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  1. Off Majesty on 9/16 and the front portion of the Viking Crown Lounge is reserved for the Diamond Lounge. We went there each night for a short time and they had nice cocktails and appetizers. The food portion is now set up where the bar at the front used to be.


    We stayed up for Karaoke in one of the lounges and in Bolaro's (sp??) they had latin music and had a crowd each night.


    There is a fantastic rock & roll band on board, One4One and they play some requests. They are very, very good.


    If you choose to change to Majesty, the only balcony cabins are suites. We had a cabin on deck 9, one of the larger cabins and it was ok. If you looked out the window and down you looked at a life boat, but looking straight ahead you looked directly at the ocean.


    There is no solarium on Majesty and the pool is quite small.


    We did not attend any of the shows in the theater, but heard from others they were ok.


    The main dining room food left quite a bit to be desired. We went 2 times and were disappointed both times. We were at a table for 6 and some persons sent their food back.


    We chose to go to Johnny Rockets and paid the $6.95 p/person and then tossed a coin for the other night to determine if we would go to the Compass Deli that turns into a Mexican pay dinner. Johnny Rockets won the 2nd time and we were not disappointed. Both times had great service and very good food.


    The crew on the Majesty is one of the best we have ever sailed with and it is a shame the dining room chef's cannot get the food better in the dining room. We ate other meals in the Windjammer and always found good food there and again, super great service from the crew.


    If you choose Majesty, let me make you aware of one event they had. They have a Galley & Brunch tour for $35.00 p/person. This was held on the last day, we did the 4 night cruise. At 11:30 am all parties met in the dining room and were split into 3 groups of approximately 20 persons. Then you are escorted by the appetizers and the deserts to the galley. There are too many persons in each tour. Persons at the end cannot hear or see what is being explained.


    After the galley tour, you are seated at tables and they invite you to help yourself to the appetizers, we were in group 3 and the appetizers were very picked over for our group.


    Then a server gives you a menu to choose your meal. We were seated at a table of 10 and only one or two persons actually ate what was brought to them. Not good at all. We waited to be invited to the desert table but when we saw others leaving the dining room and no waiters,we made our way to the desert table, but it was practically all gone. The crew was actually breaking down the tables, one gentleman asked the crew about our deserts and was told by crew they were told to break down the tables as everyone had been served.


    Not so, and the other table of 10 was still sitting there waiting for their desert. The galley tour was very nice, but not for $35.00, since the food was not good at all.


    We loved Enchantment and wish it was still here at Canaveral, not going to drive to Miami for a 3 or 4 night cruise, so we are planning on other types of short weekend getaways instead of cruising. We still will do the 7 night and longer cruises, but we will not be going back on Majesty.


    I hope this long post has given you some information between the 2 ships. If there is anything else I can answer for you, please feel free to ask.



  2. Off the Majesty on the 16th and the crew was amazing!!! Lots of sewer smells in our hallway, we were in cabin 9308. We had a great cabin Stewart, and we tipped him extra as soon as we saw him and request ice every day and we did receive it.


    We went to the dining room on night one and night three and had food that was terrible and did not eat it. Our servers were amazing and tried their best to make us happy and offered other food, but nothing served at our table of 6 was appealing or very good. Two persons actually sent their food back, we just left.


    BEWARE: there is a Galley Buffet special they are selling and it sounds great, $35.00 p/p and it is a tour of the galley and a buffet. It was on Thursday at 11:30, I believe it was approx 60 persons and we were divided into 3 groups.

    We had champagne or mimosa's as we entered the dining room and were divided into groups. We were told there would be 3 groups and we would pass by the appetizers and deserts before we do the galley tour. Twenty persons on this tour is too many persons and the people at the back could not see or hear what was being described. After the tour we were seated at tables and then allowed to help ourselves to the appetizers. So, we were in group 3 and of course the appetizers were quite picked over, but we made the best of it.

