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  1. Unless something just changed, the Prohibition Party is on Allure, not Oasis. I've been on 4 Oasis cruises and it was not available. Last time on Oasis was this past January. We had fun at the party on the Allure, but that was over 3 years ago, maybe someone more recent can answer your question. We did dress in period costumes and drinks are a bit weak and pre- made, but available through the entire show.


    Our group is back on Oasis again next April, please let me know if this has changed and they now have the party on Oasis, it would be a fun evening for the group.

  2. We were on this cruise as well and will not be back. You are correct about the area's that were closed for that specific group. I have always loved the big ships, but after this week DH will under no circumstances step foot on one again. Not only were the venues closed for this group, there were many, many unmannerly persons with them. We went to the Wipe Out Cafe and could not believe the way it was trashed, there was food thrown all over the floor. It was absolutely trashed. We were waiting to enter the Comedy Club and Blazes (yes, it was closed all week for them) is directly across from the Comedy Club. I couldn't tell what the problem was that they were having, but more and more ship officers were talking with some of the group just inside Blazes door, it did not look friendly at all. A short while later a young chef was delivering food and I felt so sorry for him for the treatment they rendered on him. As for the elevators, they became a nightmare! At one point I was surprised to see a bar attendant suggest to a young couple they probably should go to their room. Laying on the sofa's and taking up much of the space, having books and other articles laying all over other chairs. We only ate in the dining room one night, but that was enough for us, it was TERRIBLE how this group treated the crew. I cannot express highly enough how badly they treated the crew.


    I've heard it said any cruise is good, well, this one was not. We were fortunate to be sailing in a suite and we spent quite a bit of time in it so I guess you could say we got our money's worth there.


    The weather for this cruise was really bad when leaving PC, at the Muster the Captain announced we would not be going to Nassau, the crowd cheered. He told everyone we would be cruising on Monday and arrive in San Juan on Tuesday. We arrived at 5:30 PM and left at 11 PM. This was fine with us as I would prefer San Juan over Nassau and I'm glad the Captain made this decision.

  3. If you decide to do the fish fry, you may want to make sure it is open. In September a few of us ladies decided to take the #2 Jitney to Arawark Fish Fry. We got there around 12:30 and nothing was open, so I'm not sure when they open. I would not advise walking there under any circumstances. We paid $1.50 p/person each way and there are no sidewalks to walk on and it is well outside the city.


    Athena Cafe is very, very good.

  4. Totally agree with Bob, we did the tour and are doing it again on our Oasis cruise. I don't remember the places we went either, but the food was really good and we enjoyed hearing about some Bahamian customs that you would not hear on your own.

  5. csm........thank you for your review. As some others have stated some of the issues you encountered are unfortunately not new. Some persons just accept whatever since it is Royal. We have been sailing with Royal since Sovereign, but this month will probably be our last cruise with them when we complete the Oasis cruise. I am in total agreement with you on the nickle and dime all over the ship and we as well do not care for it.


    When you factor in what you would like to see included in your cruise I would suggest looking at a better quality type of ship. Royal does have some fun and innovative things such as the bumper cars, NorthStar, IFly, and I will say we have truly enjoyed them, but not enough to be disappointed by other issues.


    We are fairly new cruisers on Regent, but found overall, it met all our expectation and even though prices are higher, when adding in what is spent for drinks, tours, dining, etc on Royal we found we are coming out only a bit more expensive than Royal but much, much more satisfied. We do opt for a higher suite with them, but we always book a Grand Suite with Royal and there is no comparison. So, I believe you will be experiencing a more relaxing and pleasant cruise with a different line.


    Again, thank you for your review and even though I wasn't on your cruise I've found some of the issues you spoke about on each of the Royal ships we've sailed on for the past 2 - 3 years.


    Happy Cruising to all

  6. got the email, did the survey and my take on it was that if you were a member you would get reduced cruise costs. they did provide examples of the regular cost for "X" night cruises and what the reduced fee would be for persons that paid the fee. did not seem worthwhile to me at all. I don't think there would be a way to compare what your discount would really be since it would depend on the ship and the dates it sails........


    there was no set amount that would be discounted........NAH, would not join this and stated that.


    not sure we will even be staying with Royal after our January cruise on Oasis,

    time will tell. but will be doing more cruises on Regent even though the passengers on there have some complaints about cut backs. the good thing for us is we are fairly new to them and enjoy pretty much all inclusive and YES, you really do pay for it.

