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  1. We haven't been on a Royal ship since last year and I have a question about the set sail pass. I printed it out and it does not display my C&A status. Didn't the set sail pass have that listed on it?


    I may be confusing Royal with another line as we do sail quite a few different lines.


    I'm a bit upset with myself as I used a Travel Agent and I usually do all the bookings myself. I am not able to contact the agent after several voice mail messages. Yes, I will be calling for a supervisor tomorrow if I don't get a call today, but wanted to check with the experts.


    The TA also did not wait list us for either early dining or any time dining, I do know being on the wait list does not guarantee our dining wish time. If this cannot be changed before we board we will go to dining room asap upon boarding to request a change.


    I know TA'S can be great, I just haven't located one yet.


    thanks in advance for any comments!



  2. I LOVE the big ships and have been on all except Harmony. DH is more for the smaller ships, so we do both!


    We have been sailing so long that I wonder if you remember the Big Red Boat? Boy we sure had fun on that one and when Sovereign came along we could not believe how huge it was.


    In all honesty, we did not care for Quantum, but again, that was our feeling. I sure hope Royal maintains all types of ships for all the different clients.


    We do other lines as well, but have found Royal to be the better priced ship with similar amenities as some of the other lines for cruising from Florida.



  3. Can anyone that has just been on Majesty tell me how obstructed the view is from cabins on deck 9 on Majesty?


    Normally our group sailed on Enchantment and we all had balcony cabins. This is a yearly quick get away for us and we always use PC. Everyone has booked the cabins on deck 9 starboard side, but there has been some buzz from a few about the lack of amenities that were on Enchantment.


    I did read one posting that indicated they had a good cruise recently on Majesty.


    Just hoping the life boats are not what you see when you look out the window.


    thanks to anyone who can provide this info:)



  4. Persons coming into their cabins in the early morning hours and standing in the hallway still partying and then letting the cabin doors slam. Then going onto the balcony and being unbelievably loud. First night we turn over in bed and think, they are having fun. Second night, ask them if they can be a bit quieter. We were cursed at and told to mind our own business..... Third night, call in and report it, we will NEVER ask anyone to lower their voices again.


    We did that a few years ago when the party never stopped on a balcony that one of the family members had and all the family shared it!!!! It almost did become a nightmare cruise as far as our cabin was concerned. This was back before smoking was not allowed and there was always someone on that balcony smoking. We asked the persons in the cabin if they could please not be as loud at night and boy we were told they paid GOOD money for the cruise and were going to enjoy it. The persons on the other side of this family cruise was suffering as much as us and we did go to GS together to report it......it got a bit better but probably one of the worst cruises for sleeping ever.


    so, if you are loud next to us, we will NOT ask you to refrain from disturbing us, we will ask the GS to handle it.

  5. YEA!!!!!!!!!!! another super fantastic review by RADIO! We are so anxious to hear from the expert about another cruise line. We have 2 lines we constantly travel with and you probably can see them by what is now booked.


    The ladies cruise was a big discussion this year since Royal moved Enchantment to Miami and put Majesty up here, we are going to try it, but????


    DH likes nice ships and I LOVE big ships and then there is always the fun time to get away. We have always found that your review along with a few others have always been 'spot on" for what is being reported.


    Wishing you smooth seas and happy sailing:)



  6. Majesty has something like Park Cafe (unless it got replaced in the renovation) on Deck 12 above Windjammer on the left. Good selection of paninis, a nice salad bsr, some soups, etc.


    Thanks Matt, hope they still have it, liked the soups and salad on Enchantment. The last 2 years on Enchantment they had pork for the sandwiches.......that was sure not the same as the beef. Good, just not the same when you are wanting that "Kummelweck" (sp??)

  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this review. Every fall a few of us ladies do a quick get away from Port Canaveral and we really enjoyed the Enchantment. Our concerns with Majesty were there are no "balcony cabins", either jr. suite or full suite if you want a balcony and there is no solarium.


    Does Majesty have a Park Cafe? The one on Enchantment was pretty good, absolutely not like Oasis and Allure, but not bad.


    Anxious to hear more about your adventures on Majesty.



  8. This sounds exactly the same issue we had on Quantum in the American Icon Grill. There were 12 children at a table that was separated by two other tables and then the adults. When we were seated we immediately saw the situation and requested to be moved since we would have been between the children and the adults. We observed these families at other locations on the ship and knew there would be problems. We were moved a few tables away. Same issue as you had, the kids were screaming and kicking the tables, running around the table chasing each other, bumping into the wait staff. We observed one female adult go over to the table and it was unbelievable, the kids laughed at her. We absolutely could not dine in an atmosphere such as this and called over our waiter and told him to cancel our dinner, we were leaving, his expression was one of "I wish I could go with you."


