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  1. glad to hear of your upgrade, but as others have said, your reports are priceless and RCCL should actually be comping you for your work on your vacation


    love your posts.....can't wait for you to get to Bermuda. we were there last August on Enchantment, but my photo's compared to what you will post are of no comparison......I may just have to copy one or two for screen savers?????


    have a great cruise


  2. Chris,


    I love your photo's and narrative.......you and gambee truly have a fantastic talent. I have absolutely no talent what so ever taking photo's. What I believe would make a great photo in my mind when I look at in on the camera, I simply go what in the world is that? I do have a great talent for either cutting off part of someone's head or cutting them off at the knees. But then I get distracted by something else and move the camera.


    Nope, photography is definitely not for me, but I LOVE looking at your photo's and gambees. What great reports you both do!



  3. Gambee,


    I LOVED your Allure review and will be cruising with some other great cruise critic persons on May 19. You provided great information about Allure and I am so anxious to see the ship from your eyes to mine. I could never take the wonderful photographs that you do and your narrative is fantastic. I'm reviewing your Allure review and keeping notes on many of your adventures.


    So, with all this said, I suppose our next cruise will have to be on Celebrity to see this ship though your eyes to ours.


    You have an amazing talent and I do believe you have quite the following. I can tell you on our roll call it was mentioned that you began your review and I jumped over here immediately to read your postings.


    love your work!!!

  4. Big Red Boat, remember her?

    New Years Eve cruise, now I know I am going to get flamed for this one, but here goes


    many, many years ago we were on the Big Red Boat for a New Years eve cruise. We were very new to cruising and had just been transferred to Florida, the capital of cruising. Excited that we could both get away for a Holiday together and on a CRUISE SHIP!


    We get onboard this amazing ship and have a fantastic cabin that has a little hole that looks outside. AMAZING.... we meet our cabin steward and he is fantastic.


    We go looking around this ship and find everything quickly and it is now time for the muster drill. Grab our life vests and find the location on deck where we are to be. FLAMERS GET READY, oh....my....gosh.....who...are....we ...cruising with???????????? All the complaints from these persons that are finally coming up on the deck for the drill. And they are all LOUD!


    We look at each other and begin to laugh, this has to be a comedy by the ship, this really cannot be for real!


    Oh yea it was.......I think almost every old folks home in Miami that had any old timers from New Jersey dumped them on this cruise. At the time we thought this was the WORST CRUISE anyone could ever endure. It in a way was, but more for the ship personnel than for us. These were the most ill mannered persons we have ever in our lives, and now we are seniors and have traveled extensively, ever, ever been in contact with. They would push in front of you, push your chair away from you. But what was awful was the treatment they did to the crew.


    After the third day, there were 2 groups on this ship the old timers and the us group. It reached a point where the us group would intervene when these "olders" would be truly outrageous.


    At the port discussion, a child began to cry and the man holding the child stood up and before he could even move the "olders" were yelling, get the kid outa here! Standing in line at the buffet they would either just push past to get up to their friends or push on your back. After 3 days of being pushed by purses in my back I could not take anymore. I turned around and looked at this lady with the big nose and big glasses and told her, "if you push me in the back one more time with that purse, I am going to throw your a** overboard and you can swim back to Miami." Now, this was back when I had been trained in self defense and I guess she realized I had enough. My husband turned around, smiled, and said, boy lady, if I were you I would stay way back from this one (meaning she should stay away from me). She did. You know how sometimes things just happen spontaneously, all of a sudden the "us group" was applauding and I looked at my husband and said, oh my gosh what did I just do. He smiled again and said, I guess you let her know not to push you around. yep, should not have done that, I got tagged, but then, who remembers but us group that were on that ship


    One of the most comical aspects of this group was watching the food fly as they interacted with each other with full mouths of food. Yelling from one table to another and food flying out of their mouths. I mentioned above about the big purses, we found out they were carried so the bread trays could be emptied into them. We watched so much food being wrapped in tissues and then being put into the purses, never understood that or why not just call for room service.


    Every day on this cruise was an adventure and almost caused us to stop cruising. But after a few years, we decided we would try it one more time.......now about 50 or more cruises later, still the best way to get away and relax.


    To this day, of all the travels we have done, none have ever compared to this New Years Eve cruise and I must say I hope none ever do. BUT, after many years it is still one of our conversation pieces when a topic such as this comes up.

  5. Gambee,

    as was posted before, STANDING OVATION, FABULOUS review! I feel I have a better grasp of this marvelous ship my husband and I will board in May.


    Please, please do let us all know of your next adventure as I am sure you can tell, we all want to come along with you and experience it through your eyes.


    I realize I am repeating myself here, but I am astonished at your ability to see the smallest item, such as the small birds and capture an amazing photograph. I wish you all the best and hope this is just the beginning of a career in travel reporting.


    Best of luck to you, your mother and bf



  6. I always read anything about Allure as we are finally going to be on her in May. I have NEVER had the experience of such a fantastic review and the photographs are of such amazing quality it is truly hard to believe that you are not a very, very expensive professional photographer.


    I wish I knew someone in the travel industry that I could share your review and photographs with. This is what your career should be. You have the ability to take a small item and with the eye of a professional make it a photograph that you want to frame for display.


    You are very blessed to have a fantastic talent, now it just has to be discovered by the right persons. But, in the mean time, all of us can enjoy your fabulous review.


    I am also so happy that you have the great relationship with your mom and your bf......what a happy way to travel!


    as mentioned before, I hope this doesn't end before we board her in May, love this review

  7. awesome photo's and loved your posting, never been on Enchantment, but then again, we've never been to Bermuda so we have our booking and will sail on her in August to a new port. We are excited since this booking is more than Bermuda. You have a great talent of putting words to an event and then the follow up with the photographs, may our paths someday cross on one of our cruises........

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