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  1. I want to book the 5/15 Bermuda cruise(just like the one I should be on now but was cancelled) but the pricing and perk offers are nowhere near what I had paid previously. Would you suggest I make the reservation now and hope for a better deal or should I wait to see what comes along? I am still somewhat concerned about cruising even by May and do not want to go through this cancellation/refund issue again if possible. I did get my refund just the other day but it took quite a bit. I have not been so lucky about a cancelled cruise out of Dublin. I am going to eat the plane fare(as Celebrity just gave a credit valid until this December using Aer Linguis which is not going to happen and two tours in Iceland that I am not getting responses on. I thought planning a cruise was time consuming(tours, etc) but this whole process due to the virus is pretty bad. At least we are well so what more can we ask for. Hope to be sailing in 2021.
  2. I booked one way airfare through Celebrity and paid for one way on Aer Linguis. I am told we paid and it is non-refundable. I checked Aer inquis website and that is correct but I thought if we booked through Celebrity it would be credited per their new Cruise with Confidence statement. Anyone confirm what my TA is telling me? It is only $900(ha-ha) but just want to make sure I am getting correct info. Thanks.
  3. I only purchased the insurance a week or so ago for the Bermuda cruise in Mayand wonder why I even bothered. I would have hoped our TA was more helpful but when the news came out about the cruise with canola virus I called him and he had no idea. Not sure where I stand on the May cruise. I hope we all get to have good health no matter what.
  4. I so want to go on our Bermuda cruise(May) but paid so no refund if I cancel. But if I have a tempwhen boarding they will refund my money. Kind of odd that if you want to cancel because of virus scare you have no choice but to lose your money but go anyway with a fever and you get your money back. I think it would be good relations to let their client cancel with a credit for a future cruise. We are in our 70" and one has a lung issue but paid in full so I guess we loose.
  5. We booked flight to Dublin for our August cruise and decided to pay at that time(maybe in November). My understanding is that if we booked through Celebrity(which we did) the flight was non-refundable. However an option was not to pay for the flight until final payment. Obviously I did not do that and I guess I am out of luck. I keep hoping that Celebrity will be fair with its customers but my hope is just a hope.
  6. Just read that 3 hrs ago a person from Rhode Island tested positive for the coranovirus. This person visited Italy(they are not saying what city or town in Italy) in late February. Just keep getting more troubling news. What to do about our upcoming cruises is a major concern.
  7. We have a cruise out of New Jersey with one of several stops in Bermuda. It is paid for so I guess we will giber it a try - at least that is what I am thinking now. We also have a cruise out of Dublin to Iceland in August which we have to pay by May. We booked one way flight through Celebrity but our TA said that flight is non-refundable and cannot reschedule so may have to eat that cost if the situation worsens. I am hoping that Celebrity is fair in their dealings with their customers about this whole virus issue. Have insurance for both cruises but TA keeps saying does not apply to virus. What the heck!
  8. Thank you for your response. Guess I should have know that!!
  9. If we have paid for our cruise(and certainly would like to take it) but have to cancel because of the Caranovirus, do we still get the points? Sounds like a silly question but I may be in that situation. Booked this cruise to get points to become Elite for our next cuirse and now with this virus issue may have be able to go.
  10. I asked my TA to change to 4 perks from 1 perk which saved me over $450 and one perk I will not never use(wifi). However when he sent me the confirmation it showed $310 for gratuities. He said it takes a few days to adjust. Glad I saw this and wonder if it would have adjusted without me catching it. Thanks to whoever mentioned the sale on this site. Saved me some $'s.
  11. Just changed from 1 perk to 4 for another $400 which saves me about $450 and not including the internet perk $'s which we will not use. I am hoping someone on board can use the minutes. Could only do 1 or 4 perks no 3.
  12. It has been almost a year ago on the Edge but I think the menu was more varied with different fish dinners. It was very busy in the evening at that time.
  13. We have eaten at Sushi on Five many times. Never use it as one of specialty dinners since whenever we have eaten there the bill so always under $30 a person(and a lot more). And once you eat there you can request a discount for next visit and I have gotten from 20%-30% off. The "sushi" restaurant on the Edge is much different so I am only speaking about other ships. We enjoy it.
  14. My complaint is that once you sit down for dinner the servers want you to order immediately. We tell them we would like to order our wine first and they go get someone but continue to try to get us to order. We had then decided to go to the Wine Cellar but on Summit it is now mostly a beer bar with no knowledge of wines especially during dining hours. Also many wines listed as covered under upgraded wine package are not available at many(if not all) bars and dining venues. We certainly get by but truly dislike the speed the restaurant servers are at to get you in and out. It is not as bad as the one time we sailed on Norwegian(had to tip the server to get someone with a wine list) but it is going in that direction.
  15. If one sails on RC do you earn any Captain Club points? I ask here as I see many sail on both and might know the answer.
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