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  1. fizzy,


    WOW, thanks for your post! Our Regent cruise, by the way the FIRST on Regent, will be our 54th cruise. We have sailed on many, many cruise lines, some a bit snobby and some party ships......we usually had a great time. Since we live in Florida with 5 ports all within driving distance, we cruise a lot on ships we find to be fantastic, but for some I guess not so much. (yep, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, to name a few) We learned very quickly, stay away from spring break and a few other times of the year.


    Back to the origin of this post, within the past 2 years we have had Turkey and Greece changed from our itinerary a few times. It was disappointing, but we put our lives in the hands of the Captain and the cruise line and know they want to protect us as well as their vessel.


    This year on the REGENT cruise we will be going to Russia and taking the optional trip to Moscow and we have no doubt whatsoever if something does not appear safe to the Captain, he will protect his passengers, crew and ship.


    Sometimes I feel our world has gone back in time to when all the countries were trying to be the world ruler. We will keep traveling and seeing our world as long as there is a way to get there and we never put someone's else's life in harms way.


    We were in Paris 2 weeks after the terror attack and I cannot tell you how well we were treated by everyone. Many, many reservations were cancelled and it was a topic of discussion by many of the Parisians.


    I wish everyone happy, safe travels, what a beautiful world this is!

  2. UUnet Bill,


    I know the trip is 4 hours each way. I reviewed the post on Crystal and now feel so much better about booking it. It will be a quite long day, possibly around 18 hours, but memories are made from these type of trips. We were so excited to see the optional trip to Moscow and decided we can sleep on the way there and on the way back to the ship, but to be this close we just knew we wanted to do it. We were interested in the air tour, but it was not available for our cruise, so the train it shall be.


    The train appears to be similar to the bullet train in Japan. I found it so unusual that I was unable to find any posts about this tour..... and then Memlin posted about the tour a cruiser posted on the Crystal section and it was fabulous.


    I believe that the more upgraded cars of the train have the larger more comfortable seats. After all, just as an airplane takes all its passengers to the same location so will this train. Just was hoping to not be squeezed in one of those little middle seats for our tour.


    Many, many, oh so many years ago on one of our first trips to Europe, we were in the middle of the middle of the economy seats to Holland. Oh, my goodness, I had to use the restroom during the flight.......Yes, I know you are all smiling or laughing, but really, it can become a pressing problem! and you have to excuse yourself to 2 other persons regardless of which way you choose to leave this section.


    As one gets older, comfort becomes so much more important, doesn't it? When we first were able to move to business class, I thought we moved to heaven! When we were able to always book at least a suite on a cruise ship I thought we are the most blessed persons in the world.


    My goodness, how did I ever get on this soapbox.


    happy travels to all

  3. maryogreeen,


    thank you so much for this review. we are on a different ship and have decided we absolutely want to see Moscow, so we booked the trip. Our concern was the long day and how exhausting it may be. Your post of this wonderful trip has made us even more anxious to see Moscow.


    By the way, happy belated Birthday to you! What an amazing location to celebrate a birthday.


    We were happy to see that our Visa was included when we booked the trip with the "other" ship. (Regent) I KNOW, but aren't they all awesome!!!!


    what a fabulous writer you are and the photographs are wonderful.


    again, thank you for posting this

  4. TC,


    great information off your link about deviation......will check around and if something is too good to pass up then will try for the deviation. We have been to Europe multiple times and normally had direct flights, but one never knows.


    We are fortunate that we often drive to one of the gateway airports since we have friends all over the east coast. Often drive to Miami, Atlanta, for this trip we are leaving from Orlando, staying with friends before the flight.


    again, thank you so very much for your info!



    thank you so much for your response, we'll go ahead and do the deviation as we really prefer non stop to London and know we will have to do a connection from Stockholm. We will be in London before the cruise and have extended our return trip home from Stockholm to wander about there as well.


    thank you Memlin, i'll go and take a look at the Crystal posting!

