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  1. I watched two videos on YouTube(one suggested by a CC member "How to do the home covid test" and they were very helpful. I think I can do it as long as my new cell phone behaves letting me be able to have camera, microphone and internet. Sounds doable but at my age nothing is easy. Check out the videos for sure. On one of them the person knocked the test off his table and it got contaminated and thankfully he had another one to use. Guess I am buying at least 3 or more to be safe. Anyone trying to do a rapid test in Florida before the cruise at a local pharmacy or urgent care?
  2. We leave on a Thursday(flight at 6 AM) to sail on a Saturday on Apex which I believe leaves late that day. Would we be able to do the Optum test we are ordering through Celebrity early AM on Thursday before our flight or will we have to wait until we get to Fort Lauderdale? Not sure if they have certain hours of operation. Any chance of this requirement being changed as of October 1? I may try to schedule the test at a Walgreens in FLL also just in case I cannot get this done using the Optum test.
  3. I believe it is refundable. I would check to see if there is a time limit on cancellation now. I have made reservations through a Celebrity agent and just told them our names. You can also do it on the Celebrity site and you list the guests' name. Never have been given a table larger than what was in our group(for us it was always 2 people). You pay a flat fee for specialty dining(unless you do it through the 3-night plan for example but that includes gratuity also) and the gratuity is included. I know some do give additional gratuity for excellent service. If any of the above is not correct, fellow CC members, let me know.
  4. Honestly, I am so afraid of what may change and make it impossible to sail. I am even more afraid that we will venture to FLL and get our test(Celebrity test and either the test does not arrive in time or we fail(which I hope will not be the case because I am getting a regular test before I leave-not within the required designated hours). I am not sure how much stress is worth the effort.
  5. Another question from a very non-geeky person(and senior person): how does the at-home test work? What will I need to do this once I arrive in Florida i.e. a laptop, cell phone? How would I print results when not at home? I am sure these are questions you all are laughing at but I am trying to figure out what I need to do. I have not given up "yet" on going on this cruise! Thanks.
  6. Thanks all for the info about the home tests. Will try that if the requirements are still the same. Sounds easy enough at this point. Like the double testing idea.
  7. Our ship leaves on a Saturday. We leave 6 AM Thursday to fly to Ft. Lauderdale. How am I ever going to get a test?? I am realizing for sure that I may have to cancel. I would have no way of testing once at our hotel. I am so sorry that this may occur.
  8. A few years ago we were playing with a woman in the casino and she was playing max and explained she did not realy care especially if she won but wanted to play enough for a free cruise. At that time we were very new to how this worked. At some point she called over a casino "boss" and showed them her playing was not calculating correctly. No result. So she then made a phone call to "an important person" and immediately got a major responseon the ship to her issue. From that situation I gathered that you must watch what is being recorded and "knowing the right person" to contact. She got what she thought was due her. We continued to be amazed at what she played and also what she earned! I still would not know who to call! Interesting event to watch.
  9. You may view the menu selections for each restaurant by going into dining site for your ship and they give examples. Different in ways but similar also. I found Raw on 5 to be a bit more complex. Their drink selection is as well. I preferred Sushi on 5 but we ate at Raw on 5 on Edge late in the evening and it was very busy. I believe you can find something you will like on either.
  10. We have enjoyed Sushi on 5 on many cruises. I do remember that at one time you were given $30 each and we never went over our $60 limit. I have booked on Apex and Edge specialty dining for Raw on Five but there was no fee - just "a la carte" which I assume means you pay for what you order. We ate in Raw on Five on the Edge a couple of years ago and I do remember it had a quite different menu than Sushi on Five on Summit. No matter what it is called we will try it again for sure. Recall especially at lunch that it was not busy. Also we were always offered a 20% on future visits during the cruise and this happened on several cruises.
  11. We have stayed in 3123(I think) before and have booked 3127 for our May cruise on Summit. Yes there are storage closets across from cabin doors but very little passenger traffic(as it is a dead end corridor) and we only swy 1 or 2 service people accessing the closets and never heard them from our cabin. I would think there would be more traffic in the corridor going to Tuscan Grille as there is also some type of conference room across from the cabins . This area was close to stairs and very quiet.
  12. Although we are not sailing until late November I am curious how it might be for me under the current requirements for testing. We embark on 11/20 but flying into FLL on 11/18. If I get tested on 11/17 at CVS at home will I get result in time and how does one get the result? We are "old school" and in the past we called for result and waited to get our result on our home computer. If the test and result is immediate could we get it when we arrive in FLL? I am stressed already.
  13. I always advise American Express even though they say no need. My husband advises his MC credit card but he does seem to have any issue at least once - so annoying. One time they wanted to know his checking account number(like we would know that while on a cruise) to confirm. We ended the call and then called the credit card company again and this person just noted our okay to use card. Such a strange question. We now carry the checking account number or a check with us!
  14. Generally we do the 3night package for $137 but this time for our November cruise I just went online and booked exactly what we wanted(location and time) and it cost each of us another $18 which I thought was worth not having to worry about what I might be able to arrange and having to rush to make the reservations once onboard. I also reserved our times in the several dining rooms for each of the remaining nights. It is very easy to change is ones plans change. I have done both but I guess I am older now and do not want to do any extra work! Both ways will work.
  15. One concern with the cabanas was there was no privacy at all. People were always walking by getting to another area of the ship. Seating is right on the walkway. Check on it before spending the money.
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