    Then we waited while we saw the others being served the meal. After a bit of a wait a server brought our table a menu and we all ordered our meals. UGH!!! The food was terrible and almost no one ate any of it. By now some of the others were actually leaving the dining room as they had already been served and had their desert. Our table looked around and saw there were staff breaking down the desert and appetizer tables. We got up on our own to get our desert but the trays were so picked over there was really nothing left to eat.


    Some of the group asked the crew doing the breakdown where the servers were and what about their deserts???? One of the breakdown crew said they thought everyone had been served, well, no there was still the table next to us that had not been served either. We chose to leave, this is just to let you know that this is not worked out to well yet in case you choose to pay this additional fee.


    We ate DINNER at Johnny Rockets 2 nights so we would have edible food. The crew on this ship is fantastic, but unfortunately that cannot make up for nothing to do other than some trivia in the Schooner Lounge and not such good food.


    By the way, we are Diamond, so we were able to enjoy the VCL, but the good section of it is now roped off for Diamond and above. We have always enjoyed sitting up there and now feel sorry that even that small nice location has been taken away from the general customer.


    Nope, we will not be back on the Majesty, but again, this ship has one of the best crews we have sailed with.

  3. We have sailed on both Allure and Oasis and going on Oasis again in January. We have almost always sailed in 8660, fantastic location, no noise from above you or below you. Easy access to everything. Coastal Kitchen is easy to get to.


    We sailed on deck 10 on Allure one year and much preferred deck 8. We had a chance for a loft but after a cabin crawl where we got to see it, we much prefer our GS.


    The ship is fantastic and I'm sure which ever cabin you choose you will have a wonderful time.


    Happy Anniversary!!

  4. Just off Majesty and went there 2 times, $6.95 and there was not added tip, we just added the tip when we signed the receipt.


    Excellent both times and soda is included.....great burgers, FF and oh my gosh the onion rings! Had the best server and he even came over and spoke to us the second time we came in and we were not at one of his tables. The first time he told us we MUST save room for the special apple pie they made just for us :), we were too full and could not try it. On the second visit when he came over he told us they baked a new pie for us and it was just warming down enough to put the ice cream on it. Well, how can you not get a slice after that???? Even though we were stuffed, we got a slice to split between us and we ate it all, it was delicious!

  5. I guess I am one of the whiners, we did not like DD in any way what so ever. We sailed on Quantum and here I guess is another whine, I'm not going to sail on Anthem since we were not overly impressed with Quantum. It seems there are more complaints about Anthem than the other ships???? We'll stick to Oasis class ships and some of the smaller ships.


    On our sailing on Quantum there were so many complaints I felt so sorry for the crew, there were some extremely nasty comments from passengers. Even though you had your reservation, there were lines to be seated each night. Most of the time the food came out cold when you were finally able to place your order.


    Maybe we just had a bad sail date, but it was among one of the worst cruises we have taken in our 60+ cruises. (not all with RCCL) The crew was trying so hard to please, but we preferred to have my time dining and before you jump all over me about NCL, nope don't like them, not sailing with them. Things change and sometimes you hit the ball out of the park and some times its just a loser as far as many are concerned.


    I'm very glad Royal listens to ALL their customers, including the ones on cruise critic.

  6. I can't say this is the best place (that would be objective to each person), but I can say it is where we usually park when we drive down.


    Park & Cruise, 1700 Sea Ray Drive, Merritt Island, Fl.............1-866-706-8999. We are cruising Majesty on Monday and we always purchase our tickets ahead of time. Our total cost for our 4 day cruise was $51.54 (that included the tax). I don't have the web site in front of me now or I would include that as well.


    when you arrive you drop off your passengers and luggage, you are directed where to park and you keep your keys. They have several shuttle buses and we have never had to wait long either at their location or when we got off the ship.


    There is another location run by Raddison and we have parked in their lot as well and never had any issues. These both places are less costly than the parking at the terminal, but each person has their own preference.


    happy cruise


  7. long, long ago I was a travel agent and when I quit I was always able to do my own booking. then I guess you could say I got a bit lazy and contacted a TA for a long European cruise. She did book the trip for me, but I wound up doing everything else myself. There were some major issues and I was unable to contact her.


