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  1. @MJSailors - I was just about to mention pescado amarillo if no one else had.  I'm currently obsessively reading her Yellow Fish cruises blog and told my husband that's how I want to spend our retirement!  She mainly travels on Princess, but provides so much great information about packing, planning, flights, etc.  They've been doing months-long cruising for so many years and have learned tons of great tips and tricks that she shares on her blog.  Plus, they are very inspiring with their adventurous and marvelous attitudes about other cultures and fellow cruisers that it's a pleasure to read.  

  2. Thanks Cheermom!  Sounds good and I think I'll definitely try to convince my Mom to go for it.  I had a thermal suite pass once on a Princess ship and enjoyed it, but there weren't any windows and it was a fairly small area that got crowded.  I looked at the pictures of the spa area on the Breeze and love the windows and the larger area.  :) 

  3. Hi all - I'm booked on the Breeze March 9th and am debating a thermal suite pass for the week.  I haven't been on a Dream class Carnival ship and am hoping some of you can give me details on your experiences in the thermal suite on Breeze.  I'll be sailing with my mother who has back issues and I'm thinking she might really enjoy the thalassotherapy pool.  None of us are booked in the Spa cabins, though, so we'll have to purchase the pass separately.  


    I'm wondering how crowded it typically is in the thermal suite and just any thoughts on the value of the 7 day pass.  Thanks!

  4. My family and I were on this cruise too and agree that the ship looked great and service was excellent. The weather wasn't great - rain at every port except Victoria - but Alaska was still beautiful and we usually had spots of sun each day, or at least breaks in the rain. I was amazed at all the kids in the pool on the cold/wet days and the hot tubs definitely got heavy use. :)

    I kept the patters and will try to scan them and post tomorrow if no one else has done that. I meant to take pictures of the menus, but completely forgot - sorry about that!

    My kids did a couple of things with the Teen club if anyone has any questions about that. I remember my daughter said there were 40 kids her age on our sailing, but I don't know if she meant total teens or 15 year olds. Definitely fewer kids than Caribbean cruises and participation in the teen events seemed pretty sparse.

    Happy sailing to those of you with upcoming Alaska trips! Sad mine is over, but now we're enjoying going through all of our pictures. By far the most pictures we've ever taken on a cruise!


  5. I received one of the magical free upgrade phone calls about a week before a March 2013 Caribbean cruise. We had booked one balcony and one inside cabin for our family of four and Princess offered us an upgrade to a full suite for the same price because they had people wanting our cabins. Of course we took it and absolutely loved our suite and the perks that went along with it. It was a once in a lifetime thing, though, and now we're back to two inside cabins for our next cruise. :)


    Anyway, I'm almost positive our caller ID said Princess. I had decided to go home during my lunch hour from work - which I very rarely do - and so happened to be home when the call came in. I never answer our home phone unless I recognize the number or name, so I wouldn't have picked up if it hadn't identified as coming from Princess. Boy was I happy I came home and picked up! When I made our most recent booking, I made sure to give them my cell phone number just in case lightning strikes twice. ;)

  6. Hi all - I'm hoping some of you can help me feel better about booking 2 inside cabins for my family for our first Alaska cruise on the Crown Princess in 2015. We're very excited about the cruise, but I can't help feeling a little disappointed that we had to go with inside cabins because we've had balconies for our last few cruises to the Caribbean and even were lucky enough to be upgraded to a suite for our most recent cruise. Plus, I've always heard and thought myself that Alaska was the one cruise where I'd really want a balcony.


    For various reasons we just can't swing anything more than the inside cabins for this cruise. But, we're going with a family group and two of them will be right across the hall from us with balconies that they promise they'll share. :) Also, we're on the port side aft, Riviera deck and I know from prior Princess cruises that we'll spend a lot of time at the nearby Terrace pool.


    So, can anyone who did Alaska from an inside cabin reassure me that I won't regret being in an inside cabin too much? I think anything would have been a bit of a letdown after our suite upgrade experience, so we might as well go all the way back to inside. :o Plus, more money for excursions, right?


    I don't mean to sound spoiled - I do realize I'm lucky just to be able to go.. But, I'm just afraid I have let myself get used to the nicer cabins. Thanks for any opinions -

  7. Thanks so much for the pictures! And for the congratulations everyone. :) Melody, sending the kids to an interior sounds even better. ;) That is the only drawback to the suite -now our daughters will be in the same cabin and we'll all 4 have to share the bathroom and closet. We decided the suite perks, bathtub, and awesome balcony were worth it!

  8. My family and I are sailing on the Ruby on Sunday and I just got a call asking us to trade our 1 balcony and 1 interior rooms for a Vista Suite on Dolphin deck, at no extra cost. It's D736. We're so excited!!


    So, I've spent months now reading up on our rooms and now I have to find out all I can about D736 in 2 days!! Has anyone stayed in that suite? I'm off to read the threads on suite amenities. :D Can't believe the fairy found us!!

  9. Simbasmom - How cool that your son is a music director on Princess ships! He must be a great source of information. Thanks so much for asking him about my question. I really appreciate the warning too, because my daughter - a typical preteen - might very well be self-conscious about having an audience. My being able to warn her ahead of time will prepare her and I'll just remind her that she'll have to play those pieces for a much more critical audience once we get home!


    carabill - Thanks very much for the info on how to get in touch with the music director. Sounds simple enough!