    There is NO reason on this earth for children to be allowed to act out like this and I don't care what your reasoning is. Our children dined with us from being infants to adults. Yes, there were times when one of the boys wanted to act up and we paid for the meal and left. We did not allow the actions of our 2 very healthy boys to ever ruin someone else's meal even if it meant we left the restaurant.


    Your post just brought back that awful evening and the memories of uncontrolled children both in the dining room and a few other locations on the ship.

  9. quick question, I thought smoking on the balconies was no longer permitted?


    On one of our cruises we were not able to be on our balcony at all. The smoke smell at times could be smelled inside our cabin. The folks had other family that were in interior cabins and they all made use of the balcony. We did mention it to our cabin steward and the desk, but this was back when smoking was permitted on balconies.........oh my it was bad, you could even smell it in the hallway when you were walking to the cabin. :eek:


    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your reviews!!!

  10. We sailed Princess for Alaska, Panama and the Mediterranean and a few Caribbean and Bahama cruises. They are fairly comparable but I agree the food is better and they do have very tasty pizza. We usually sail in suites and they are approximately the same size as Grand Suites or above on RCCL. We don't really have a favorite since the ports are usually what we look for.


    I will tell you I am in LOVE with the Oasis class ships and we are scheduled for Oasis again in January.


    I would have no fear at all in choosing Princess, we have always had great service and great food. As I mentioned above, we book for the ports not the entertainment.

  11. fizzy,


    WOW, thanks for your post! Our Regent cruise, by the way the FIRST on Regent, will be our 54th cruise. We have sailed on many, many cruise lines, some a bit snobby and some party ships......we usually had a great time. Since we live in Florida with 5 ports all within driving distance, we cruise a lot on ships we find to be fantastic, but for some I guess not so much. (yep, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, to name a few) We learned very quickly, stay away from spring break and a few other times of the year.


    Back to the origin of this post, within the past 2 years we have had Turkey and Greece changed from our itinerary a few times. It was disappointing, but we put our lives in the hands of the Captain and the cruise line and know they want to protect us as well as their vessel.


    This year on the REGENT cruise we will be going to Russia and taking the optional trip to Moscow and we have no doubt whatsoever if something does not appear safe to the Captain, he will protect his passengers, crew and ship.


    Sometimes I feel our world has gone back in time to when all the countries were trying to be the world ruler. We will keep traveling and seeing our world as long as there is a way to get there and we never put someone's else's life in harms way.


    We were in Paris 2 weeks after the terror attack and I cannot tell you how well we were treated by everyone. Many, many reservations were cancelled and it was a topic of discussion by many of the Parisians.


    I wish everyone happy, safe travels, what a beautiful world this is!

  12. UUnet Bill,


    I know the trip is 4 hours each way. I reviewed the post on Crystal and now feel so much better about booking it. It will be a quite long day, possibly around 18 hours, but memories are made from these type of trips. We were so excited to see the optional trip to Moscow and decided we can sleep on the way there and on the way back to the ship, but to be this close we just knew we wanted to do it. We were interested in the air tour, but it was not available for our cruise, so the train it shall be.


    The train appears to be similar to the bullet train in Japan. I found it so unusual that I was unable to find any posts about this tour..... and then Memlin posted about the tour a cruiser posted on the Crystal section and it was fabulous.


    I believe that the more upgraded cars of the train have the larger more comfortable seats. After all, just as an airplane takes all its passengers to the same location so will this train. Just was hoping to not be squeezed in one of those little middle seats for our tour.


    Many, many, oh so many years ago on one of our first trips to Europe, we were in the middle of the middle of the economy seats to Holland. Oh, my goodness, I had to use the restroom during the flight.......Yes, I know you are all smiling or laughing, but really, it can become a pressing problem! and you have to excuse yourself to 2 other persons regardless of which way you choose to leave this section.


    As one gets older, comfort becomes so much more important, doesn't it? When we first were able to move to business class, I thought we moved to heaven! When we were able to always book at least a suite on a cruise ship I thought we are the most blessed persons in the world.


    My goodness, how did I ever get on this soapbox.


    happy travels to all

  13. maryogreeen,


    thank you so much for this review. we are on a different ship and have decided we absolutely want to see Moscow, so we booked the trip. Our concern was the long day and how exhausting it may be. Your post of this wonderful trip has made us even more anxious to see Moscow.


    By the way, happy belated Birthday to you! What an amazing location to celebrate a birthday.


    We were happy to see that our Visa was included when we booked the trip with the "other" ship. (Regent) I KNOW, but aren't they all awesome!!!!


    what a fabulous writer you are and the photographs are wonderful.


    again, thank you for posting this

  14. TC,


    great information off your link about deviation......will check around and if something is too good to pass up then will try for the deviation. We have been to Europe multiple times and normally had direct flights, but one never knows.


    We are fortunate that we often drive to one of the gateway airports since we have friends all over the east coast. Often drive to Miami, Atlanta, for this trip we are leaving from Orlando, staying with friends before the flight.


    again, thank you so very much for your info!

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