  6. I checked the ports section to see if there was any information in reference to going from St. Petersburg to Moscow, but there was nothing there. We are on the August 24 N. Europe sailing on Voyager and have booked the train trip to Moscow. Have any of you taken this trip and was it totally exhausting?


    I did research on the train and noticed there are various categories of seats, similar to an airline with first class/ business class, etc. Was wondering what level Regent book's their customers in.


    Another question, this is our first cruise on Regent and was wondering about the air. We booked a PH so business air is included, but I noticed quite a bit of posting about deviation. How do you know what you have been scheduled for by Regent or do you just check airlines and then notify Regent what you would like and they charge the extra fees?


    thank you for any assistance you provide. I am so happy for CC and being able to get all the great info I do here. I don't post much but I sure do read a lot.:)

  7. thank you both for your responses! We will be getting our euros from our bank, and don't know why I didn't think of the rubles as well.


    We are flying into London a day ahead and will have time to explore. When I noticed the distance to the ship, I had a feeling we would not have much time on the date of sailing.


    again, thanks for the info



  8. Hello again,


    you all have been so helpful in my previous questions, I thought I would bring these to you for some guidance.


    We are sailing on Voyager on 08/23/16/ Northern Europe cruise.

    Question 1.


    We booked the Regent tour to Moscow via train. Could you provide some comments about this tour? I suppose we should get Rubles (?) while in St Petersburg for spending in Moscow? We have never been to Russia so this is an adventure for us and looking forward to it.


    Question 2.


    We will fly to London and stay at the Conrad, I've researched the distance from London to Southampton to board the ship and it appears it is not "just around the corner." Does anyone have an idea what time we will be transported there on the 23rd (the beginning of the cruise) ? The reason I'm asking is we love London and want to enjoy as much of it as we can. I was wondering if we would have time to run around on the 23rd before transporting to the ship.


    Thank you in advance for answers to my questions. We are absolutely excited about this cruise and I'm sure as the time gets closer we may have a few more questions for the experts!!


    Happy New Year everyone


  9. I wish your dad all the luck in the world. My husband does not cruise with me on every cruise. There is a group of us ladies that do quick weekend cruises. This last 3 nighter was in a JR suite and should have put me at 81 points. One point more than what is required for diamond. I have called C&A and resolutions twice and have been told, the points have been calculated correctly. they continued to bring up "householding" so I suppose unless my husband cruises with me, I can no longer accumulate points on my own.


    My husband and I, just as your dad and mother had cruised multiple times with RCCL. We used to cruise either every month or every other month on Sovereign of the Seas. I admit we did not join C&A immediately, but when we did we only then realized there were benefits.


    Just as you Dad, I did not have all the doc's from those cruises and of course they could not find them.


    I also work in the computer area in a financial institution and I can find your account from 70+ years ago. We are not close to being the size of RCCL, so I do not understand if you provide a name, date of birth, which has always been required to sail, why can't they find your bookings?


    I wish you all the luck in the world, I still will go on the lady weekend trips, but it is sad to know I will not be accumulating any more points.

  10. thanks for all your replies and each of you have actually indicated what resolutions told me. My question to them was, how could he have accumulated more points than me since I have cruised before he ever cruised and still have continued to cruise with them. I should have many more points than him, but I was told they "household' the points.


    will try calling back again, and I did call the C&A number, they put me through to resolutions. Next time will ask for a supervisor, I love our quick ladies weekends and we always have JR suites.


    again thanks for listening to me and your advice!

  11. We have been cruising with RCCL for quite some time. It took us a long, long time before we signed up for Crown & Anchor. When we began cruising it was a way for quick weekend getaways. I will admit it varied between Carnival Fantasy and Royal Caribbean. It depended on which one we could arrange to have our quick long weekends.


    We finally wised up and found out there really are benefits to becoming a C&A member. We joined. DH and I each have our own unique C&A number.


    Now if you remember these ships, you know that was quite a while back when they sailed from Port Canaveral. But, we gave up on Carnival as it just wasn't our cup of tea anymore, but still stayed fairly faithful to RCCL.