  7. I'm in TOTAL agreement with the OP, I think the chances of the rightful owner getting their ring back is 100% better the way you did it than to turn it in. You are taking the steps to locate the proper owner. I don't think the ship would even have the names of who was in your cabin before you for previous cruises!


    You have contacted the correct personnel with Royal Caribbean. They have the records of the persons that were in your cabin previously. Just because you found it does not mean the persons in the cabin prior to you are the ones that lost it. It could have been several cruises ago, some persons never check the safe and who knows how long that ring was there.


    I think it is very improper to be accusing you of committing a theft, if anything I praise you for your honesty and making the attempts you have to find the legal owner.


    When persons ask what are you going to do with it if you can't find the owner, I guess that is a bridge you cross after you have made every other attempt in finding the owner. If Royal cares and the owner of the ring filed a report, there should be no problem with the ring being returned to the owner.


    Geez, I am getting so tired of all you negative name calling persons out there, stop it! Just for a short period could you please try and help persons with their posts instead of flaming, negative comments and snarky replies.


    This used to be such a great site to visit and read positive and negative reviews and assist each other. Now it is becoming a slush bucket of almost every post has to have a snarky reply.


    go ahead and bring it on, I have thick skin but I am tired of a lot of your nasty comments.

  8. Thank you for taking the time to do this review. Your reviews are always 'spot on", and so appreciated. Have been thinking about a cruise on Serenade since we have never sailed on her.


    Looking forward to more of your fabulous report and of course the amazing photo's you share!


    Wondering about all the children on this cruise though, have you noticed any issues with this?


    again, thanks for doing this review!!!!

  9. What's the best way to book online or when you get aboard hmmmmmm



    absolutely book on line as soon as the entertainment opens up, usually 90 or so days before your cruise........also suggest you made your dining reservations for this big girls in advance as well. We don't schedule any specialty dining until we get on board since we used OBC, but even if you have my time dining, not a bad idea to schedule a good time for you.

  10. hi all,


    Just got back on CC and only noticed the request as to why I mentioned the Aqua show be scheduled early in the week.


    As someone else mentioned it is due to the weather. It is amazing what this team of swimmers and divers are able to do on a moving ship. We have been on the ships when the shows were cancelled later in the week due to the high winds or just nasty weather. This is an amazing show and one not to be missed.


    Also for Mama Mia, I cannot express highly enough if you want to see this show, absolutely do your reservations.


    We like all the shows on Allure and make reservations for them but not Cats on Oasis and will be skipping that one this time.

  11. If you are in a suite you will not have to book any shows except the comedy show. I always go ahead and book the entertainment for the times we want to go and I kind of enjoy doing it.


    suggestion: book the water show for first night if possible or early in the week.


    persons with reservations are allowed in first and then approximately 10 minutes before the show begins they allow all to have entry, but as mentioned previously you may not be able to sit together.


    they do reserve a section for suite guests and those seats as well open up 10 minutes before the show.


    its very easy to book the shows, look at the dates and the times first before you book them and then choose which ones you would like to attend. Just know you must be in line waiting even if you have booked the shows, you will not have a specific seat assigned to you, the theater does become full for Mama Mia...........I hope you really enjoy this show, we sure did

  12. Sometimes I really get a chuckle out of these type of postings. I have worn Capri's in both the CL and DL many times and have never been asked to leave or even had anyone remark about my attire. Since we retired I absolutely hate dressing formal anymore.


    When I look at some of the formal wear now days I think maybe a bit more could be covered up, but since I'm female that may have something to do with it, I'm sure it is pleasing my DH.:)


    The only time I choose to be a bit more formal about our attire is on Regent, for Royal, nah, they are great ships and my favorite, but honestly if it is clean and worn properly, it does not disturb my enjoyment of the atmosphere, my drink or my food.


    On Majesty in September we had a male at our dinner table in the MDR that wore his baseball cap sideways. My food was no good, but his baseball cap didn't make it inedible, the chef and cooks did.


    Why then did I mention this person wearing his baseball cap, just to show you no one at the table even mentioned it and we were having a grand time with new acquaintances.


