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  1. Patch Nelson

    Holy Cow! Booked a B2 Balc and ended up in 1006!!!6

    The same thing happened to me when I booked for our Honeymoon two years ago. We were in 10008 so you've got the room next to ours. You'll love it and the upgrade adds that little extra spice! I'm envious, I'll admit it!!
  2. Patch Nelson

    QE2 leaving - Room for another new Cunarder?

    Would it be sacrilegious to suggest a Queen Elizabeth 3??
  3. Patch Nelson

    QE2 is leaving the fleet in November 2008

    Link below to a news story on the BBC website! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6762901.stm
  4. Patch Nelson

    Spa Treatments on QM2

    When my wife and I went on the QM2 for our honeymoon in Sept 05 we didn't do the Spa at all and regretted it. Last time we were on board was Nov 06 and we opted for the 'Rasul Ceremony' at the spa, which included complimentary use of the hydrotherapy pool etc ... I should temper any negativity in this post by saying that I'm not a 'Spa Person' - I prefer to relax my own way rather than something that someone else has predetermined to be relaxing so I may not be entirely open minded on the subject. The Hydrotherapy area was certainly very nicely decorated but I didn't find any particular part of it to be any more relaxing than say laying on a bed. The 'Rasul Ceremony' was basically sitting in a steam room covering yourself in mud and then washing it off ... so not really worth the money in my view. The staff however were very curteous, unobtrusive and certainly no hard sells whatsoever. If we ever go back on board again I won't rush back to the Spa but that's purely because it's not really my thing rather than because of anything wrong with it. If you like Spa's I'm sure it won't disappoint.
  5. Patch Nelson

    Cutty Sark

    What on earth motivates someone to comit an act of arson along those lines is simply beyond comprehension. What grudge could someone or some group possibly have with the Cutty Sark? Let's hope security is beefed up round the Victory to be on the safe side!
  6. http://www.thompsons.law.co.uk/ntext/woman-secures-compensation-after-anniversary-cruise.htm Sounds like that had the potential to be a bit nasty - especially if you were walking on Deck 7 at the time!!
  7. Patch Nelson

    Child Prices .... ouch ...

    Firstly ... [quote name='travel-to-go']Patch, First, did I miss this announcement? If not, and this is the first time seeing this in print! Congratulations! Which piece of advice I gave you last year was the cause of this! (yeah right!) So, here is my next piece of advice. (I have not read the whole thread yet Mybad- Only ocngpzy's response to you. Simply watch for one of those third passenger rates! You aren't going to book a separate cabin for the little one! (I don't think!) Once again. Congrats! I am assuming you enjoyed your cruise. Um, Did you ever get out of the cabin? Karie, who is feeling impish at the moment![/quote] Thank you very much Karie ... I can absolve you from any blame and assure you that none of your advice was the cause! - It genuinely was the lectures from Ruth Deech on IVF that convinced to 'start trying' ... just my luck that sucess came so quickly after hoping for months of trying! Having read all the many responses I can see that the answer was probably obvious from day one, namely the third person fare. The brochure I read simply stated that Children under 2 travel free (which as I said is quite generous) but over two pay the full adult fare. What I hadn't considered of course was that they would be paying the full adult fare for the 3rd person, which is of course a discounted fare in the first place. I'm quite happy with that, it makes sense. At first glance, and perhaps I should have thought it through a little more before posting, it seemed that Cunard's charging for children was almost punative in scale, namely: "Travel with a child and pay three full adult fares". It's made for an interesting debate nonetheless, at least when he's old enough I can tell the little fella that he was causing trouble before he was even born!
  8. Patch Nelson

    Child Prices .... ouch ...

    Good point, and sounds like the answer to me. I shall check that one out and hang my head in shame as I admit I hadn't considered that before posting!
  9. Patch Nelson

    Child Prices .... ouch ...

    Sorry, I may not have made it clear. I believe, without checking the brochure that Children under 2 go free. That's fine, infact possibly even generous. What I found very difficult to believe was that Children over two pay exactly the same price as a full adult, ie- no concession for say under 16's or even under 12's.
  10. Patch Nelson

    Child Prices .... ouch ...

