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  1. I’ve done 17 Princess Cruises and didn’t get the email. We had a cruise booked for this may and we cancelled and requested our money back. We will book again and most likely for September-November. But wanted our money since they were not offering any bonuses or perks to us since our cruise was for 5/16. No additional FCC for letting them keep our cash.
  2. I’m wondering if since Trump declared a national emergency today and vowed to help the cruise industry because its “so important to our nation” maybe they will lift the Jones act and ships will not have to visit a distant foreign Port before returning to the US.
  3. I was wondering the same thing. Do they just stay where they dock and let the last people off? No I’m sure they don’t. So where do they go urging the next 60 days?
  4. FYI when you call Princess you get a message that wait times are longer than usual and more than they’re system can handle so your call might just get disconnected. I decided to wait to see what would happen and someone picked up in about 3 minutes.
  5. We will definitely cruise again with Princess. They are making the very best of a difficult situation that is out of their control. Let’s all remember that there’s nothing in the passage contract that says they need to give a FCC for up to 125% of what passengers paid for a cruise. That’s what I call going way above and beyond what they are “required” to do. I just spent about 20 minutes speaking to a very nice lady named Rose from customer service at Princess. She gave me my options and actually cheered me up some since I’ve been very depressed since our decision to cancel our cruise in May (May 16 on CB) Princess will always have me as a customer.
  6. We called princess yesterday to inquire about our May 16th cruise on CB. If we cancel by March 21 we will receive a full refund back to our credit card minus the original deposit amount of $200 which will be given as a FCC. That is what we will do. We decided last night that we will cancel and plan a different vacation. We will probably end up going to an all inclusive resort somewhere in the Caribbean. Im extremely upset about the thought of canceling our cruise but we just can not take a chance of being quarantined on the ship for 2 weeks after our cruise. we will use our FCC and book a cruise for a later date. I only hope we can get some of the perks they gave us for this cruise.
  7. Couldn’t agree more. As soon as I first set foot on the ship I feel like I’m home. Only a much more relaxed home.
  8. We’re booked on the CB may 16th and contemplating canceling. It kills me to even think about canceling but it’s something we must consider. Taking the chance of getting stuck on the ship for 2 additional weeks is not something we want to or can afford to do. Also this is our first vacation away from our dog since we got her almost 3 years ago and we don’t want to be away from her for that long 🐕. We took a break from cruising after we rescued her and took dog friendly vacations for the last couple years.
  9. My first cruise was in 2002. I was very reluctant to go as I didn’t know the first thing about cruising and also since I started my career in 1996 I never took a vacation. A group of friends which consisted of about 12 people were going on a cruise on the Sea Princess and one person bailed out. That left one person alone in a cabin. I didn’t really know this person to well but I knew him enough to know he was a good guy. I kept saying no but my friends persuaded me to go telling me they had been on 3-4 Princess Cruises and it’s a lot of fun. I decided to go and I’m glad I did. I got the bug! I’ve been on a bunch of cruises since and I’m hooked. My wife and I are going on a cruise in May after about a 5 -6 year break and couldn’t be more excited. I think tjis year will be our 17th cruise.
  10. If you’re cruising with your 2 teenagers and are worried about being quarantined, you should bring ear plugs or head phones of some sort so you don’t have to listen to the bickering. Also a WiFi plan so they can keep in touch with their friends lol.
  11. I have to add this. It’s not related to the virus but related to Princess doing the right thing. Not even the necessary thing but more going above and beyond. during super storm sandy in 2012, we were booked on the Caribbean Princess to go to Bermuda out of NY. We knew that with the storm of the century approaching, we would not be going to Bermuda. Princess didn’t say what the plans were till everyone was on board. Even then all we were told was “we’re going north”. We didn’t know what that meant. I thought that it at least meant we would go to Nova Scotia or Canada somewhere. I didn’t know till 36 hours after boarding that we would arrive in Boston Harbor and get stuck there for nearly a week. I won’t get into all the details of the cruise unless someone asks but I will say that princess stepped up to the plate and hit a home run. We were refunded all of our money and we got 50% of what we paid towards a new booking. Totally not something they were required to do but they did. They stepped up. And that is just 1 of the many reasons why I’ve continued to sail Princess.
  12. Thanks for all the feedback. I got busy and haven’t had time to post my results after calling Princess. When we called to inquire. They said we would have to cancel and rebook at the current price which is much higher. Instead we kept our booking with the free gratuity, $200 obj and free specialty dining and they added free unlimited drink package for $25 Per person per day if we would pre pay. We gladly accepted. That is a HUGE savings. Overall we are thrilled with the outcome. Instead of spending $980 on the drink pkg were only spending $350.
  13. I’m booked on the CB for may and we feel we got a pretty good deal. Free gratuities and 200 obc. Then we even got a visit from the upgrade fairy and were given a caribe deck balcony cabin (huge balcony vs smaller). last night I got a random email from Princess as many of you probably also received since Princess always sends out these types of offers. this offer is for free gratuities, free WiFi and free premium drink package. This is obviously much better than just a 200 obc as both of us planned on getting the drink package. my question is, do you think if I called Princess they would give me this offer? I know the point is to drum up new business but I think I’ve read on here that others have done this.
  14. On one of my last couple cruises we were in sky walkers and it was mobbed by the bar. I went to get a couple drinks and I thought I’d be waiting forever for a bartender to help me. I held up my black card and immediately one of the bar tenders saw me and apologized for keeping me waiting and I had my drinks in a couple minutes. That was nice.
  15. I just looked over the menu and I have to say it’s disappointing. I’ve been cruising with Princess since 2002. When I went on my first cruise I was in my late 20’s and knew nothing about wine. I knew I liked Chianti and I bought a bottle of Ruffino Chianti Reserva. I loved it and I have been drinking it ever since. I typically have half a dozen bottles in my wine cooler at any given point. I took a break from cruising for the last 3 years and I’ll be on the CB in May. It’s unfortunate to see it’s no longer on the menu.
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