyone other than us that it has happened to. What we have to show that it really happened is the photographs that are sent to your cabin and the formal invitations and menu's that are given to you.


    The first time it happened we thought it may be because we were seated with another couple and they were not the most friendly type of persons. They did not show up the second evening and all of a sudden we were asked if we would join the captain the next night for dinner. Honestly, we were surprised but very apprehensive, what did we do wrong? But the formal invite came to our cabin and of course we went. After that, we always looked at each other and the MD and said are you serious?


    I wish I knew how persons are chosen, but still have not figured this one out.

  9. Since I can't imagine not cruising, I guess I'd have to get a row boat and row about our "man made lakes" where we live. I'd pack a nice lunch with a nice thermos of adult beverage drinks and wear a nice big hat. Of course after my beverages, I would need to seek "relief" (may have to run home to restroom) then back to row boat. Of course I would bring my music, but not boggie down to much, don't want to fall overboard, didn't have that life boat drill! Then for formal dinner I would put a nice pasha over my shoulders, change the music to something sophisticated, snap some photo's and head to the other end of the row boat for dinner. I would have some nice cheese, crackers and fruit. Then for dinner I would probably have some bar-b-q, after all I'm in Florida! some wings, some pulled pork, slaw, potato salad and biscuits and of course adult beverage. Now, here comes the desert! Bananna puddin"um um, yum!

    some more photos and by now I'd maybe fall out of my row boat, ah, but what a day it would be.


    YIKES, I could do this tomorrow, but it sure would not take the place of a cruise.....so, I love Disney and all the theme parks and all inclusives, there is just nothing like a cruise


    I hope I did not offend anyone, but I love to cruise and actually hubby and I did the above a few times and it was FANTASTIC!

  10. We usually are NOW able to cruise in suites. Sometimes we use the "perks" sometimes we don't, but guaranteed we ALWAYS pay more for this cabin than other cabins. So, if you don't like the "perks", why in the world are you using them? Just as many have mentioned, we have finally been able to afford the better seats on an airplane, the more upscale hotel rooms, the SUITES on a cruise ship. I'm not really understanding your post here.


    By the way, while in Labadee at the "exclusive" Barefoot beach just for us in the suites, I saw persons jumping the wall. No problem to me and as a matter of fact, to be really snobby about this, why in the world did they choose this beach for us "exclusive' persons? If we go to Barefoot beach, we always bring our swim shoes since the beach is so full of pebbles, not like the soft sand where the "commoners' get to go.


    Of course, our bar b q consisted of a seafood skewer, yep, we got shrimp, scallop and something else, couldn't tell what it was. We passed on this and had the good old type of bar b q, hamburgers, hot dogs and other items.


    The roped off area for the pool, its above the pool and totally in the sun. The theater, yep, they hold seats for us special people until 10 minutes before show time and then all the seats are open.


    We have had the pleasure of sailing with RCCL for many, many years and this is not new for persons that are able to pay much more for their cabin..........so what are you really upset about?


    Going on a cruise in a few weeks with a ladies group, we are all in balcony cabins and I have no problem whatsoever with the persons that paid for that wonderful suite to have a few more "perks' than what we will. By the way, even when all we could afford were inside cabins, we NEVER felt like second class persons.


    Again, I really do not understand your post and it does upset me. We have cruised on many, many ships and there may have been one or two cruise employees that were not great, but over all, we have loved all our cruises regardless of what cabin we were able to afford.


    My question to you is what are you trying to start here and why?

  11. We were on Enchantment last August and they did not have Park Café. We were on Allure last month and I loved Park Café and was glad to see they added it to Enchantment. Where did they put the Park Café? A few of us ladies are going in October and I want to go straight there when we board.


    thanks for doing this posting!

  12. Thank you so much for this review. We just returned from the Allure and I was not sure if they opened a Park Café on Enchantment or not. I wanted to have lunch there every day on Allure, but hubby had other ideas. Their menu is fabulous and now I know where I will be found at lunch time. My next cruise is with a few fantastic ladies and we know great food!


    We were on Enchantment last August for the Bermuda cruise and I really liked this ship and anxious to get back on to see any of the changes.


    Again, let me thank you for your wonderful review! Looking at your photographs made me remember so many fun filled days on this ship. Great review and thank you so much for taking the time to post a review on a 3 night cruise. It was so appreciated.

  13. welcome back Chris,


    oh, the photo of the suitcases outside the door, I think you are the first to ever think of showing that. It brought an amazing cruise from your eyes to mine to an end. We only sailed Celebrity once before and I have no clue why we only did it once! I guess just like you we wanted to explore many different ships. Our favorite among almost every ship on the seas is the Royal Caribbean.


    Now, looking at your review and Gambee's, we just have to try Celebrity again. We had a fantastic cruise on Celebrity in the Med a few years ago.


    Your review was awesome and looking forward to any further information you will provide.


    have a great wonderful Sunday in Ft Lauderdale...



  14. I'm interested! DH and I will be on Allure on May 19 and love reading about the ship. This is a destination ship for us, probably will only get off the ship at Labadee.


    love your photo's and your comments........one of the area's I wanted to try was Vintage's and the tapa's and you showed a large amount of what is available. From most of the posting of Allure, it never seems that Vintage's is mentioned. So thank you for this!


    please do keep posting, I'm here and loving your review

  15. Productivity at your company has come to a halt today.;)


    indeed it did.........and we had one of the best Friday's I can remember. My boss is all about golf, his wife is the cruiser, now after he spent all afternoon looking at these reviews he was as excited for his cruise as I am for mine. We are on Allure on May 19 and I was telling him how I arranged our shows and dining. He of course told me his wife would handle all that. I think seeing this through someone else's eyes has made him appreciate cruising much more.


    Thanks Gambee for giving us a GREAT Friday afternoon!

  16. oh my gosh, I just thought I would get fired!!! :eek:I laughed so hard at you and the photo of the dog when something touched your leg. Especially when you wrote " your near death experience!" :D The CEO got up from his desk and came in my office and gave me one of those looks!!!!


    I had to show him the photo, WHEW!!! he cracked up and then, oh poor me, I had to go to the beginning of your review so he could look at all your photos. We just did the photo's, he will go back and read your comments. He wanted to know what travel company you work for and where your photographs get published. Imagine his suprise when I told him you do this for the love of sharing your expierences.


    I think you have a new viewer, I had to show him how to sign on here and how to look at these reviews. He is booked on Allure later this year and he is going to look at that review. I'm going to sneak in his office after lunch and I bet I'll find him looking at your photo's.......


    You are one very, very talented young man. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing experiences with us.

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