    The last time my wife and I sailed on QM2 was November last year. Had a great time, but no surprise there, we knew we would after travelling on her for our Honeymoon the year before. This trip was a little different as two of us boarded, and, unbeknown to us at the time, three of us got off. (I blame Baroness Ruth Deach for all those IVF scare lectures!!) Anyway, as excited as we are about our new arrival (Baby George, all being well, will arrive in August) - I have to confess that I'm absolutely gutted that it'll be quite a while now before we can travel on the QM2 again, finances being the major factor. I read the thread last week about the nursery facilities and started to get a tinge of excitement that, with careful saving, we may be able to not only go back but give a reasonably aged child say 6 or 7 a wonderful memory of the ship. I'd have loved that at that age! When the new brochure arrived this week I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that children over 2 years of age cost the same as a fully paid adult. Am I alone in being amazed by this? Obviously I've never had cause to look at Child places in the past but my understanding with 'package' style holidays that children up to the age of 12 are usually discounted to half fare. Is full price the norm for the Crusie industry? Needless to say ... plans now seem well and truly shelved!
  11. Patch Nelson

    Disembarkation DISASTER

    [quote name='cunardqueen']What did surprise me as l rejoined was the lack of care with the suitcases, they were being thrown here there and everywhere and being stood upon as they entered passenger country. Though l did notice that on nights when the luggage is outside the cabins ready for collection there are security patrols !!![/quote] I felt compelled to respond to this one ... We were on the TA that disembarked on 2nd December (I think that was the date!) at FL. Got a nice glimpse of QE2 and the sunrise that morning. The rest of the morning was spent watching the port staff collecting luggage cages on their small forklift trucks ... which was both frightening and amusing at the same time. We watched in amazement as one of them set off with the cage balancing precariously on the front of the prongs and then had to pull an emergency stop as the whole cage was about to go. If you had a red case with anything valuable in it then best of luck to you. One forklift set off at such a pace that this case fell from the top of the pile to the floor below. Still, the nice driver picked up and threw it back onto the top. All in all it made us quite pleased that we opted for self-disembarkation (for the 2nd time) and we strolled off more or less at our leisure. There was a small queue of about 10-15mins but nothing too bad. I don't think that Cunard can be blamed too much if things don't run smoothly, they would if people followed basic instructions. Sadly you'll always get someone that doesn't want to listen and instead want's to hang around like a bad smell blocking the exits for others.
  12. Patch Nelson

    QM2 November 18th 2006

    By the way ... is it just Sir David, Spike and I (plus partners/companions of course) that are up for a pre-cruise beer??
  13. Patch Nelson

    QM2 November 18th 2006

    I sure hope that they will let us off! I'm one of the unlucky ones who won't be joining the carribean leg of the trip and will instead be driving up to Orlando for a week of theme parks etc ... My biggest problem is going to be getting from the Port to the Airport to pick up the hire car! Anyone heading straight to airport I can share a taxi with?
  14. Patch Nelson

    ATLANTIS SUBMARINE - Bridgetown or St. Thomas

    My wife and I did the Atlantis submarine tour along with various others when we were in Barbados in 2003. The 4x4 Jeep safari, "Rhino Riders", Plantation and Harbour Master cruise are all great fun but we felt completely let down by the submarine trip. No real problems with it, it was just boring as you are essentially looking at the same things for the whole time you're down there. Perhaps it was just us but once you've seen one giant sponge you've seen them all. If we ever go back we wouldn't hesitate to do all the other excursions again ... except for this one.
  15. Patch Nelson

    QM2 November 18th 2006

    [quote name='sirdavid'] I plan to have a pre sailing drink in the Golden Lion Pub around 4:00pm. [/quote] My wife and I will endevour to join you both. Our first port of call around that time will be the medical centre so that my wife can beg them for the jab before we set-off. Barring any difficulties we should be able to join you.