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  1. Patch Nelson

    Holy Cow! Booked a B2 Balc and ended up in 1006!!!6

    The same thing happened to me when I booked for our Honeymoon two years ago. We were in 10008 so you've got the room next to ours. You'll love it and the upgrade adds that little extra spice! I'm envious, I'll admit it!!
  2. Patch Nelson

    QE2 leaving - Room for another new Cunarder?

    Would it be sacrilegious to suggest a Queen Elizabeth 3??
  3. Patch Nelson

    QE2 is leaving the fleet in November 2008

    Link below to a news story on the BBC website! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6762901.stm
  4. Patch Nelson

    Disembarkation DISASTER

    I felt compelled to respond to this one ... We were on the TA that disembarked on 2nd December (I think that was the date!) at FL. Got a nice glimpse of QE2 and the sunrise that morning. The rest of the morning was spent watching the port staff collecting luggage cages on their small forklift trucks ... which was both frightening and amusing at the same time. We watched in amazement as one of them set off with the cage balancing precariously on the front of the prongs and then had to pull an emergency stop as the whole cage was about to go. If you had a red case with anything valuable in it then best of luck to you. One forklift set off at such a pace that this case fell from the top of the pile to the floor below. Still, the nice driver picked up and threw it back onto the top. All in all it made us quite pleased that we opted for self-disembarkation (for the 2nd time) and we strolled off more or less at our leisure. There was a small queue of about 10-15mins but nothing too bad. I don't think that Cunard can be blamed too much if things don't run smoothly, they would if people followed basic instructions. Sadly you'll always get someone that doesn't want to listen and instead want's to hang around like a bad smell blocking the exits for others.