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  1. HAL does not keep the booking online... I canceled 3 cruises in March, and my HAL account shows all are gone. Of course, I have not received any of the deposits!
  2. Wow, I guess I've been bamboozled... I use Vacations To Go. I canceled my 3 cruises (2 HAL, 1 RSSC) in March and haven't seen a penny for the deposits or the insurance payments. My cruise counselor tells me to be patient. I tried to escalate to her boss, but it looks like he was laid off. They don't provide a replacement name; only a toll-free phone number that rings off the hook. Anybody have any suggestions on my next move? Should I write to Allan Fox (president of VTG)? Thanks in advance...
  3. It must be accurate - I've been waiting weeks for refunds on 2 trips with HAL and 1 on Regent... I am told that patience is a virtue; guess I'm not virtuous!! LOL...
  4. Thank you all for your input. I have decided to cancel the trip and let things settle out to see if I should re-book. Your advice, as always, was much appreciated...
  5. All, Apologies up front for bringing up such a negative topic, but I have a cruise scheduled for January, 2021, and I am wondering if I should cancel to get my deposit back. Do you all think that CCL (and HAL in particular) will make it through this crisis? My thought is that I can most likely re-book if they do make it; and it might be best to get my deposit back rather than lose it in the event of bankruptcy. What are your thoughts on the solvency of CCL Corporation? Thanks in advance... and, again, sorry to be such a “Debbie Downer”!
  6. Dunno exactly what the surgery is, but I had heel surgery once and - at worst, you will be in a boot. I went all over the place in that darned thing - didn't keep me from doing anything. So, I guess what I'm saying is that I don't think you should consider canceling because you could be immobile. I think you will be fine with the boot on (if that is indeed the case). It looks kind of wonky, but if that doesn't concern you, you'll be fine!
  7. I agree - the draft beer selection is poor. In my experience, I've always seen Heineken. On Alaska trips, they offer Alaskan Amber. Otherwise, it's usually Newcastle Brown Ale. Another negative is that only a few bars offer draft beer! I sure would like to see HAL open brew pubs that have at least a few craft beers on tap!
  8. Uber and Lyft may indeed be less expensive, but I don't feel safe using them. The drivers are not bonded - they only have to show a valid drivers' license and proof that their auto is insured (don't even have to have medical coverage for victims in case of an accident). I've seen too many of these drivers lost and confused (looking at their phones while driving). I'm not saying that shuttle drivers are better behind the wheel, but at least their company will cover insurance issues. Lyft and Uber deny all plausibility and will not get involved in the event of an accident. I was
  9. All, I just got off the Sky Princess (7 day western Caribbean). I read this forum often, and I have to admit that I was a bit nervous about this trip. I'm an Elite, but this was my first Medallion trip. Let's just say my expectations were not high because of the comments many folks have made. I am here to say that I think they've worked out most of the kinks on this ship. Even some of the staff shared with me that there were some rather large hiccups at first. But I was sooooo dang impressed. It may rank up there as one of my favorite cruises (even though it was so short).
  10. Caveat emptor, y'all! Quite a few folks on this board recommended Jayride for a transfer from MIA airport to a hotel in Fort Lauderdale near the Cruise Port. I checked them out online; reviews were fairly good; prices were in range. So I booked with them. They sub-contracted my ride to LAX Ride (I guess they act as a broker). So far, so good. Right? I texted as I left my home airport, and they confirmed that all was good and I should simply text when I landed in Miami. Long story short, they stiffed me. Yes, I stupidly pre-paid. Their customer service was horren
  11. I was in assigned seating, and I received the Club Orange menu there. It's up to you whether you want the assigned table or to go to Club Orange when you are ready to eat. Pros and cons to both, I reckon...
  12. Thanks for the good replies.. One thought, though - a poster above said that people who pay more should tip more. I'll buy that for the cabin stewards (larger cabin and more to clean). However, it doesn't sit well with me when it comes to the others. Regardless of what cabin I am in, that drink is the same (cost, size, time to make, etc.). So is the meal that is ordered. Also just my opinion...
  13. Up front disclaimer: this post is NOT about whether to tip or not; it's not even about whether to leave assigned gratuities "as is" or remove and tip separately... I am American, and I tip. There you have it; plain and simple. I figure if I can afford to take a cruise, I can reward those who support me in my happiness. I don't want this post to turn into an argument about that concept. My question for folks who tip extra is how much you give to the various personnel at the end of a cruise. I will be doing 24 days later this year, and I'm trying to calculate how muc
  14. Is there any way to know if Princess has mailed your medallions? I'm "Ocean Ready" and I leave in a couple of weeks. When should I expect to receive them? Who should I contact if I do not receive them?
  15. All, Thanks in advance for answering these questions, but I'm a newbie when it comes to the beverage packages... How can I tell online if I have the Beverage Package? Is there a place under one of the tabs to show it? I'm in my booking summary, but I don't see any reference to it. Do I need to do anything special to "activate" the package once onboard? I'll be sailing on the Sky Princess next month, and I seriously doubt they'll put a paper button on my medallion! LOL... they used to put them on the room card key. And, finally, one last qu
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