    We made it to the Emerald status, and I suppose that is as far as it will go. DH no longer wishes to sail with RCCL, but I still love it and have continued to sail with them.


    What is my reason for not feeling valued? I am not able to collect any points since I sail now with a ladies group and my DH no longer sails with me. I just returned from a short cruise on Enchantment in a JR Suite and still have not been elevated to Diamond. (this sailing would have put me into the diamond category) I called C&A and they put me through to the resolution department and NOPE, since hubby has decided he is no longer cruising, my points will stay the same.


    Will I no longer do our lady weekend getaways? I'm not sure at this point, especially since I've had everyone of them sign up for C&A so they can accumulate points.


    I was also never able to obtain the $25.00 for bring a friend aboard, since every time I requested it from C&A, I was assured it would be there. It never has been, when I inquire after being onboard I'm always told, it is because I received another benefit, such as a WOW sale. Well, yes I did, but you also lowered the price of this WOW sale and I simply accepted it.


    I know the flamers are just standing in line to burn me at the stake and that is ok as well. I am just feeling sad that no matter how many more times I sail with RCCL I can never reach that "Diamond" status.


    do you really blame me for no longer feeling valued?

  12. Thank you all for this wonderful information. We are very anxious to visit this area of Europe and especially a cruise with Regent.


    I will say the service we received so far from our personal travel consultant has been fantastic. She is very knowledgeable, personable and always has responded back to us immediately.


    again, thank you all for your speedy replies!:)

  13. We booked a cruise on Voyager for the Northern Europe cruise, 08/23/16. Could you tell me if we will need to obtain visas for the Russian portion of the cruise. We have never cruised with Regent before and after reading postings here, it would appear if we do the ships tours a visa is not required. We will be doing ship tours since this is new territory for us. Always, year after year have either gone to Australia or the Med. Time to explore new lands.


    2nd question: I can't seem to find if there are formal evenings or is "smart casual" appropriate for dinner in all the dining rooms?


    Since this is our first cruise on Regent any other tips you could furnish would be greatly appreciated.


    We have cruised over 40 times with multiple lines, but the best information always is provided by persons with experience on the ship you will be sailing.


    thanks for any assistance you can provide


  14. We are sailing on a quick weekend get away on Sept 4, 2015 on enchantment and our e docs are still not ready......usually had them around 45 - 49 days in advance. we are now at 39 days away. did anyone else get theirs yet, like to have the luggage tags attached when we arrive at the port



  15. I appreciated the opinion expressed by the person that began this topic. Why? because this is what their experience was, not yours,.... theirs! Would this stop me from going on Oasis, absolutely not. Will book it when on Enchantment in September. But, I wish instead of so many jumping on board here and admonishing one persons opinion you could look at it with neutral feelings.


    I must say since we have quite a bit of RCCL stock, I often tell my husband about the cheerleaders this line has. We are so glad you have never found anything to complain about and will even go out of your way to forgive or make excuses. So, let me say thank you for that.


    We are regular RCCL cruisers along with several other lines, but I stick to RCCL, this is my favorite line and always read cruise critic. Hubby, never reads or is interested.


    We still love to cruise, but some lines have changed and it is all about staying in business. If you want 5 star accommodations, may I recommend Regent or Seabourn. We've found them to be excellent. If you want family, fun and a much more relaxed atmosphere, jump on board. AGAIN, I LOVE most RCCL ships, and I truly like to hear others opinions, so since this is called Cruise Critic, don't be so judgmental when someone express's a negative post.


    Recently off the Quantum and I didn't post the terrible cruise we had since it is going to China and I felt most of us would not be traveling over there for this ship.


    We have had amazing cruises and we have had some pretty bad cruises on RCCL, along with numerous other cruise lines. When someone has had a bad cruise, I feel very bad for them. This was a vacation that they planned, they had such high expectations and what a disappointment to have had a what for them was not an enjoyable vacation.


    Been there and even though the sea is where I always want to be, there have been times we looked out and said, get us back to port!

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