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  1. Thanks everyone - I'm looking forward to it and we're going to do the penthouse veranda. I'll bring my noise machine and earbuds for sure!
  2. Hi all! Brand new to Viking, but lots of cruises on Princess, Celebrity, etc. I have an opportunity to join some family members on a Seeking the Northern Lights cruise on the Viking Venus. The catch is that I'd be sharing a cabin with my father and neither of us are eager to share a King bed- lol. I've looked on Viking's website, but can't tell if the King beds can be separated into twins. Does anyone know? Any other suggestions for cabin selection if sharing with someone other than a spouse or young child would be appreciated! We're both light sleepers and don't want to make each other misera
  3. @MJSailors - I was just about to mention pescado amarillo if no one else had. I'm currently obsessively reading her Yellow Fish cruises blog and told my husband that's how I want to spend our retirement! She mainly travels on Princess, but provides so much great information about packing, planning, flights, etc. They've been doing months-long cruising for so many years and have learned tons of great tips and tricks that she shares on her blog. Plus, they are very inspiring with their adventurous and marvelous attitudes about other cultures and fellow cruisers that it's a pleasure to read.
  4. Hi all - I'm booked on the Breeze March 9th and am debating a thermal suite pass for the week. I haven't been on a Dream class Carnival ship and am hoping some of you can give me details on your experiences in the thermal suite on Breeze. I'll be sailing with my mother who has back issues and I'm thinking she might really enjoy the thalassotherapy pool. None of us are booked in the Spa cabins, though, so we'll have to purchase the pass separately. I'm wondering how crowded it typically is in the thermal suite and just any thoughts on the value of the 7 day pass. Thanks!
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