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  1. Hasn’t changed anywhere in my reservation or even when I mock a future cruise booking, for my January cruise...
  2. I’m happy with the 10%; we have plenty of time to find another cruise to book. I hope we can find a similar deal though; when we booked 12/31, we got $500 off pp on top of the available deal through groups...
  3. did someone say it said 10% off a cruise next week? I mentioned a future booking My email is directed to sailings from 1/3 - 2/7/21
  4. that it was cancelled and we get 10% off another booking
  5. Pride of America, 1/25 sailing. Submitted low-fair bid of $250pp for balcony from inside.. Received upgrade 48 hrs before
  6. Thanks so much for posting, I enjoyed your live review. We are doing a 10 day on the Sun next year. It's been a long time since I sailed a smaller ship; would you have felt it was to small for that long?
  7. Thanks for bringing us along on your journeys, Doug!
  8. We have rented hotel rooms for the day on a few occasions through dayuse when we have had later flights. It’s worked well for us. The Miami south beach tour is nice too. Enjoy your trip!
  9. Huh. We have sailed in the Haven and never had docs or tags mailed to us
  10. From what I have read, it is most often any tower other than Rainbow and Alia (which cost more). We booked on our own for pre cruise there and can’t wait. Have a great trip!
  11. That generally happens when they are preparing the bid offers! Fingers crossed for you
  12. Some of these responses were kind of harsh. I guess the rest of you have never had to live paycheck to paycheck, and have never gotten behind on things. Templ I hope you have it figured out. It’s awful that this happened - I doubt you would get much of a refund from them this late, too. Could you borrow money from anyone? best of luck to you
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