    What would I do without cruise critic? :)

  10. Thank's Simbasmom. That's exactly what the customer service representative I spoke with at Princess today told me to do. She said she'd never been asked before, but put me on hold for a bit to speak with a supervisor and then told me it would be fine, I'd just need to check with the CD or the music director when I got on board and they'd tell us when and where she could use a piano. I was very happy with the fast, helpful response from Princess customer service with what I know was a strange request. :)


    One more question in light of that advice - should I just ask at the Purser's Desk how to find the CD or music director? Thanks so much for all the help!

  11. Thanks for the information - I'll call Princess today and see what they say. I hadn't thought about the wedding chapel piano or Adagio, but agree that those would both be better options than Crooners. Crooners was just the only piano I could think of other than the one in the piazza which I knew definitely would not work. ;) Thanks again -

  12. I have an odd question for all you Ruby experts out there. My 12 year old daughter participated in a piano competition this past weekend and advanced to the regionals. The regional competition is going to be March 23rd and we're heading out on the Ruby for a week on March 10th. I talked to her piano teacher last night and she was not happy about the news that my daughter would be unable to practice for that week.


    So, does anyone know if the pianos around the ship - such as in Crooners - are accessible when not being used by the professionals? I can imagine that they don't want kids banging on it, etc., so I'm guessing maybe not, but I thought maybe noone would mind if she went up there at a time when Crooners is closed and noone else is hanging around. Anybody ever tried to play the pianos on board?


    Thanks -

  13. You definitely sound much braver than us if you're actively seeking out the sharks! ;) Good point that the drop off shouldn't be too scary if you're in the water, but I don't know, I still think 7,000 feet is going to feel very, very different than 7 feet or even 70. If no one on here has any advice, I'll just talk to the snorkeling guide and get his thoughts about it. I'm leaning toward trying it and my husband is a big boy and could handle it, even if he didn't enjoy it a whole lot. But my main concern is not freaking my daughters out so much that they refuse to go in the water again! Or worse, want to spend the rest of the cruise sleeping with us. :rolleyes:


    I'll definitely post a review if we decide to go for it. Thanks for your thoughts.



  14. Hi! I haven't been to Tijon yet, but have the perfume class booked for my family of 4 on our day in St. Martin in March. I posted a question about it back in November - sorry I don't know how to link to it - and GTaylor (Gary) had lots of good information. He said the taxi would be about $25 for 2 and $5 for each additional person. I've looked into Grand Case a bit and it looks to me like it has tons of great options for dining and I've heard there is good shopping. I don't know if it is as good as Phillipsburg or Marigot, though.


    Do a search on this thread for Tijon and you'll find my thread and others discussing Tijon. I didn't find anyone who didn't enjoy it. Trip Advisor also has great reviews for Tijon. Good luck! I'll post a review when I get back on March 17th, but that might be too late to be any help to you. :)

  15. I've booked a snorkeling trip with Blue Water Divers for our day in Grand Turk in March. I'm excited about the great snorkeling I've read about in Grand Turk, but am wondering whether the wall would be a good idea for our family. My husband loves snorkeling, but has a bit of a shark and deep ocean water phobia and my daughters (10 and 12) asked fearfully if it was going to be like the "drop off" in Finding Nemo. I have to admit, the thought of such a huge drop into apparent endless ocean creeps me out a bit too.


    So, I thought I'd ask if any of you have taken kids snorkeling there before? And if so, did they handle it okay? How about chicken adults like me and my husband? :o If we ask our guide to skip the wall, are there plenty of other good snorkeling spots? Thanks for any advice -

  16. Thanks so much for the "live from" info! Quick question for you - can you tell me where the Ruby docked in St. Thomas today? I know she almost always docks at Crown Bay, but I've heard that she occasionally docks at Havensight depending on the other ships in port. I'll be on Ruby in March and am hoping we might get to dock at Havensight, making my planned cab trip to Red Hook Ferry easier. Thanks again!

  17. Thanks for the detailed review! I'm on the Ruby in March with my last cruise being on Celebrity, so I appreciated the comparison between those two. Good luck w/ the house in St. Thomas - I spent a week there as a child and have dreamed of living there ever since, so I'm jealous!

  18. Hi Sunny! We told our kids - 10 & 12 - about a spring break cruise on Christmas morning and gave them a few cruise-related gifts to get them even more excited. We gave them new luggage which they needed anyway, snorkel equipment because our cruise is to the Caribbean and will involve lots of snorkel trips, and a map of the Caribbean so they could plot our route. I also wanted to find a couple of kids books set on one of the islands we'll visit or on a cruiseship, but didn't get that done by Christmas.


    Can't wait to hear other suggestions! :)

  19. We're taking our daughters on a cruise in March and one of them we know will want to be w/ us rather than the kids club so I understand your concern. We've taken them on one 3 night cruise before to see how they liked it. On the ship, the things we all enjoyed doing together, or think we'll enjoy on the next cruise, were: seeing the kid appropriate shows together; bingo games; putt putt; scavenger hunts; playing cards or board games in the card room; swimming in the pools; just exploring the ship; and eating together. Our girls couldn't get over the wonder of so many fun food choices always available to them! None of these things are really organized events specifically for families, but were certainly easy to do together.


    But really, the main thing you will all enjoy together is sightseeing at the ports. Cruising is an easy way to let kids see some beautiful places - especially Alaska!

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