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  1. We were on the 17th sailing and even though the Retreat was full booked it never seemed very busy. Retreat sun deck was very quiet - at times there seemed to be more crew than pax. Even though every other set of sun beds were 'out of action' there was plenty of places to sit and lie out. Luminae at times was busy, esp at popular times. We did have to wait for dinner some evenings but would just go to nearby bar and someone would come and get us when our table was available. This was usually around 8.30pm. Retreat lounge was eerily quiet - never saw more th
  2. I asked the question on here some time ago (on its own thread) and also direct via social media. I believe there are a few Peloton bikes in the gym and they need to be reserved / booked. You also need an existing Peloton account to use. Some did mention you need to be a suite guest to use but that doesn't really make sense. I believe the if you are in the upper suite you can also request one to be taken to your room for personal use and that is where the crossover may lie. Interestingly, I was told on my social media answer that I also needed to buy the fitness pass to access the
  3. Thanks for taking time to post - hopefully Celebrity are just finding their feet and things will improve as the cruise continues. Interesting that you found everywhere full - I guess that even with reduced capacity the social distancing measures are having an impact. Can I ask if the weather has played any part ie has it been raining so everyone is staying indoors?
  4. True, but if anyone if looking for somewhere then this is the closest which is why I wanted to share and I don't believe it is listed on the document which is being shared of the test sites.
  5. I have booked a back up test with Eurofins and there is a testing station place in Southampton - Solent Hotel. We are on the 17th July sailing and booked the test on the 15th.
  6. Not only that, but lets say you have had a positive PCR and you don't know about it. You are being asked to travel to the port (and for some that may also mean an overnight stay), and how many people are you going to come in contact with at the port before you are told you are positive. And if there was an overnighter on Thursday night for the Celebrity staff did they also have to go through the Eurofins PCR testing regime?
  7. I was reading on another thread that drinks, Internet, and tips are not included with the move up.
  8. But what happens if you get to the pier and its Positive or Inconclusive? 😩 If its Inconclusive and you know about it ahead of time you could have the opportunity to get another test done...
  9. Not sure if anyone else has picked up on this yet but the Southampton Travel Requirements has been updated as of June 28, 2021 https://www.celebritycruises.com/gb/healthy-at-sea/uk-travel-requirements The addition seems to be tracelets Face masks will be required for all guests 11 years and above. Masks must be worn whilst indoors but will not be required whilst drinking or eating or whilst outside.  Tracelets Guests aged 2 years and over must wear a Tracelet at all times. Guests will be issued with their Tracelet during the check-in process at the
  10. We have just cancelled our Eurofins test for your July 17th Sailing. As a back up I thought I would look to see where was available in Southampton (just in case our private test came back inconclusive) and wow... the location choice has been dramatically reduced... I think there was originally over 30 options in the NW alone and now there are 2 (leyland and Liverpool), 2 in Yorkshire & Humber, 1 in Scotland, 2 in South East, 1 in Wales and 4 in London. Thats a grand total of 12 testing sites in the whole of Great Britain!!!!!!! Bearing in mind that is not filtered b
  11. Yes, and it needs additional UK cruise cover apparently. We checked with the Celebrity booking agent when we booked. International cruise cover isn't enough apparently - madness!!!! We have a Nationwide account and UK additional cover is included. We have printed it out already to take with us as apparently other cruise companies have wanted to see proof of this prior to boarding and has caused some issue. Celebrity haven't said they need to see the proof, but with their lack of clarity on what is required and abysmal communications we are not taking any chances.
  12. I think the most alarming part of this whole PCR shambles is that no-one is taking responsibility with both Celebrity and Eurofins saying it is the other... And I would have thought that taking a PCR test should be undertaken by someone with 'some' medical knowledge... what are the safety measure in place? Using these 'backstreet' locations feels even more 'dodgy' and like I have already said, I really don't want some travel agent/hotel worker/office worker who had possibly been given 10 mins training (by a video or email I am guessing) to be sticking a swab down my throat or up my
  13. dalesmouse - think you must be near us - we are Lytham St Annes. We have also booked a contingency PCR test - have you heard about https://longridgetravelhealthclinic.com. Gets really good reviews and more importantly for us, do late night testing if needed. A bit more expensive at £149 but next day service (depending on what time you test). Just with you saying you were getting a test in Preston I thought I would mention.
  14. So, having been sent our email and Eurofins code from Celebrity (noting that there are still discrepancies in the email and documentation between SAILING and BOARDING times even though they have supposed to have sorted this) we thought we would log in to see if there was anywhere local to us (even though we have made provisional alternative arrangements). Surprisingly there was somewhere around the corner and we could book any time on the Wednesday before our Saturday sailing. This is where it gets a bit weird – the place is a travel company but basically a residential
  15. To be honest, its not the end of the world not to get this Retreat email or Concierge reach out but I am getting a little fed up with Celebrity atm what with all the PCR testing issues and price guarantee promises that can't be delivered upon (since they have taken the cruises off sale and therefore early bookers have missed out on free parking, cabin upgrades and CC discounts). Celebrity are not one of the cheaper cruise lines and should be treating their customers with a little more respect since we are the ones who are giving them our hard earned cash and entrusting them with o
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