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  1. Good morning, all - I just got off the NA in a Neptune Suite, and here is what I observed with Club Orange: - We still had breakfast in the Pinnacle Grill. There is a sign outside the main dining room for Club Orange Priority Seating. I believe Club Orange guests were provided priority seating at breakfast and dinner. - I was in fixed seating on the upper deck of the dining room, so I did not take advantage of the priority seating. I can only report that I never saw a line downstairs at the CO sign, and I did observe people sitting at tables for 2 and 4. Perhaps they were CO; not sure. - The CO menu has one additional entree each evening. Otherwise, it matches the regular menu - We didn’t tender, so I can’t comment on priority for CO members there - No spiffy CO bag was found; just the same blue bag as other guests - The only other change I noticed was that there is a CO priority line at Guest Services - In summary; Club Orange seemed to be a non-event for my specific itinerary and dining experience
  2. So sorry to stir this hornet's nest, but I do have a question or I guess a required clarification... Am I correct in stating that HAL has rescinded the earlier announcements to turn sections of the main dining room into "Club Orange" in those ships lacking the separate facility? From what I read earlier, this was to be done on a rolling basis over a few months and before the end of this year. I'm interested because I'm heading out on the Nieuw Amsterdam September 14 (in a Neptune Suite). Thanks and sorry to beat this dead horse!
  3. I've sailed in suites on both the Royal class Princess ships and on HAL. In my opinion, the room size is a tad larger on the Regal. Additionally, the "bedroom" can be closed off with a curtain from the "living room". In my case, with insomnia, that is a huge benefit. There are also TVs in both rooms. The balconies on HAL are larger than Regal. The Concierge Lounge/Neptune Lounge are comparable, but Princess never offers the Honor bar with alcohol (if that is important to you). The lounge on Princess is open 24 hours a day, whereas the Neptune Lounges are only open set hours. If you want early morning coffee, Princess wins that battle! I assume Club Class dining is comparable to Club Orange dining, but I haven't been on HAL since that was implemented (will be on the Nieuw Amsterdam in a couple of weeks, though). I may be wrong on this, but I think Princess only offers dry cleaning, whereas HAL offers laundry and dry cleaning. Somebody else can pipe in here. I enjoy the free mini-bar set-up on Princess. HAL does provide a welcome bottle of champagne, though! I'm sure there are more differences - these are just a few off the top of my head.
  4. Do you have to clear customs at the cruise port? Or do you simply take your luggage and walk off? Is staff there to process at all hours (i.e., as early as 6:00 or 7:00)? Thanks!
  5. All, I will be sailing on the Nieuw Amsterdam next summer. She arrives in Venice in the afternoon, stays overnight, and then I disembark the next morning. Our itinerary says "arrival in Venice" at 6:00 am. Obviously, that's wrong since we arrive the day before. Does that actually mean that we are able to disembark as early as 6:00? I'm making travel arrangements and wonder if I can make an 11:00 flight. Has anybody experienced a similar itinerary? Thanks in advance...
  6. Anybody else having problems logging in this morning? I've been trying for about an hour - get a message saying "unable to contact server". Hopefully, people from HAL read these posts and somebody will do something about their terrible IT department and web support staff.
  7. All, There was another thread discussing beverage cards, and it got me thinking about what (if any) benefit I may have when it comes to purchasing adult beverages onboard. I am a 3-star Mariner, and I found the below description on the HAL website. It's probably just me, but I cannot figure out what it means! As far as I can figure, it says that a discount is applied to specialty restaurant fees and specialty coffee drinks in dining rooms and the Explorations Cafe. It also says I get 25% off mini-bar purchases. But then I have no idea what the next sentence means... I think (and would appreciate clarification from y'all) it means the discount does not apply to specialty dining cards or any wine packages/cards or wine purchases at all. In addition, the discount is not applied to beverage cards. In a previous thread, somebody mentioned some sort of discount on drinks based on Mariner status. But, if I'm right, there is none. Can somebody please confirm that you get no discounts on drinks based on Mariner status??? Thank you all for your help. A 25% discount on specialty restaurant surcharges and on specialty coffees in all dining venues*, beverages in the Explorations Café* and all mini-bar purchases* (restaurant packages do not apply to discount and wine packages discounts exclude wine cards, Cellar Master packages, individual bottles, wine-by-the-glass and beverage gift cards)
  8. Thank you for clarifying... I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens for my September cruise.
  9. If I understand correctly, the Nieuw Amsterdam has already implemented (or will soon) the concept. I am wondering if the program eliminates fixed seating times. I'm booked for fixed early dining on an upcoming trip. Is this program similar to Princess where the participants can do "any time dining" in that part of the dining room? I'm just trying to look for positives here... I have been on several Princess trips that do this, and it is nice to be able to get a table for 2 at any time. Also, just one woman's opinion, I think the service is a tad better in the reserved area (faster because the servers only have a couple of tables). The additional item on the menu is usually "meh" on Princess, but basically it isn't as bad as many people have been fearing.
  10. Can anybody tell me if there are separate free saunas for men and women on deck 9 of the Nieuw Amsterdam? I'm looking at the deck plan and only see one sauna... Thanks in advance.
  11. Looking at booking a HAL Nieuw Amsterdam cruise September 14 - 21. It is RT Vancouver with stops in Juneau, Skagway, and Ketchikan. Does anybody have experience with a late season cruise? How is the weather? Are the tourist spots still open (i.e., stores, parks, etc.)? Thanks in advance...
  12. That certainly makes sense to me. Thank you for the prompt response!
  13. Apologies if this is a duplicate thread - I searched, but didn't see anything... Does anybody know when Princess will announce 2021 European sailings? I saw on one post that Australian trips are suspected to be announced later this month. Does Europe come out at the same time? Thanks in advance...
  14. All, I am wondering if anybody knows the current offering of internet packages aboard the Koningsdam. I sailed the Zaandam in June, and it had 3 packages based on downloaded data volumes. I was very confused about which package I needed... Here is a cut/paste I took from somebody else's post: The basic service is strictly social media. The Enhanced service is social media, e-mail, banking, connecting to your office, and most website browsing. The Premium service includes all of the lower package capabilities, plus it allows Skype, and other VOIP services, video and music streaming. Can somebody please explain to me what this all means? How can you determine if you are nearing your allotted amount of data each day? Or is there no limit? Is it basically just a matter of streaming speeds? Sorry to sound like a dufus, but I am trying to figure out which package I'll need on the Koningsdam in a couple of weeks. Thanks in advance!
  15. OlsSalt -- thanks so much for the informative review. I found everything that you said to be extremely helpful! I'll be going on this trip next week and you answered many of the questions that I had. Thanks again -- appreciate your style of writing and the info you presented.:D
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