    That did it, I decided to do it myself going forward. Except, this year I contacted a TA for a quick cruise since I read on here about the OBC and other nice perks that others get. So, get the cruise booked through this TA, we were told all that was available was late dining. We do not do late dining, so I asked to be wait listed. That has not happened and since the cruise is fully paid now I can't get a hold of this agent either.


    NEVER again, there truly are great TA's out there, but finding them can be quite the challenge.


    I booked Regent myself and Oasis myself and have not had one issue and prefer to be in charge of my travel and not depend on others.



  8. I remember we were feeling "snacky" one night on Enchantment and we stopped by the Windjammer just before they were closing. They had wings! we got some and demolished them in no time and were able to grab the last few just before they closed for the night. OMG, I have never had wings that good since, of course it could be that we were really hungry and had consumed a few adult beverages!!!:D

  9. We are now retired and travel quite a bit. I'm trying to think of any place we have been recently that there are not available upgrades.....hmmm, flying, yep, there was business and first class as well as economy. Were the persons in business and first class treated differently, no, I don't think so, but did we have more perks. Yes, we got better food and drinks. I think the cost of our ticket probably covered some of that. Did we board before others, yes we did, probably since the price of the ticket was more than economy.


    Checking into the hotel, we had a very nice ocean FRONT suite, were we treated differently? No, I don't think so. I feel we received the same courteous treatment that I saw others receive. Did we have more perks than persons that did not pay for the large suite, yes we did. (Our room was more expensive than those not in the same category)


    Cruising, DH and I cruise in suites. Why, because the cabin is larger, this is the most important factor. Are we treated differently, I don't think so, but we do get more for what we paid then if we cruised in an interior cabin. Yep, Oasis and Quantum have Coastal Kitchen and it is reserved for suite guests. Again, our cabin is quite a bit more costly than an interior cabin or other category and paying a bit more provides a bit more.


    We are fortunate after working long and hard we are able to enjoy the finer airline seats, hotel rooms, and cabins on ships.


    I would only hope that all persons that take a vacation do it with the awesome knowledge they are seeing a different world than where they live.

    If persons pay a higher price for amenities, they should not be criticized nor should the provider be criticized for providing this to them. They paid for it, why would you be upset about this?

  10. We did Prohibition Party and had a blast. We did dress up and there was nothing in the Compass about it. I signed us up on line, paid the fee of course and the information for the party was in our cabin. We received the invitation, it told us where to meet and what the password was.


    The band was great, lots of crew present and dressed in the 20's style. there is dancing, drinks ( limited, what they have prepared) ours were served in cups since after all this is prohibition! Small snacks to munch on....I think all had a fun time. worth the money!



  11. I'm not able to tell you what time to request, but we did a similar tour and yes, you do have admittance to see David. On our tour we spent approximately one hour at David while the tour guide described much about the statute. If one began to wander away a bit, they were told to come back to the group. We did not get to anything other than David and then continued with the remainder of the tour. Hopefully, your tour guide will be a bit better than ours was. She was tremendously knowledgeable about the statue, but we would have liked to visit other areas.


    I asked DH if he remembered approximately what time the tour was ended and he could not remember either.


    Sorry that this was of no help for time to book tickets and I do believe you would want them in advance.

  12. Enchantment all the way!!!! We love to sit on the balcony, even on short cruises, but Majesty only has balcony cabins if you book a Jr Suite or full suite. As mentioned above, there is no Solarium, no specialty restaurants, unless you consider Johnny Rockets one.


    I will be on Majesty in Sept with a group of ladies that always has done 3 or 4 night quick cruise get away, but I think this may be the last year. They all like to have balcony cabins, love relaxing in the solarium and Chops one night.

    The group is going, but doubt it will happen again next year simply because of this ship. A different quick get away is in planning stages and it doesn't include Majesty.


    No question at all which is the best ship, Enchantment! Royal did not do us a favor up in north Fl when they moved it south, but I do envy persons in Miami since they got a great ship.

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