    Spit and shine is fine, but go to the ships that are a bit more upscale if that is what you are looking for. Times change folks and change is not going to stand still for anyone, enjoy what God has given you and be appreciative you are even able to be on a cruise ship enjoying this amazing planet.

  13. Go to da fish fry. Just ask a cabbie and he'll take you there. Awesome conch fritters and seafood. Local fare. Where the locals go to eat. We go there every time we stop in Nassau. Plenty of cabs back to the ship as well.



    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


    We went over there in Sept and nothing was open, we probably were too early arrived at 11:30, but you are correct, the food here is fantastic! get the #10 jittney close to the straw market, it is around $1.25 a person.


    The time before Sept, we went over there it was around 1:30 or so and it was up and running and we had some of the best fish fry you can imagine and the conch fritters were amazing!

  14. Not sure if you can still be able to purchase this tour, but The Bahamian Food Tasting Tour is great food and your guide provides quite a bit of information about the Bahama's. This is a walking tour and you visit (I think it is 5) Bahamian restaurants and get samples of food and beverage. Trust me by the time you finish the last restaurant, you are full.


    Sometimes we just get off and wander around a bit. Yep, persons will try to get you to take a cab or some other purchase, just say no. Have never been worried in Nassau like Columbia or a few other locations. The straw market is in a building and is probably the one place that we always avoid. Too crowded and the same stuff at every stand (mostly made in China).


    If you have never been to Nassau there are some really nice sights to see, google what to do in Nassau and you will get a bunch of good ideas.

  15. Or maybe I'm just mature enough to be cool, calm and collected instead of irate and aggressive. :)


    I think I am in the mind set that for some persons a 4 night cruise may be the only cruise they get for the year and I would be upset. Its easy to be cool, calm and collected when you can cruise more than 4 night cruises and especially if you can cruise more than once each year.


    Yes DH and I do maybe 3 or 4 cruises a year, but I would even be a bit put off to be told we could not board until after 5:30 for Majesty. We live just north of PC but I cannot imagine what it would be like to fly in for this cruise and have to try and find something to do until you board. Many persons save their vacation time and with travel included it can be costly for them to try and figure out what to do.


    I think RC should be more forthcoming about what it is that they are doing and why they are delaying the boarding time for such a long time. I think I mentioned previously that the cruise begins for us when we step foot on board the ship, not the hassle and concern of getting there and being at the port or when the ship sails.

  16. this will be our 3rd time on deck 8 on Oasis and we have been very lucky to get the same cabin each cruise. We are in a suite, but we love deck 8 and I have a feeling after you experience it you will as well.


    we were on deck 10 one time on Allure and it was ok, but if a suite is available on 8 will take it in a heartbeat.


    have a fabulous cruise

  17. at Coco Cay:


    "OMG!!! there are shells in this water! You would think this would be cleaned up, we paid GOOD money for this cruise and this is in the water?????"



    Standing in line for the tender and a female pushing her way to the front of the line.........stating she needed to get a shady place for her skin (We guessed it was the skin she was wearing, didn't see any other:D)


    Ages ago at a large dining table an older man makes the statement, so I guess you are on this cruise???? Ah, Yep sure am and staying until we dock! Did not know him or his very, very, very well traveled wife.

  18. Scott,

    I think you ask a very reasonable question and I don't understand why there are so many snarky responses. As you can see I have been on CC for quite a few years and really don't post much, but we do cruise a lot.


    We will be going on Oasis again in January and this is the 3rd time on her. We have been on once after the referb and found it to be great. We are very excited that it will be ported at Port Canaveral since that is so close to our home.


    Let me apologize for those that know everything and try and put persons down, this almost seems as if it is getting out of hand. We have sailed on various lines and we are now over 60 cruises. I still have questions and I truly thought yours was very good.


    As for the suggestion you should sail Majesty, I will tell you we sailed her in September and it was a good cruise, but not one that we will do again. There is NO comparison to Oasis and Majesty and that was a bit of a put down reply.


    I really don't care how many of the regular posters flame me because I am getting tired of reading all the negative responses, and when I see its just snarky, I skip over it so I may have missed some on this thread. Again, I think you will truly enjoy Oasis and by the way our least favorite one so far was the Quantum.



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